• Gelu

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  • Ultimate Mod

    Ultimate Mod for Heroes IVUltimate Mod for Heroes IV by NimoStar, follow discussion at HC here.

    Provides wide screen support, UI spells optimalizations, new abilities, spellls and units. Incorporating almost all known goodies and enhancements till this

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  • Might and Magic

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  • Lavapotion

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  • Mike Winterbauer

    Cover Artist, among others he did cover and map for Might & Magic: Xeen. He likes kickstarter (read often run campaigns at) and you can follow him from either his homepage or twitter.

    Homepage | Twitter

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  • Heroes Online

    MMHO - Might and Magic Heroes Online was a free-to-play MMORPG released in September 2014, developed by Blue Byte, published by Ubisoft as part of M&M Heroes franchise. Its last day was at 30.12.2020. Hits: 105
  • Marcus Pregent

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  • OpenGL Wrappers

    OpenGL wrappers are nice way how to play old games on modern monitors. Hits: 122