• Christmas

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  • Dragoness: Command of the Flame

    Dragoness: Command of the Flame - King's Bounty like game, or homm like game if you like. But's really very much of the first.

    DEVELOPER: Crazy Goat Games (Maciej Struzyna and Janina Wojciechowska)



    Minimal Requirements:
    OS: Windows 7 SP1 64-bit or later
    Processor: Intel i3 6th gen
    Memory: 8 GB RAM

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  • kblike

    King's Bounty inspired games. Pack you hero on a campaign, read a lot!

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  • RED Mod

    GEMXuxo's RED mod. A sample re-texture for Heroes V. Yes, with textures of Heroes VI.



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  • hommlike

    Alias tag for Heroes of M&M Inspired Games tag.

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  • Heroes of M&M Inspired Games

    There are many games inspired by Heroes of Might & Magic series. And they all belong here, even if they don't bear mark of the franchise. But honor the legacy.

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  • Heroes VI

    mmhviMight and Magic: Heroes VI developed by Black Hole Entertainment with use of their own proprietary engine. After Black Hole Entertainment filled bankrupcy, as they failed to convice Ubisoft to finance them over approved budged, the last patches and addons were finished by Limbic

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  • Concept Art

    Various concept art from various artist.

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  • Duel of Champions

    Duel of Champions Revival

    Might & Magic: Duel of Champions is a free-to-play trading card game, which was available on Steam or via the game's website, as well as on the iPad app store. It was available for cross-platform play. However the game was officially shutdown on October 31, 2016. Inspite of that, game was

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  • coh

    Clash of Heroes alias.

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  • Clash of Heroes

    Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes is RPG puzzle strategy game originally developed for the Nintendo DS by Capybara Games. First released at December 1, 2009, and updated, digitally-downloadable ports for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 (stylised as Clash of Heroes: High-Definition) released in Summer 2010.[1] Released to PC on September 22, 2011.
    Factions: Sylvan, Haven, Necropolis, Inferno and

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  • mom

    See Master of Magic

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  • soc

    See Songs of Contest

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  • Master of Magic

    mom dos coverMaster of Magic

    Published by MicroProse, Developed by SimTex, Released 1994 for DOS and Windows 95

    The plot of Master of Magic is to become the dominant wizard on

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  • Heroes III: The Board Game

    h3 tBG logoHeroes III: The Board Game

    • Core Box Factions: Castle, Dungeon and Necropolis
    • The game is described as 1-3 players, 45-130 mins, recommended age 14+. So far they are not considering to release also version without miniatures (minis).
    • Kickstarter Campaigns
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  • 404 Art

    Funny 404 page, around the gaming world.

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