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Might and Magic: Heroes VII

(by Kalah)


Haven: A Dissolute AudacityBlind Instruments of FatalityThe Blessings of Freedom | A Feast for the Gods

Academy: The Story of the Wizard and the DjinnThe Story of the Lost DaughterThe Story of Princess Ghali and the Four Suitors | The Story of The Flower of Dolor

Stronghold: A Very Ambitious Hatred | The Only Freedom a Slave KnowsNo Peace in This World | True to Ourselves

Necropolis: Something IrreversibleThe World Which Detachment Renounces | The Wages of Secrecy | Thoughts and Intentions | Those Last Few Steps

Sylvan: The Griefs that Fate Assigns | Perils of Waves and War | The Very Counterfeit of Death | The Portals of Flickering Dreams

Dungeon: The Fathomless Glare | The Shadows of Men's Thoughts | The Essence of Purest Poison | A World Which Now Trembles

Ivan: The Stuff of Future Memory | The Dream of What Could Be

Summary & Walkthroughs by cjlee in our Forums | Every Dog has its Day | Lost Stories


Trial by Fire - MM:H7 Standalone Pack

Walkthrough and Strategy Guide by maltz




Might and Magic: Heroes VI: Shades of Darkness

(by Mytical)


Dungeon: The Other Elves | The Call of Malassa | The Quest for the Unkown Tear | The Doom that came to Kronos

Expansion: Pirates of the Savage Sea
Tactics advice and guides available from here



Might and Magic: Heroes VI

(by maltz)

Necropolis: In the Wake of Adversity | Towards the Within | Circumradiant Dawn | The Spider's Stratagem

Haven: Something is Rotten | Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair | Tempt not a Desperate Man | A Battle Lost and Won

Sanctuary: The Fury and the Mire | The Winding Stair | The Blood-Dimmed Tide | Death-In-Life and Life-in-Death

Inferno: Angel, Angel, Burning Bright | Fearful Symmetry | In the Forests of the Night | The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

Stronghold: No Country for Orc Friends | The Good, the Bad, and the Bloody | The Barbarous Seven | A Wormful of Demons

Epilogue: Tears such as Angels Weep | Dark with Excessive Bright

(Foreign languages titles/map names are available here.)




Heroes of Might and Magic V: Tribes of the East

(by maltz)

Prologue: A Murder of Crows

Will of Asha: Last Soul Standing | The Grim Crusade | The Bull's Wake | Beasts and Bones | Heart of Darkness

To Honor Our Fathers: Collecting Bones | One Khan, One Clan | Father Sky's Fury | Mother Earth's Wisdom | Hunting the Hunter

Flying to the Rescue: Dark Ways and Deeds | Tearing the Veil | Summoning the Dragons | A Flamboyant Exit


Heroes of Might and Magic V: Hammers of Fate

(by maltz)


Freyda's Dilemma: Rebels | Suspicion | Duncan | Negociations | Choices

Wulfstan's Defiance: The Border Zone | The Ambush | The Guerrillas | The Brothers | Laszlo

Ylaya's Quest: The Spy | The Break | The Meeting | Dragons | The Decoupling



Heroes of Might and Magic V

The Queen (by Robenhagen and Angelspit): The Queen | The Rebellion | The Siege | The Trap | The Fall of the King

The Cultist (by Robenhagen and Angelspit): The Betrayal | The Promise | The Conquest | The Ship | Agrael's Decision

The Necromancer (by Rapier): The Temptation | The Attack | The Invasion | The Regicide | The Lord of Heresh

The Warlock (by Infiltrator and maltz): The Clanlord | The Expansion | The Cultists | The March | Raelag's Offer

The Ranger (by maltz and Psychobabble): The Refugees | The Emerald Ones | The Defense | The Archipelago | The Vampire Lord

The Mage (by Psychobabble): The Defiant Mage | The Liberation | The Triumvirate | The Alliance | Zehir's Hope




Dark Messiah of Might and Magic

The GameSpot Dark Messiah of Might and Magic Game Guide by Matthew Rorie is your best resource if you are stuck in the single-player levels. It can be viewed online or downloaded as a PDF. It contains general tips, an overview of all skills and a complete walkthrough of the game.




Heroes of Might and Magic IV: The Winds of War


To Rule the World (by Pepak): Anduran Foothill | Rusted Desert | Frostrift River Pass
Enough is Enough (by Angelspit): Art of Persuasion | The Sacred Vale | Wrath of Nature






Heroes of Might and Magic IV: The Gathering Storm

Masters of Magic (by H3Trio Staff)
The Isle of Pyre | Slart's Fjord | Lambent Plains | Mt. Anon | Mire of the Dead


Heroes of Might and Magic IV

The True Blade (by Steven W. Carter): The Drawing of the Blade | The Trials | The First Step of Many | Seeking the Steel | The Rightful Heir

Glory of Days Past (by Thegenesi): A New Way | A Necessary War | A King's Choice | One Tribe

Elwin and Shaera (by Steven W. Carter): Overview | The Lovers | Mark of the Tiger | True Love | Reflections | Together

A Pirate's Daughter (#1 by Plaid Dragon, #2-5 by Steven W. Carter): A Pirate's Daughter | Bloody Cove | Strait of the Lost | Bay of Maids | Never Look Back

The Price of Peace (by Steven W. Carter): At the Crossroads | Bloody Cove | The Servant | The Rainbow Crystal | An Unusual Betrayal | Slave to Fear | To Slay an Immortal | The Price of Peace

Half-Dead (by Steven W. Carter): Eater of Children | A Fiery Realm | The Points of Power | Life and Death | The Unholy Breath


Heroes of Might and Magic IV: Stand-alone Custom Maps

Hero Wanted:
Scoring tips by Pepak | Diary by Namerutan




Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Shadow of Death

(walkthroughs by Harukaba)

"There's a bug in marking completed campaigns. To make game remembering that you completed the scenario you always need to start from previous campaign final save. If you will not reload and just click to continue, it won't be checked!"






Birth of a Barbarian: On the Run | The Meeting | A Tough Start | Falor and Terwen | Returning to Bracada

Elixir of Life: Graduation Exercise | Cutthroats | Valley | Thief in the Night

Hack and Slash: Bashing Skulls | Black Sheep | A Cage in the Hand | Grave Robber

New Beginnings: Clearing the Border | After the Amulet | Retrieving the Cowl | Driving for the Boots

Rise of the Necromancer: Target | Master | Finneas Vilmar | Duke Alarice

Unholy Alliance: Harvest | Final Peace | Search for a Killer | Gathering the Legion | Secrets Revealed | Agents of Vengeance | Wrath of Sandro | Invasion | To Strive, To Seek | Barbarian Brothers | Union | The Fall of Sandro

Specter of Power: Poison Fit for a King | To Build a Tunnel | Kreegan Alliance | With Blinders On


Heroes of Might and Magic III: Armageddon's Blade

Armageddon Blade: Catherine's Charge | Shadows of the Forest | Seeking Armageddon | Maker of Sorrows (by ithacor)

Festival of Life: Taming of the Wild (by Harakuba)




Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Restoration of Erathia

(walkthroughs by Harukaba)

Long Live the Queen: Homecoming | Guardian Angels | Griffin Cliffs

Dungeons and Devils: A Devilish Plan | Groundbreaking | Steadwick's Fall

Spoils of War: Borderlands | Goldrush | Greed

Liberation: Steadwick's Liberation | Deal with the Devil | Neutral Affairs | Tunnels & Troglodytes

Song of the Father: Safe Passage | United Front | For King and Country

Long Live the King: A Gryphon's Heart | Season of Harvest | Corporeal Punishment | From Day to Night

Seeds of Discontent: The Grail | The Road Home | Independence


In the Wake of Gods

(walkthroughs by Mitzah)

 In the Wake of Gods:

The Beginning | Gorynich


The Samaritan:

Gaia, Where Are You?





Might and Magic IX

(walkthroughs by Vox Clamant)

Possible Plan | Isle of Ashes (1) | Sturmford | Drangheim | Gubberland | Thjorgard | Frosgard | Thronheim | Lindisfarne | Yorwick | Isle of Ashes (2) | Dark Passage | Arslegard




Might and Magic VIII

(walkthroughs by Vox Clamant)


Dagger Wound | Ravenshore

Alvar | Garrote Gorge

Shadowspire | Murmurwoods

Ironsand | Ravage Roaming