From Round Table member darknessfood comes a quick review of Might and Magic II for the mobile phone (which has very little to do with the 1988 title). All critics of Gameloft's two Might and Magic games are very positive, so they are a safe purchase for anyone willing to go on a quest while on the bus.

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Might and Magic 2 (Mobile)

by Darknessfood -- edited by Angelspit

"The First one was a nice game. But playing it was difficult due to really weird controls. Story wasn’t great and the game was kind of short. In the second Might and Magic mobile game, things get better..."

The beginning

When the game begins, you are dreaming. You see a town (not gonna tell which one, it’s part of the storyline) being overrun by monsters. The camera roams around and let’s you see a really nice and detailed World. Until the camera stops at Luis, the main character in this game. He wants to fight some big monster but he loses BIG TIME. Then you wake up…


When you wake up, the basics of this game are explained to you. You can use the 2,4,6 and 8 keys to move yourself around (can’t go vertical). Then you have 5 for your basic attack and 1 for magic. 3 is used for your item menu (such as herbs and magic potions). Really simple but yet it serves its purpose really well. You really feel in control, which is really important when playing an action based RPG.


When you walk outside of the house you start your game in, you see a wonderful world. Nice colours, little details and there is a lot going on. You got NPCs to talk to. You got people who got quests for you and you can just slash around, slashing up some bushes and maybe you'll find something good (like treasure!).

The interface is really good. You got the HP (hit points) meter and the MP (magic points) meter in your view. A little line that shows the experience you've earned and the gold you have collected. You never get lost because of the nifty arrow pointing it out for you. When you gained a quest, just follow the arrow and kill everything you see.

Music in my ears

Now let’s talk about the audio in this game. I must say you really have some nice tunes in it. They are catchy and you might find yourself whistling them while doing something else. But here’s the first flaw of this game. Sometimes the Music just takes off. And THEN you can hear the slashing and killing that you are doing, if you hear Music, you can’t hear your victim cry. That’s disappointing. It would have been awesome to hear both. But overall the audio is ok.


Well, i really don’t want to tell anything about the storyline. I know it’s lame but you just need to find that one out by yourself. Well, I'll tell you the basics.

You are Louis, a brave lad who gets involved into an epic battle of getting back the crystals of Might and Magic (clever huh?). That way the greater evil cannot rise again!

The story isn’t really that interesting, some weird affairs are going on, and you don’t really get the feeling you are getting involved in an epic battle. There are also some really weird conversations that add nothing to the whole storyline, or the are not relevant to it. When that’s not the case it’s just corny and you click them away really fast to continue to the action. More about that shortly…

So like i said, the story ain’t that great,but it’s a mobile game, you play those for a few minutes to have a little fun, so a storyline is not that important. If you want a story you can just pick u a book and read it in the train.

Playing around

Well, it’s an action RPG. Not really Might and Magic, more like Swords of Mana. You got your basic attack where you can slash the evilness out of everyone, and a magic attack. While leveling up you just gain stronger attacks, these are easy to use and you can’t forget how you do them. When on a quest you meet various enemies in the game, like orcs, snakes, bats and loads more. For a mobile game they are, just like the overall game, really nicely done. The animation is great and they don’t let you kill the that easy. They all have special attacks and some are just blocking you. So the victory over your opponents are not just a matter of tapping the 5 button over and over while you sip your coffee.

When playing this, it really reminded me of Sword of Mana. If you liked that game, you can’t go wrong with that one.

What's in for the Might and Magic fans?

Well, i have to say that it’s a really great game overall. But I think the true Might and Magic feeling isn’t there. No turn-based battle system, no first-person view, no statistics to track or upgrade, the game really hasn’t a lot to do with the Might and Magic universe. So if you expect a classic game you shouldn’t buy this one.

On the other hand, if you like RPGs and you don’t mind hack'n'slash, you can’t really get any better than this one. It’s just an awesome experience for a mobile phone game.


Might and Magic 2 on the mobile game is a great game you can easily play. It has a long lifespan and it looks great. Too bad that there are sound bugs in the game. But overall it’s a great experience.

Looks: 10
Sound: 9

+ great controls
+ looks great
+ sound is great…


- but not all the time
- story ain’t all that
- nothing really Might and Magic…

Game tested on Sony Ericsson k750i


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