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Release Date: September 29, 2015

  • GameRankings: Score 61,19%
  • GameInformer: Score 7/10
  • Game Over Online: Score 68%
  • GameWatcher: Score 7,5/10
  • God is a Geek: Score 7/10
  • Metacritic: Score 67%
  • NY Daily News: Score 3/5
  • WeGotThisCovered: Score 3/5
  • Celestial Heavens: "At a lowered price, the game is worth buying for its single player entertainment and its potential for map production. The amount of bugs and the lacking multiplayer structure make paying full price unjustifiable." Score 4/6
  • CGM online: "Do not play Heroes of Might and Magic VII. From the game’s fundamentally flawed technical foundation to the abhorrently misdirected implementation and communication of design elements, this is one massively missed opportunity." Score 3/10
  • Digitally Downloaded: "Fans of the genre will likely find aspects of Might & Magic Heroes VII appealing, and there is a good deal of content here to chew on while you play. Technical issues and a lack of training to ease in newer players conspire to hold the title back from being as good of a game as it should be. If you are looking for a AAA strategy title, this release in the series will disappoint you with its limited production values, but if you are like me and more interested in the tactical combat than anything else, there is still good fun to be had here." Score 3/5
  • IGN: "There's very little that's new about Might and Magic Heroes 7, and that's a good thing when it comes to its classic-style tactical roleplaying exploration and combat and menus that make managing resources easy to understand and let heroes explore at a rewarding pace without frequent backtracking. It manages to scratch a very old PC gaming itch, at least between the awful cutscenes and performance problems." Score 6,4/10
  • ShackNews: "Heroes 7 does have that "one more turn" quality that eats away the hours, but the game-breaking bugs, along with cheap cinematics and sound effects, ruin the experience. Also, since the stories take place in the past, there's no sense that players are impacting Ashan's fate until they unlock Ivan's campaign. Perhaps Heroes 7 will meet its potential after a few patches and expansions, but for now, it's tough to look past its flaws." Score 7/10


MMX logo

Release Date: January 23, 2014

  • Eurogamer: Score 7/10
  • GameSpot: Score 6/10
  • PC Gamer: Score 73%
  • Score 79%
  • Score 4/5
  • Jeuxvideo: Score 15/20
  • Celestial Heavens: "As the most important part of the game, the gameplay aspect delivers, making it a true classic RPG experience. And while the endgame is a bit long, with somewhat disappointing plot twists (reminding me of M&M 9 in both), it truly is a good RPG experience for anyone who wants to play a modernized classic RPG." Score 8/10
  • CRPGaddict: "I trust my readers know me well enough to know that getting the game for free has no way influenced my opinion of it. I'd tell you if it sucked. But I'm happy to say that, at least so far, it's a worthy entry in the series, reaching both backwards and forwards." No score
  • Eurogamer: "Might & Magic 10: Legacy feels like a pleasant throwback to dungeon crawls of decades past, but its limited scope and combat-heavy focus might put off those pining for the freedom afforded by the more recent Elder Scrolls games, or the wordy character interaction of a Dragon Age. Nonetheless, for those keen on poring over stats and comparing colour-coded loot, it serves as a modern introduction to those games' precursors, delivers a heady blast of nostalgia, and preserves a little slice of history." Score 7/10
  • Game Informer: "Might & Magic X: Legacy lives up to the quality of its long-lost predecessors. Despite streamlining and accessibility upgrades, it’s not a game for everyone. Turn-based grid walks are a rarity today and the title may feel a bit bizarre to those that never had a chance to experience 90’s era Might & Magic fare, but for those that have always wanted a legitimate heir to the classic series, Might & Magic X: Legacy provides." Score 8.25/10
  • GameSpot: " Might & Magic X: Legacy is a somewhat successful trip back in time to an era when RPGs were both simpler and more complicated than they are today, and a lot more demanding of players when it came to combat. If nostalgia drives you to visit this particular kingdom, you'll not likely regret the time spend there. If your good old days weren't brimming with games of this nature, it's more difficult to appreciate the take-no-prisoners challenge and overlook the limitations." Score 6/10
  • IncGamers: "I really quite like Might & Magic X. It's a throwback to the big old RPGs of yore – the games which weren't afraid to smash your face in if you wandered into a high-level area ill-prepared, and required you to take notes of NPC locations and quest hints (which is something that is genuinely important here). But it's a throwback which offers a bit more help, an intuitive interface, and some graphics that generally look rather lovely. If Might & Magic X sounds at all appealing, or if you went “Oh, I remember doing that twenty years ago” at any point in this review, then I imagine you'll really quite like it too." Score 7/10
  • Joystiq: "Might and Magic 10 plays so smoothly, with an elegant simplicity and almost effortless depth, that I can forgive its lack of story and indifferent graphical presentation. There's a common argument that pits the more complex/confusing conventions of older games against the accessible/"dumbed down" conventions of more recent fare, with one always good and the other always bad, depending on your point of view. Might and Magic 10: Legacy reveals just how irrelevant those arguments are. It's my new favorite installment in the series, and it offers a great example of how to update old-fashioned RPG mechanics for the present day." Score 4/5
  • Lazygamer: "Might and Magic X: Legacy is an uncompromisingly old school trip into forgotten territories. It's a risky move, but it's one that should attract plenty of gamers who want less new school action and a more cerebral roll of the dice in their RPGs." Score 7.5/10
  • PC Gamer: "What gives Legacy its old school charm though is that as much as it's weighed down by an obviously low budget and the mechanical sacrifices of jumping back a decade, there's a love for its style underpinning the action. The result isn't likely to do much for anyone raised on a diet of The Elder Scrolls, and even at its best is a nostalgia trip rather than call for revolution. Even so, for old-school RPG fans as sad as its creators seem to be that nobody makes games like this any more, it’s a solid way to relive the good old days." Score 73%
  • Rock, paper, shotgun: "I did not, I must admit, expect to now be singing the praises of this curious, cheap-feeling roleplaying game. (...) It's a dense and broad game, opening up enormously after its miserably ringfenced beginning, and while its total landmass has nothing on your average Elder Dragon Craft, the combo of step-by-step movement and careful placing of high-threat enemies as beatable but extremely fearsome gatekeepers makes it feel much larger than it is. " No score
  • RPG Codex: "MMXL is a must-buy and a must-play. Limbic did a superlative job in bringing together many beloved elements from the series, improving where they could and not dumbing down where it matters. The flaws are immaterial in the grand scheme of things; Limbic have proven they can make a real (and good!) M&M game, and they have certainly proven that they can make an excellent turn-based tile-based blobber with all the joyful gameplay elements that entails." No score

H6 logo

Release Date: October 13, 2011

  • 3djuegos: Score 88%
  • 9lives: Score 83%
  • Score 4/5
  • Gamespot: Score 8/10
  • Score 85%
  • Score 70%
  • Score 85%
  • Onlinewelten: 84%
  • Celestial Heavens: "Heroes VI was a game that could have been, but never made it because of poor design decisions, a lack of support and a refusal to involve the fans in anything important. The games's broken features, the lack of a functioning online system and lack of a good editor and random map generator are simply too much to ignore." Score 3/6
  • Game Informer: "Heroes VI isn’t better than my memory of Heroes III – which is, to be fair, one of my top handful of games of all time. The nature of the franchise itself makes Heroes VI an excellent title for gamers who don’t typically spend much time in the strategy genre, and if Black Hole and Ubisoft can entice an old hand like me to stick around as well, I consider it a success." Score 8.25/10
  • Gamepro: "While Heroes VI does make some interesting changes to the 16-year-old turn-based strategy-RPG series, and the game remains fun, I found some of my usual complaints with Heroes' gameplay more annoying than usual - and that the horrible online system Ubisoft insists on using has sucked away too much of the series' charm." Score 3/5
  • GameSpy: "Despite numerous improvements to the formula and graphical updates, Heroes VI has its fair share of issues – and some are more catastrophic than others. The presentation is riddled with visual bugs and minor glitches that impact the gameplay to varying degrees. The real killjoy (...) is the horrendous UPlay system's draconian requirement that you be connected to the internet at all times to play. Let me be clear: Heroes VI is an absolute nightmare if you have a spotty internet connection." Score 3/5
  • IGN: "Might and Magic Heroes VI may have some issues with battlefield tactics in the late game and its story, but the strategy remains a blast nonetheless. Near infinite hours of gameplay await, and anyone looking for a well-made and addictive turn-based strategy game need go no further than this." Score 8/10
  • MashThoseButtons: "Ultimately, Might & Magic Heroes VI is a good game, but one buried underneath its own bugs and DRM. It's a game that is worth buying eventually, but proves the idea that some games just shouldn’t be bought at launch. Perhaps, when the bugs are fixed, the AI is improved, and the inevitable expansions for the game are released, we'll be able to safely place MMHVI among the games worthy of the Might & Magic moniker." Score 4/5

MMDM logo

Release Date: October 2006

  • Game Informer: Score 74.0%
  • PC Format UK: Score 88.0%
  • PC Gamer UK: Score 88.0%
  • PC Zone UK: Score 84.0%
  • PC Zone UK: Score 84.0%
  • gamesTM: 8/10
  • 1UP: "The visuals are as uninspired as the story. The Source engine has never looked worse than it does in these dimly lit, rotely drawn dungeons infested with technical glitches like stuttering sound and disappearing polygons." Score 4/10
  • ActionTrip: "It's painfully obvious that the Half-Life 2 engine caused many problems, which weren't ironed out in time by the programming team. Consequently, players with modest rigs won't be able to experience the game in its true visual potential. A patch is forthcoming. Supposedly, it's meant to fix numerous crash issues and other technical mishaps that have been plaguing the game." Score 68.0%
  • Detroit Free Press: "Ubisoft may have somewhat overpromised early on -- boss fights aren't all they're cracked up to be, and more complex interactions like manipulating different enemy factions to fight their own battles are barely present -- but "Dark Messiah" is nonetheless a truly great game." Score 3/4
  • Eurogamer: "If you give it, it'll pay you back. You won't remember Dark Messiah's busty-woman character guide, but you will remember the sheer joy of mutilating the orcish, undead and assorted monstrous hordes in a variety of imaginative ways. When mass slaughter is as imaginative as this, it can't help but be memorable." Score 8/10
  • GamingExcellence: "What’s left is a game that’s pretty enjoyable, and a strong attempt to put some strong action and visceral combat into the first-person-slasher. The addition of the physics adds some depth to the combat, and the multiplayer gives a reason to play after the story has been played. A flawed game, but a very decent one nonetheless." Score 75.0%
  • GameSpot: "Aside from its technical issues, there's nothing extremely wrong with Dark Messiah of Might and Magic. But beyond it being a fantasy-themed first-person action game (which is something of a rarity these days), the game doesn't really do much to make its campaign stand out. You could certainly do worse than Dark Messiah, but you could probably do a lot better, also." Score 67.0%
  • GameSpy: "It's easy to be disappointed with Dark Messiah, given that it had so much potential. There is absolutely some compelling content in here (...). Right now, though, Dark Messiah's multiplayer is little more that a novelty. Still, it's hard to deny that the game has some immensely enjoyable moments. It's just too bad that they're too often surrounded by so much clutter." Score 3/5
  • IGN: "The multiplayer is the better half of the game, letting players battle it out with five diverse classes and plenty of interlocking and complementary abilities. Though the first-person combat isn't as precise as it could be, this one's still a good choice for some online magic blasting fun. Just don't expect a memorable story or characters if you're more interested in the single player content." Score 7/10
  • Pro-G: "Had the story been stronger and the numerous bugs been ironed out prior to release, Dark Messiah would have been very easy to recommend. As it stands, it's not quite polished enough to be anything more than an enjoyable diversion." Score 7/10
  • Voodoo Extreme: "In the end, Dark Messiah is a really good first-person shooter that suffers from a serious pest infestation. Another month of polish and who knows? We could've had a serious Game of the Year contender." Score 8 out of 10
  • Worth Playing: "Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, though unfortunately titled, is not a run-of-the-mill RPG, if it is an RPG at all! It is a graphically glorious, murderously marvelous first-person fantasy action game that no self-respecting FPS fan should overlook." Score 8.6 out of 10

Release Date: October 12, 2007

  • Score 8.8/10
  • 1UP: "Nival took Heroes V in a new, elaborately lush artistic direction, which remains as beautiful as ever -- and well connected to the Dark Messiah look -- in this expansion. General game performance is unfortunately unimproved, and things sometimes slow to a near-crawl on the tactical map. Ultimately, Tribes of the East manages to gobble time as effectively as any good Heroes installment; it's an impressive final outing for Heroes V -- and another strong showing from Nival." Score B-
  • Eurogamer: "So this is pretty much the same game again, with a few new missions and multiplayer maps, a couple of new mechanics and a new faction. After a year and a half. If this is the best the world has to throw at me, I might just retire again." Score 5/10
  • GameSpot: "This is pretty much the template for second expansion packs these days, so Tribes of the East is at least somewhat trendy. Nevertheless, you can't praise this mediocre add-on for fitting in with the cool kids. Nival should have finished the Heroes V series on a higher note than this." Score 5.5/10
  • GamesRadar: "Tribes of the East is a solid follow-up to an already engaging franchise. Players with a lot of time invested in Heroes of Might and Magic V are going to appreciate the engine tweaks and thoroughly enjoy giving it a go with the Orcs. Those new to the series however would probably be better served by looking for a copy of the original game and playing through that before moving on." Score 7/10
  • IGN: "Tribes of the East is easy to recommend to players who missed the core game and want to check out what Heroes of Might & Magic is all about. The stand alone nature of the pack and its thirty-dollar price tag makes it an easy buy. Those who enjoyed the original game can supplement their experience is they're willing to pay the price just for one extra faction and a new campaign." Score 7.9/10

Release Date: November 7, 2006

  • Score 8.8/10
  • Level Score 7/10
  • CVG: "Considering the original game only came out a couple of months back, obviously when it comes to the fundamentals, the developers haven't had an awful lot of time to make many changes. Indeed, in many ways, it feels as if you're starting from scratch with a campaign that literally sends you back to base camp. In my case, having just reached HOMMV's end-game, I'd rather have waited a bit longer and received a bit more. Led Zep this isn't, but then thankfully, it's not Marillion either." Score 6.9/10
  • Eurogamer: "Hammers of Fate adds a lot of material for HoMM5. But to warrant a better mark, it would have to actually deal with the basic weaknesses of the game. As it is, despite the Caravan's efforts to streamline one aspect, it just doesn't. In other words, would I buy it? Not on your nelly." Score 4/10
  • EvilAvatar: "There are two kinds of expansion packs in this world. The first adds new and interesting gameplay elements while simultaneously massaging away some of the poor design decisions in the base game. The second kind slaps on a handful of indistinct new features, most of which were probably removed from the original game in an effort to churn out a quick, cheap expansion pack. Guess which one Heroes of Might and Magic V: Hammers of Fate is?" Score 2/5
  • GameSpot: "Like the original game on launch day, this expansion pack balances good points with bad almost every step of the way, resulting in yet another turn-based fantasy adventure that isn't all that it could be." Score 6.4/10
  • GameSpy: "Hammers of Fate isn't a revolutionary step for the series. The forgettable campaign and the Fortress hero bug are both huge annoyances -- but the Fortress town itself combined with the new scenarios, random maps, and other goodies make it a no-brainer for die-hards of the series; it makes the idea of going back to the original unthinkable, which is the mark of any good expansion." Score 3.5/5
  • Games Radar: "Hammers of Fate is essentially a stew of can't-miss features and less appetizing filler material. You already own it if you’re a Heroes diehard. It's just too bad, for all Nival's hard work and lovely animations, that its legs couldn't be a little longer." Score 6/10
  • IGN: "Serious fans of Heroes of Might & Magic aren't likely to be discouraged by the lack of new content or the thirty-dollar price tag. With only one new faction and a smattering of new gameplay options, Hammers of Fate feels more like a small-scale mission pack than a full-fledged expansion." Score 6.5/10

H5 logo

Release Date: May 2006

  • ActionTrip: Score 85%
  • Digital Entertainment News: Score 8.5/10
  • eToychest: Score 84%
  • G4: Score 3.5/5
  • GameBiz: Score 8/10
  • Game Informer: Score 8.25/10
  • gamesTM: Score 7/10
  • Games Master UK: Score 76.0%
  • Score 8.8/10 (Gameplay Award, Silver medal)
  • Hardcore Gamer Magazine: Score 4.5/5
  • PC Format UK: Score 82.0%
  • PC Gamer: Score 74.0%
  • PC Gamer UK: Score 74.0%
  • Yahoo: Score 3.5/5
  • 1UP: "Series fanatic or no, you'll want a comprehensive patch addressing most of these issues before picking this one up. It's simply too big a mess at this point." Score 5/10
  • AtomicGamer: "In the end, Heroes V is a good, fun game with a few problems. The graphics are some of the best I’ve ever seen in a strategy game while the sounds are pretty forgettable. The combat in the game is a blast but can be too easy. The single-player game is fun but manages to end sooner than it should with no possibility for player created campaigns (yet). Multiplayer is also lacking – a play-by-email system would have been a huge help to the game." Score 80%
  • Cheat Code Central: "Any newbie will be overwhelmed with the sheer variety of options. There are lots of different modes to play around with, although the online mode is full of bugs and will be largely avoided." Score 3.3/5
  • Eurogamer: "It's not a great leap forward for gaming; but in terms of reassurance and welcome traditionalism, it's a small step for cosiness." Score 8/10
  • Game Chronicles: "If you love deep, complex strategy games and fun online multiplayer action, you can’t go wrong with Heroes of Might & Magic V. What it lacks in technological flash it makes up for in smart, well-balanced gameplay." Score 9/10
  • Game Over Online: "Overall, if you liked the earlier Heroes games, then you?re bound to like Heroes of Might and Magic V as well." Score 80%
  • Gamers Temple: "If you are looking for a fun, relaxing game, with great visuals, you have found it; if you are looking for a challenge, well, take a calculus class, or maybe intermediate accounting." Score 78.0%
  • GameSpot: "Heroes V comes across like an enhanced remake of a classic... this is an addictive strategy game with a lot of depth, personality, and lasting value." Score 8.2/10
  • GameSpy: "On one hand, you can't ignore the game's various shortcomings, the lack of editing tools and failing multiplayer. But on the other hand, it's hard to dismiss a game that eats up late night hours faster than G-String Diva reruns on HBO." Score 3.5/5
  • Games Extreme: "This game proves that not all turn based strategy games are dull. HoMM 5 is a solid contender for one of the better turn based strategy games and marks a return for the Heroes series. With its solid gameplay and good interface it's a fun game." Score 9/10 (Editor's Choice).
  • Hooked Gamers: "Heroes of Might & Magic V is still very much the same turnbased strategy game we know and love... All things considered, the game is a worthy addition to the series." Score 8/10
  • "Whilst not having the level of complexity of games like Age of Wonders II, it still has sufficient depth to be interesting in the long-term whilst having the graphical cutting edge to provide a short-term wow factor." Score 8/10
  • Worth Playing: " Regardless of these minor concerns, HoMM V is a shining example of how a turn-based strategy should be executed, and it will no doubt set the standard for generations of the genre to come." Score 8.5/10

Release Date: February 24, 2003

  • GameSpy: Score 40%
  • GameZone: Score 75%
  • PC GameWorld: Score 70%
  • TechTV: Score 2/5
  • UGO: Score B-
  • ActionTrip: "Highs: All things that were good in the original game; the number of new maps; six new campaigns; Frenzied Gnasher. Lows: No originality; déjà vu all over again; combat animation; after hours of playing the music becomes obviously repetitive and tedious." Score 70%
  • ESC Mag: "Yes, the game is still addictive... Yes, I will continue to look forward to New World’s Might & Magic games (both the RPGs and the Heroes series). I would, however, suggest waiting for the inevitable collection edition for Heroes IV... Thirty bucks is too much to pay for an add-on that doesn’t deliver dramatic new content." Score 70%
  • GameRevolution: "Unless you've finished every campaign and scenario in the original Heroes 4 there's very little reason to get this add-on (except maybe to laugh at the funny names)." Score C-
  • GameSpot: "Even though it packs in a lot of value, if you weren't particularly enchanted by Heroes IV, Winds of War probably won't change your mind." Score 67%

Release Date: September 24, 2002

  • Score 75%
  • GameSpy: Score 58%
  • GameZone: Score 80%
  • Netjak:Score 70%
  • PC GameWorld: Score 70%
  • UGO: Score C+
  • 1UP: "We were really hoping this expansion would redeem one of our formerly favorite franchises, but The Gathering Storm falls far short of even previous Heroes expansions, such as Heroes III: Armageddon's Blade." Score D-
  • GameOver: "So The Gathering Storm is a pretty lightweight expansion pack, and what it does include isn’t especially interesting or memorable. Usually I’d say that if you liked the original game then you’ll probably like the expansion pack, but I’m not so sure that’s the case here..." Score 70%
  • GameSpot: "The Gathering Storm adds a good deal of new content to play through: six massive single-player campaign games and a whopping 30 additional scenarios. But not much else." Score 70%

Release Date: March 20, 2002

  • Computer Gaming World: Score 2.5/5
  • Rating: 7.6
  • GameSpy: Score 84%
  • GameZone:Score 85%
  • GoneGold: Score 87%
  • ActionTrip: "Highs: A beautiful game; all we used to love returns in a new shiny armor. Lows: Campaigns have few missions, which are very long and at times quite tiresome; the game could use some more music." Score 92% (Editor's Choice)
  • Applelinks: "Strategy gamers have no excuse not owning this title..." Score A+
  • Adrenaline Vault: "From a qualitative standpoint, Heroes of Might and Magic IV has brought turn-based strategy back into the limelight of PC gaming. The title takes everything that has ever been great about the series and elevates it to the next level." Score 5/5 (Seal of Excellence)
  • AppleLinks Mac Review: "Overall, Heroes of Might and Magic IV is a fine example of a game which combines the best features of turn-based strategy with role-playing to create a fine contribution to the Heroes of Might and Magic series." Score 4/5
  • EuroGamer: "Heroes IV might offer prettier graphics than its predecessors, although the unit animations are still laughable in many cases, but the gameplay is, if anything, a step backwards." Score 60%
  • GameRevolution: "All in all, Heroes of Might and Magic IV is a more than worthy sequel to Heroes III, improving many aspects of the gameplay without losing the core of the game." Score A-
  • ToTheGame: "Lots of gameplay, beautiful for ears and eyes - things that more than justify the price on a game like this. If you like these kind of games, or wonder if you do - do yourself a favor and buy this baby." Score 95%

Release Date: March 31, 2000

  • GameRevolution: Score B
  • EuroGamer: "It's certainly not recommended for casual gamers as it's time consuming and complex, with a positively bewildering array of units, buildings, artifacts, skills and strategic options. But if you're a strategy fan looking for a game which will keep you busy for months to come, this could be just what you're looking for..." Score 80%
  • GameSpot: "Except for the new maps and a handful of minor gameplay changes, there's absolutely nothing in Shadow of Death that Heroes veterans haven't seen before." Score 70%

Release Date: February 2, 2000

  • Adrenaline Vault: "3DO and New World Computing have accomplished what few others have seem to be able to do--release an add-on that makes a great game even better." Score 3.5/5
  • GameRevolution: "This is the kind of thing I love to see in an expansion pack. Plenty of stuff, plus the tools to create all the stuff you could ever need." Score B+
  • GameSpot: "Its longer, more complex campaigns and enhanced map editing features seem better suited to zealous Heroes fanatics than to casual fans." Score 8/10

Release Date: March 17, 1999

  • Adrenaline Vault: "It is everything you could want in a turn-based strategy game and manages to mix challenge and entertainment flawlessly." Score 5/5 (Seal of Excellence)
  • GameRevolution: "All in all, Heroes of Might and Magic III is a good solid game. While it doesn't do anything particularly new with the series, it doesn't do anything harmful either." Score B+
  • GameSpot: "Heroes of Might and Magic III doesn't alter the formula set forth by its ancestors, but represents a refinement and improvement on caliber with the finest sequels ever released. Spending even a short time with the game quells any doubt that it's anything but an excellent sequel and a first-rate strategy game in its own right." Score 9.1/10

Heroes II: The Price of Loyalty
Release Date: June 10, 1997

  • Adrenaline Vault: "This game is just as addictive as any game, in any genre, out on the market." Score 5/5
  • GameSpot: "The Price of Loyalty does one thing really well - it diversifies the missions." Score 6.9/10

Heroes II: The Succession Wars
Release Date: October 1, 1996

  • Adrenaline Vault: "Heroes of Might & Magic 2 is the ULTIMATE fantasy strategy game, no other game even comes close." Score 5/5
  • GameSpot: "This is a must-have for fans of the first title." Score 8.2/10

Released: May, 1996

  • Computer Games Strategy Plus: "Turn Based Strategy Game of the Year"
  • Computer Gaming World: "Strategy Game of the Year"
  • Adrenaline Vault: "Heroes of Might & Magic is definitely one of the best strategy games on the market today!" Score 4/5
  • GameSpot: "Heroes of Might and Magic isn't spectacular, but it sure is fun." Score 7.5/10


Release Date: May 31, 2002

  • G4TV :Score 2/5
  • Khabal Gaming: Score 60%
  • MetaCritic: Score 55%
  • Adrenaline Vault: "The extremely behind-the-times graphics, frustrating interface and game mechanics, and lackluster plot all lead to a gaming experience that's more tedium than it's worth." Score 2/5
  • GameSpot: "Might and Magic IX is the sort of game that can't please either longtime fans or series newcomers looking to get a role-playing fix." Score 6.2/10


Release Date: May 1, 2000

  • GameSpy: Score 75%
  • Adrenaline Vault: "Might and Magic VIII is a prime example of "old school" CRPG design, and while it is nice to revisit the traditional every once in a while, this was amply accomplished in the previous two Might and Magic titles." Score 3/5
  • GameRevolution: "Frankly, Might and Magic VIII is a half-assed production. It seems like the developers figured they'd try to drain a little more money out of yesterday's game, as opposed to giving you something truly worth buying." Score D
  • GameSpot: "Might and Magic VIII's old graphics engine, repetitive gameplay, bugs, and relative ease will be too much to overlook" Score 6.0/10

Release Date: June 30, 1999

  • Adrenaline Vault: "If you liked M&M 6, then you will love M&M 7. If you didn't, then you'll want to avoid this one." Score 4/5
  • GameRevolution: "But overall, Might and Magic 7 just doesn't make enough advancements over Might and Magic 6. It's basically the same game with a slight makeover and tweaking." Score B-
  • GameSpot: "A slightly improved Might and Magic is better than no Might and Magic at all." Score 8.4/10

  • GameRevolution: "Mandate of Heaven is a good game that will keep you busy and interested for hours on end." Score B+
  • GameSpot: "Might and Magic VI is a classically designed role-playing game that features both a huge gaming world and lots of attention to detail." Score 91%


Game Reviews and Previews by Celestial Heavens and Friends

  • Might & Magic 2 (Mobile) by darknessfood: "The First one was a nice game. But playing it was difficult due to really weird controls. Story wasn’t great and the game was kind of short. In the second Might and Magic mobile game, things get better..."
  • Might & Magic: Heroes Online by Znork: "Normally when I play games like this, I get a good feeling, but my gut tells me that they are on the right track this time. The hex grid is a huge improvement from the other heroes. The Flash graphics area great, the people are smart and we are talking about Blue Byte here - Ubi's golden boys. "
  • Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes by Qurqirish Dragon: "You will not be disappointed in this. The strategy level, in my opinion, is higher than in other games of this genre, so if you are more a Heroes player than Might and Magic this would go nicely for you as well. "
  • Heroes of Might and Magic IV Card and Tile Game (DGA Games) by Psychobabble: "If you have the inclination to become familiar with the game and can find someone else who will do the same then it promises deep, strategic gameplay which has the potential to provide many hours of entertainment."
  • Heroes V by Biggle's Final Flight: "Heroes V certainly heralds back to the days of Heroes III. It’s a stale and thus much berated comparison in the Celestial Heavens forums, but all too relevant. Beneath the graphical sophistication and a natural transition to full 3D lies many of Heroes III’s simpler game mechanics that were radically (and controversially) overhauled in Heroes IV."
  • Heroes V by Jolly Joker: "And should you feel excited now, reading this, and having asked yourself, will the game be worth it, relax: the game rocks. I mean, it ROCKS. HoMM V is CLEARLY the best Heroes game ever."
  • Heroes V by Pitsu: "Without constant flow of fan-made high quality maps and balanced templates, the game may be a two-week enjoyment, while with support it may very well become the most popular Heroes game thus far."
  • Heroes V by Sir Mullich: "While I did have some concerns about some of the design decisions I saw in the demo, I’m going to give Ubisoft the benefit of the doubt and keep my fingers crossed that next year we will have another great Heroes game to play."
  • Heroes V by Angelspit: "Your first few turns will be a shock, believe me. The screenshots you have seen until today only gives you a vague idea of what it feels like to be moving around the new Might and Magic universe."
  • Dark Messiah Prima Game Guide by Angelspit: " At 8.5 x 11 inches and a whopping 192 pages, the Dark Messiah Prima guide, written by Mike Searle, certainly cannot be described as a booklet. Fully illustrated with artwork of the creatures, characters and weapons of Dark Messiah, you'll want to carry it with you to impress the kids in the bus."
  • Disciples II Gold (StrategyFirst) by Kristo: "Disciples II definitely has the "just one more turn" thing going for it. I've completely lost track of time on more than one occasion while playing."
  • Etherlords II (StrategyFirst) by Angelspit: "Despite its various flaws, Etherlords II is one of the best computer renditions of a collectible card game to date, even giving the expensive Magic: the Gathering Online a run for its money."
  • Master of Orion II - Battle at Antares (Amazon) by Kalah: "I acquired this game ten years ago, and I still play it. Receiving great reviews from a multitude of game magazines when it was issued, MoO2 remains the best of the series."