Master of Magic

mom dos coverMaster of Magic

Published by MicroProse, Developed by SimTex, Released 1994 for DOS and Windows 95

The plot of Master of Magic is to become the dominant wizard on two 'planes' of existence, the normal Earth-like one and the fantasy based plane "Myrror". You can do this by destroying your competing wizards (up to 4 computer players) or by casting the Spell of Mastery.
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This is quite famous 2D turn-based strategy. Being cult on its own and completely unrelated to Might and Magic. Though with some similar goals and different approach.

For the game itself exists several attempts to get it to a new engine, mostly based on javascript. The most used is momime, which is free - if you own the original game.

The game history doesn't end here, as at 2019 Slitherine acquired Master of Magic license and charged MuHa Games with developing it a new. The final project name is not known, so it could be simply again Master of Magic or Master of Magic Remake or Master of Magic 2. You can watch, how is the development going here.

Meanwhile we need to note, that there exists also Caster of Might and Magic, which is modernised mod of the original game, with some new spells.

And apart that, there is more games which claimed to be a successor but without original license. Master of Elemets of Fallen Enchantres comes to mind as a first.

MuHa Games are experienced games developer. Author of very well appreaciated Thea game and with a very good support for modding. :D

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  • MoM - Nineseven Technomage

    mom ninseven elven technomage s

    Nineseven - Did they hint at something?

  • MoM - Technomages are behind the corner

    Ok, folks, this is definitively not Babylon V. smile teeth

    But they hopefully will be bearing the same level of coolness. We might be witnessing turning Master of Magic into Steampunk game. More to be seen after DLC Rise of The Soultrapped, which will be on at 28th August (2023).

    Read full annoucement at ...

  • Summer Sales 2023

    A verbosely very nicely quiet reminder, that period of summer sale madness is back! cancerleovirgo

  • MoM Battle

    mom battle

    Game & the Wallpapers Pack.

  • Slitherine Live Twitch with Yuuki

    Master of Magic - Release Date Tomorrow & Twitch

    As we approach Master of Magic’s release on December 13, we can’t wait to see what you think of the game.

    The feedback we received so far has been great, both during our live streams on Twitch as well as on many video reviews on YouTube.

    For December 13 we have prepared something special for you: we will be live on Twitch with

  • MoM #13 - Working Toward The Gold

    Official release date is December 13th 2022, wait for it!

    In-Game videos from Twich 1,2


  • MoM Dev Diary #11 & Beta Testing

    you can read both here.

    Dev Diary #11
    Beta Applications Form

    Also let me to post first link to gameplay :)

    There are

  • MuHa's Dev Diary #10 - Personal log: How are we doing so far?

    Repost from:

    We’ve had a pleasantly surprising response to the beta announcement, and also just to us working on the remake. As such, we have seen a lot of new ‘faces’ on our community sites. With that in mind, I decided that this month’s dev diary will take a look at the team and try to give you an insight on how we’ve been doing thus far.

    So, for those of you who are new

  • Sss’ra MoM2's Dev Diary 9 + Beta testing

    New Sss'Ra in MoM2

    We have it, it's fresh and anew. Another MoM2 Dev blog from MuHa games. Now, that looks pretty good. ...

  • Merlin's Christmas (MuHA)

    MuHa Christmas Merlin

    MuHa Games Merry Christmas, this is not traditional Dev Blog but you can read it here. If you will follow links, there are some interesting tidbits about

  • MoM Dev Diary #5

    Main improvements and changes - What will be the differences? - Events Editor - Diplomacy - Beta in early 2022

    There's new Dev Blog at MuHa Games and this time it's going to be more interesting, as you finally see something from the mechanic and planned things. You can read full Dev Blog here.

    ..customising your playthrough is a feature we hope to greatly improve from the original. So apart from the

  • MoM2 - Mercenaries are back

    MoM2 Mercenaries


    There are still things, which I don't understand. Not only the colors but whole style is far from being unique or catching. It's kinda generic.

    And this wasn't in Thea, like they wouldn't have an eye for

  • MoM2 - Town Screen

    MoM2 TownScreen

    From WIP Section of Master of Magic new game by MUHA games.

  • MoM2 - Sharee

    MoM2 Sharee

    So, she's now wearing more clothes. Because current culture. This is unfortunate for any shamaness. The clothes are suprisingly a lot europinian.

    Still better, than how it ends with ...

  • MoM - First Info

    Apart from Dev bloginfo, which is now confirming, that original Wizards are returning and Heroes not (in video there are different ones). Same will come for spells and units but not all has been yet introduced. So for example, I haven't a chance to spot "Stage Beetle" or "Dragon Turtle". So, it will be indeed classic MoM in new coat (Just a note that you can play already ...

  • Master of Magic News

    Master of Magic Announced!

    MUHA Games announced that they are working on new Master of Magic game! You might remember them already as the makers of Thea:The Awakening, bold propagators of very lovely idea, getting addons only for coffee, beer or even for free. This small indie studio is based in UK/PL and let me say, that Thea was great success. ...