• HoTA

    Horn of the Abyss (HotA) - is a global Add-On for Heroes of Might and Magic III. that extends (and fixes if needed) classical gameplay elements and adds some of its own.

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  • Interviews

    Interesting interviews, with anyone at least a little bit touched by Might & Magic games.

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  • JVC

    John Van Caneghem - series founder and spiritual father. Currently developing mobile games, in his company VC Mobile Entertainment and his game Creature Quest

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  • Kickstart

    Kickstarter project.

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  • King's Bounty

    King's Bounty was predecessor for all Might & Magic Heroes games, regarding that it was a bit different. Player was visiting individual locations and fulfilling quests here with his

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  • Lore

    In that sense and context, it means Might & Magic lore here. Hits: 196
  • Map Editor

    Necessary, if you wish to create your own maps or campaigns.

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  • Map Making

    A divine science discipline how to make a better maps! Hits: 355
  • MapsDB

    Map Database

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  • Maptesting

    Map testing service - because any new map(s) should be playtested before made public.

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  • Marzhin

    Julien Pirou - known to us old-timers as "Marzhin". He has been applying his creative talents as a level designer on the Heroes VI Adventure Packs, Might & Magic X. and Heroes

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  • Might & Magic

    Might & Magic RPG games, second but originally first to Heroes branch.

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  • Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians

    Yet unreleased Android/iOS action RPG from Ubisoft Workshop.

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  • Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5

    Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5 - brings new soul to Heroes V. by adding new objects, enhancing RMG, enhancing AI, enhancing Class/Skill/Spell system and adding some optional choices like

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  • Might & Magic: Showdown

    Player vs Player game from Ubisoft Workshop. Where you can paint your own miniatures and then send them to epic fight. Currently in Early Access phase. Hits: 650
  • MM:DoC

    Might & Magic: Duel of Champions - Online card game and abandoned to this date. Game died at 31.10.2016. Developed by Ubisoft (Quebec) and then by Ubisoft (BlueByte, after Ubi aquired them).

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  • MM:H5

    Heroes 5 game by Ubisoft. The most successfull one from Ubi. Developed by Nival Studios, under Fabrice's leadership. Recommended fan mod here is Heroes 5.5 by magnomagus.

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  • MM:H6

    Heroes 6 game by Ubisoft. Developed by Black Hole Enternainment and later finished by Limbic and Virtuos, after Black Hole bankruptcy. Wonderful graphic but low replay value, no need to mention AI.

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  • MM:H7

    Heroes 7 game by Ubisoft. Developed by Limbic Entertainment, so far, the latest installment of the serie and it's having just one Add-On, that is Trial By Fire.

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  • MM1

    Might & Magic Book One: The Secret of the Inner Sanctum Hits: 60