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The home of Chaos-aligned troops and magic guilds devoted to Chaos Magic, containing spells that focus on fire, melee combat and direct damage. These chaotic creatures, better known as the skum of the earth, are native to the swamp terrain they have taken as their hideout.


Common Buildings


A town's hall is its center of leadership. Your halls provide you with income in the form of gold.


A castle provides a town with increased security.

Sorcerer's Guild

The Sorcerer's Guild is center for spell research and provide Chaos spells for heroes to learn. Each upgrade of Sorcerer's Guild increases the number and level of spells available. The two small buildings beneath are the Halls of Witches and the Dead, which allows you to learn spells from the neighbouring magic schools, Nature and Death.


Can be build if the town is near water. Allows you to build, buy and enter ships with your army.


If the victor has a prison in one of his towns, a vanquished hero will be locked up until the player that owns him rescues him by conquering the town with the prison.


Hear the latest rumors or hire either a thief, sorceror, sorceress, necromancer, archer, death knight or druid starter class hero. For more information check the hero class page. The tavern also raise the morale of siege defenders.


This structure works as a starting point for creature caravans, travelling from town to town.

Rogue's Guild

The guild of rogues sells you stat-enhancing equipment, potions and vials. Items available are; Greatsword, Crossbow, Vial of Acid, Demon Fire, Potions of Restoration, Speed and Mana.

Eye of Chaos

The grail structure of Asylum increases your income, creature growth and strengthen the specialities of the town.


Orc Towers

Orc Dwelling
(level 1 shooter)

Den of Thieves

Bandit Dwelling
(level 1 walker)

Statuary Garden

Medusa Dwelling
(level 2 shooter)


Minotaur Dwelling
(level 2 walker)

Volcanic Vent

Efreet Dwelling
(level 3 flyer)

Black Wood

Nightmare Dwelling
(level 3 walker)

Hydra Pond

Hydra Dwelling
(level 4 walker)

Dragon Cave

Black Dragon Dwelling
(level 4 flyer)


Specific Buildings

Mana Vortex

The Mana Vortex temporarily doubles spell points for any visiting heroes.

Thieves Gauntlet

The Thieves Gauntlet increase the melee attack of a visiting hero by 3.

Battle Academy

The academy of battle scholars teaches new skills in the form of +1000 experience to any hero once.


Neighbour Alignments


The town of Nature Magic


The town of Death Magic