The Chaos Conspiracy

The Chaos Conspiracy is a two-part fantasy/adventure game that uses the original Might and Magic VI. game engine. Originally written by Big Daddy Jim with help of Vladimir Maestro and Grayface. Loved by community and currently maintaned by Jim Hernandez as Chaos Conspiracy Enhanced Redone.

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  • Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven 25th Anniversary

    Who could say, that this game would be still alive? And yet, it's.

    It does live and prosper, parting not only in "Limited Edition at Gog" but also bashing in continuous modding support to be playable, enjoyable, comfortable and getting some extra love from the fans. 

     There are several famous modifications:

    Where you can explore and check various links to other projects. As there's more of it. big smile

    To rephrase from our past:

    Introduction, by Vox Clamant


    Might and Magic VI is a classic. Perhaps more than any other, certainly more than MM7 and MM8, it is a very non-linear campaign with a lot of flexibility in how you play it. It also seems to have key quests spread over a much wider area leading to a real premium of spells like Town Portal. Indeed, for the first third of the game until you are at a level where you can know the Town Portal spell, one of the two NPCs you will find early on who have that skill are critical.


    In the Mandate of Heaven, King Roland has locked himself in his castle, with hordes of demons infesting the land, and a well-hidden traitor thwarting every plan to regain control of the lands. The only hope is that a small band of adventurers from the town of New Scorpigal can accomplish where the great heroes of the land have failed. You must somehow enter The Hive -- a terrible place swarming with demons and worse! -- and kill the Hive Queen in her lair. Only then, can you finally stop the flow of demons into the land.

    Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven

    • Released: April 30, 1998
    • Synopsis: With Sheltem death Xenofex is approaching
    • Five years were worthy of waiting :D
    • New Continent Enroth, bye bye Xeen
    • Easter Egg Dungeon, go find!

    Please discuss that at our forums or you are also encouraged to peek at Mandate Mania site.

    Other sources: Mobygames, Eurogamer

  • Happy Christmas 2021

    Celestialheavens wish you Happy Christmas all Roundtablers and our faithful readers and contributors, being from the past, present or the future ones.

    Merry Christmas, steady health and ability to sustain your good mood in any times, twice in these enchanted period.

    And, ..a lots of presents! Shall not forget this. :)

    As a small Christmas gift, we prepared a mod overviews, to play the old games in new coat.

    Heroes VII

    There are rulling three mods, sewed into one. You might heard about Hades mod or Heroes 7.5, with UCP and The Shadows Over Ashan. You want Inferno, you want Xel? You can taste them here as you wish. Heroes 7.5 version 1.17 and UCP 1.13 has been all released recently.

    Heroes V

    Where would be Heroes V without Quantomas and Legends of the Ancients? Rhetorical question, because we have both in one pack and you can got  the most recent version here, from Quantomas' pages.

    There's another mod, where exists Quantomas AI, in early state and these are Heroes 5.5. Also released as RC15 Beta 2 during Christmas time.

    Both versions are very different. And in both cases just remember, that "Combat AI" is not affected and perhaps will be tinkered in new releases done by Quantomas. He's having plans for, that's sure.

    Heroes IV

    There are two supermods. You might not heard about the Equilibris 3.6 for a while but it's here! It's beta and it's having HD included. Tap there to read the changelog and test it.;)

    Another one is Heroes IV Ultimate by Nimostar. Both are fresh and ready to be played.

    Heroes IV Map Generator/Utility which is advanced editor. For a future, iLiVeInAbOx05 is also working on converting H3 maps to H4. This is related also to H4 Unity Project - Restoration of Axeoth, which will bring you four campaigns based on Terry Ray scripting. The first two are ready!

    There is also place to mention Verokster's OpenGL Wrappers for Heroes II - IV,which were released during this year. And are alredy being utilizet by some mods, like Heroes IV Ultimate mod.

    Heroes III

    Simple this year. You go with HotA (balance and multiplayer focused, inlcuding online lobby), ERA (Which is effectively surpassing WoG, you can use your ERM knowledge here), Succesion Wars Mod or the very last Heroes Chronicles - Fully Compability HD mod.

    ERA is something like incubator for other mods, so you can accompany it with Advanced Classes mod for ERA 3 and really many others, mostly towns and skills mods. Current version is ERA 3.9 from Sept 2021. See the releases folder.

    Heroes II

    Where it's currently domain of fheroes2 development team, working ceaselessly and rapidly. And you can find them and express them support also on patreon. This new engine which needs the original game work with is splendid and if you ever loved Heroes II it will start to burn again.

    Latest Christmas version is 0.9.11

    Russian language added. Spell description for heroes, pre-calculated to see the actual damage. And map information popup window while right clicking on a map in the list of maps. This window shows the location of the file and map type: either "The Succession Wars" or "The Price of Loyalty" so players can easily find these files on their machines.

    Besides this the team fixed AI behavior during castle defense, updated logic with roads, fixed many places for rendering and even added support of national symbols as a part of path on Windows. Overall the team managed in a such short period to fix more than 20 bugs.

    Might & Magic

    Famous MM678Merge which everyone goes for, started by Rodril, or almost unknown MM 6/7/8 Total Remake, which is still being developed but you need to compile it first. This second uses different engine.

    And not even less famous Chaos Conspiracy Redone Enhanced for MM6. Which was first created by a great Big Daddy Jim, then enhanced by Maestro, later by GrayFace and its maintained and worked upon by David Hernandez.

    Immersion Mod, which is music mod only, for again MM 6-8.

    And latest MM6 Patch v 2.5.5 or MM7 Patch 2.5.5 and MM8 Patch 2.5.5 by GrayFace.

    Might & Magic: Myth

    which is not a mod but rather RTS implementation. Download here.

    Also check our Best Deals if you want a help with picking a good games for a good price!

    See the comments in the forum.
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