• MM2

    Might & Magic II: Gates to Another World Hits: 49
  • MM3

    Might & Magic III: Isles of Terra Hits: 46
  • MM4

    Might & Magic IV: Clouds of Xeen Hits: 52
  • MM5

    Might & Magic V: Darkside of Xeen Hits: 191
  • MM6

    Might & Magic VI - The Mandate of Heaven

    Hits: 302
  • MM7

    Might & Magic VII: For Blood and Honor Hits: 45
  • MM8

    Might & Magic VII. - Day of the Destroyer

    Hits: 479
  • MM9

    Might & Magic IX: Writ of Fate Hits: 190
  • MMX

    Might & Magic X: Legacy- The game developed by Limbic and produced by Ubisoft. At this moment last instalment of the Might & Magic series.
    Hits: 433
  • Modding

    Modders do modding, to shape the game to match their vision.

    Hits: 168
  • Mods

    Fan made mod, to your favourite game.

    Hits: 1359
  • MoS

    Master of Sighiosara - is a longterm project of HeroOfPunk and Yurian Stonebow. The campaigns have as its goal to refresh interest in Heroes III. gaming. Comes with special music and very

    Hits: 482
  • Music

    Want to talk about music?

    Hits: 683
  • Patch Note

    Annoucement about new patch, update and rarely new content. There are many of these for newer versions..

    Hits: 715
  • Paul Anthony Romero

    Might & Magic music composer, now it seems, like that he was always here.

    Hits: 653
  • Project Ironfist

    Project Ironfist adds new monsters, maps and spells to Heroes II. with help of scripting. Together with a new campaign(s). It all started by reverse-engineering the game in August 2010 by

    Hits: 656
  • Q&A

    Questions & Answers, kinda like Interviews yes?

    Hits: 2846
  • RMG

    Random Map Generator - important feature, for any map maker is he's bored and don't know how to start. If realiable it could replace map makers though, bah, bad feature..!

    Hits: 112
  • Rob King

    Music producer responsible for much of the music in the Might & Magic franchise. Hits: 308
  • Skillwheel

    Skillwheels for various Might & Magic games. Including King's Bounty from Catauri/1C Publishing.

    Hits: 5224