• Modding

    Modders do modding, to shape the game to match their vision.

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  • Mods

    Fan made mod, to your favourite game.

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  • MoS

    Master of Sighiosara - is a longterm project of HeroOfPunk and Yurian Stonebow. The campaigns have as its goal to refresh interest in Heroes III. gaming. Comes with special music and very

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  • Music

    Want to talk about music?

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  • Patch Note

    Annoucement about new patch, update and rarely new content. There are many of these for newer versions..

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  • Paul Anthony Romero

    Might & Magic music composer, now it seems, like that he was always here.

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  • Project Ironfist

    Project Ironfist adds new monsters, maps and spells to Heroes II. with help of scripting. Together with a new campaign(s). It all started by reverse-engineering the game in August 2010 by

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  • Q&A

    Questions & Answers, kinda like Interviews yes?

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  • RMG

    Random Map Generator - important feature, for any map maker is he's bored and don't know how to start. If realiable it could replace map makers though, bah, bad feature..!

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  • Rob King

    Music producer responsible for much of the music in the Might & Magic franchise. Hits: 122
  • Skillwheel

    Skillwheels for various Might & Magic games. Including King's Bounty from Catauri/1C Publishing.

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  • Stronghold

    Barbarian faction town.

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  • Support

    Generally place, where to ask your questions about hardware and sofware problems. You may receive and give.

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  • The Chaos Conspiracy

    The Chaos Conspiracy is a two-part fantasy/adventure game that uses the original Might and Magic VI. game engine.

    Link to downloads and

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  • The Dark Side

    Kings's Bounty: The Dark Side - If you ever desired to play it from the other side, your chance is now! Be Vampire, Orc or pretty Succubi and lets Dark Force prevail! This is funny, although it's not from

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  • The Legend

    King's Bounty: The Legend - this is where you start with Royal Treasure Hunter and go once again to save the world. Developed by Catauri Interactive and published by 1C Publishing.

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  • The Lost Tales of Axeoth

    The Lost Tales of Axeoth is a set of campaigns for Heroes VII, made by Julien "Marzhin" Pirou and based on earlier (but unused) scripts for Heroes IV

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  • The Succession Wars Mod

    The Succession Wars, a total conversion project intended to revive the legacy of Heroes II on the basis of Heroes III with references to the classic role-playing Might&Magic series by

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  • Tournament

    Announcements about tournaments.

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  • Tracy Iwata

    Graphic and VFX artist, having paws on many M&M games art. Hits: 54