• Heroes Orchestra

    Heroes Orchestra is famous polish symphony orchestra, with focus at gaming music. Mostly from Heroes and Might & Magic.

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  • Ubisoft

    Ubisoft - Gaming company which in August 2003, acquired the rights to the Might and Magic franchise for US$1.3 million after 3DO filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. From that time they are responsible for a new Might & Magic (Heroes) games and spin-offs.

    For playing a newer games you need to use their platform Uplay.


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  • Mobile

    Mobile games, either directly M&M or Heroes or alike. Usually playable on Android, iOS or Android simulator like Bluestacks, MEMU or LDPlayer. Hits: 16
  • EoC (alias tag)

    This is an alias tag for Ubisoft mobile game Era of Chaos. Hits: 9
  • TSoA (alias tag)

    This is an alias tag for The Shadows in the Ashan Community DLC Hits: 8
  • The Shadows over Ashan - Community DLC Pack

    Shadows Over Ashan (TSoA) is a so-called "global modification", meaning that it works like any official DLC. It will add new things to the original game, specifically a new nation/town and units which you can play in both single player skirmish maps and multiplayer maps on one PC (hot seat).

    The original Wryn Pendragon: Umbramancer (WPU) project was canceled, but its strong foundations gave rise to this DLC. Except for campaigns and a script-based systems, everything has been

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  • FHeroes 2 Enhanced

    Free Heroes 2 by ciplogic is an engine recreation of game Heroes 2 (of Might and Magic) with UI and coding enhancements.

    However work is suspended from year 2018.

    Some people notice that issues are untouched and sadly they will remain as such. As for now, I have lost the interest to strongly go into code and fix issues, for various reasons, including a heavier setup. Though I will not close it, as people can contribute simple fixes as PRs and if they kind of work on my

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  • fheroes2

    fheroes2Free implementation of Heroes of Might and Magic II game engine based on SDL, under active development by fheroes2 Resurrection team. You can watch their annoucements here.

    Build is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux. Technically you should own Heroes 2 or at least demo of Heroes 2 to playing it. Homepage of the

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