Jolly Joker Strategy guides for Heroes of Might and Magic III


Pitsu's foreword

A good strategy game is never limited to a single protocol that always leads to the victory. To be victorious in Heroes of Might and Magic III one can take several paths, some of which are very efficient and some are close to a failure. Which strategy to use, depends heavily on map design, opponent, difficulty level and a lot of details. Yet, leaving aside some extraordinary situations one can give general guidelines to what a player should pay attention and how do use given tools (creatures, spells, heroes) most efficiently in standard situations.
Jolly Joker is a long time member of Heroes fan community and has many times proven his high knowledge in Heroes games. His Heroes of Might and Magic III strategy guides are easily the most thorough guides ever written for each of Heroes III faction. They are easy to read, supported with many interesting facts and are useful for beginners and expert players alike.


Pol's epilogue

As a pardon for last two missing articles, we would like to offer a substitue reading, I know that it's untactical but in case. In any case, there are two amazing studies.