Heroes of Might and Magic IV General

Heroes of Might and Magic IV

by Harukaba

Heroes of Might & Magic IV was released on March 28, 2002 and had many major changes from Heroes of Might & Magic III. Heroes of Might & Magic IV is organized around the six types of towns; nature, chaos, death, might, life, and order. Each town is connected to two others and has a unique magic school aside from the might town. Each town has a might and magic hero but unlike Heroes of Might & Magic III, they don't have a specialty which makes each of them unique but instead every hero starts out with the same starting skill. When a hero gets two or more skills they will become an advanced class that provide a bonus. The logic behind this was to have the heroes start out the same but become vastly different as they gain in skills unlike the heroes in Heroes of Might & Magic III which start out different but end up with similar skills.

There is a total of nine skill classes the heroes can learn which has four skills; combat (archery, resistance, melee), nobility (diplomacy, estates, mining), scouting (pathfinding, seamanship, stealth), tactics (defense, offense, leadership), chaos magic (conjuration, sorcery, pyromancy), death magic (demonology, occultism, necromancy), life magic (healing, spirtuality, resurrection), nature magic (herbalism, meditation, summoning), and order magic (wizardry, enchantment, charm). Each hero can learn five skills each of which has five levels (Basic, Advanced, Expert, Master, Grandmaster).

The six campaigns introduce each of the towns and have nothing to do with each other and so there is no bonus level.

  1. The True Blade consists of five maps and is the Life campaign as Lord Lysander proves that Sir Worton isn't the last remaining Gryphonheart.
  2. The Price of Peace consists of eight maps and is the Order campaign as Emilia Nighthaven creates the kingdom of Great Arcan and defends it from being taken over by the Immortal King.
  3. Elwin and Shaera consists of five maps and is the Nature campaign as Elwin wins Shaera's heart and prevents the Elven kingdom from collapsing.
  4. Half-Dead consists of five maps and is the Death campaign as Gauldoth creates a new kind of Necromancer kingdom.
  5. A Pirate's Daughter consists of five maps and is the Chaos campaign as Tawni Balfour becomes Pirate Queen of the Gold Sea.
  6. Glory of Days Past consists of four maps and is the Might campaign as Waerjak unites the warring Barbarian tribes into one united kingdom.

The H4 Objects Package v.0.55 contains mirrored versions of ALL Creature Banks and Creature Dwellings, complete with matching shadows and highlights, working animations as well as adjusted flag postitions and entrances. Worth mentioning is the 3 versions of the previously unfinished Magic Lamp (creature bank).
Also included are all objects from Equilibris 3.51 and 3.55, fully compatible with non Equilibris mod.

Including objects from contributers Radmutant69 and Mirage, the current package contains no less than 1141 new objects, ranging from mirrored adventure objects to a large amount of decoratives and even new terrain types.

Ready made aop files (both for Equi editor and WoW) is included, meaning all of the objects have been placed in the editor's palette, along with maps that displays the many new objects.

Planned updates will include:
- Mirrored Quest Huts along with additional Quest Huts.
- Mirrored Movement Modifiers.
- Mirrored Misc. Adventure objects.
- Mirrored Power Ups.

- Additional decorative objects.
- Previously unused dwellings: Sea Monster Lair, Mermaid Sanctuary and Mega Dragon Lair.
- Hero Portrait bank, for editing with the Equilibris FaceTool.
- Creature Hero sprites (by NimoStar) allowing for any hero to appear as any creature both in combat and on the adventure map.

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H4 Advanced Options Map Editor

The H4 Advanced Options Map Editor is a map editor with advanced options for Heroes of Might and Magic 4, created by iLiVeInAbOx05.

How to setup:

  1. Download the mod here.
  2. Unzip the .zip file and put the H4 Advanced Options Map Editor folder wherever you want.
  3. Double click the "H4 Advanced Options Map Editor.exe" icon inside the advanced editor folder.

What can it do?

  • Create, open, and edit .h4c (Heroes 4) map files.
  • Paint terrain as you can in the H4 editor, but with significantly larger brushes and different shapes (circle and square so far). The utility here is to be able to quickly and efficiently paint an entire map. It makes level design, as far as terrain, fast and easy.
  • Paint "void" terrain. This is the completely black terrain that gets painted when using the rock or cave tool in the H4 editor. In the H4MG, you can paint that type of terrain without the rock or terrain boundaries, and on any elevation. Just make sure you place all of your objects first, since we can't yet place objects with the H4MG.
  • Gives quick and easy access to all map events and all objects which can contain events. Some fields on the events and objects are editable and some remain to be implemented. Most script types can be edited.
  • Copy / paste events between maps or objects.
  • Copy / paste scripts between events.
  • Save / load events to / from file. Rather than have to open a map with the scripts you want to copy, you can create an event group, copy the scripts to the event group, and save that to file. All event groups are loaded when the H4MG is started and the events can be copied / pasted to any map.
  • Save / load quest huts, gates, and guards to / from file. Have a cool item shop or quest hut? You can save the scripting to file, and load it to any quest hut type.
  • Viewing scripts in an event has been overhauled. Now scripts are in a Tree View, so you can navigate to any script you want, regardless of whether it is nested inside another script (such as inside a conditional script). You can create a new script at any level, and you can even drag and drop scripts to new locations, which can be extremely useful.
  • Easily navigate to custom triggered events from a script which calls said event. For example, if I have a script which calls a Custom Event "Blah_1", then I can edit the "Trigger Custom Event" script, and there is now a button to open the custom event. This is especially helpful for getting to custom events on objects which can be spread out around a map.
  • And much more, functions are still being added, you can follow its development here.

Current limitations (that I can think of):

  • It doesn't know how to create smooth boundaries between different terrain types, so the H4 editor is still needed to smooth things out.
  • It can't edit conditional requirements.
  • It can't edit or view all fields of objects with events.
  • It can't edit all fields of all scripts or events.

What features are planned? In order of priority:

  1. Area selection tool with advanced options such as copy and paste. Copy a part of the map, and paste it either in the same map, or on another.
  2. Elevation features such as cliffs and plateaus.
  3. AI difficulty adjustments, using scripts, based on this forum topic.
  4. Zoom in / out (right now you see the entire map).
  5. Change map size without having to create a new map.
  6. Random map generation.
  7. Convert H2 / H3 maps to an H4 map.
  8. Convert picture to map. (This is being worked on by others, thus the low priority).

If you have any questions, want to request features, report bugs, or whatever else, please visit this forum topic or send me (iLiVeInAbOx05) a private message.

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Heroes IV Text Collection

Here is a collection of all the storyline texts from Heroes IV's six main campaigns, collected by Corlagon and and Zamfir, and put into .RTF format for your viewing pleasure. Simply click the name of the campaign you wish to read from. For text from the other Heroes games, see the links on the bottom.

Chaos Campaign: A Pirate's Daughter

Death Campaign: Half-Dead

Life Campaign: The True Blade

Might Campaign: Glory of Days Past

Nature Campaign: Elwin and Shaera

Order Campaign: The Price of Peace

(The text from the other games are currently being assembled ...)
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Heroes 4

The Dream

I had a dream last night for the first time in over eight hundred years, and I am afraid my dream might be true…

In a dark tower, floating in the nothingness at the end of time, Fate lives. She is an enigma. She has the eyes of an elder who has seen too much, the voluptuous body of a woman grown, and the innocent smile of a happy child. She is alone. No man, elf, demon or god survived whatever calamity brought about the end of everything.

Fate gets up from the dinner table where there is only a single chair, and ascends a small staircase that will take her to the top of the tower. Her feet are bare against the cold stone, and I shiver, for unforgiving rock is all that her flesh has ever known.

She is stunningly beautiful, I decide, although I cannot determine what she is wearing because her image shimmers before me.

Finally, she reaches her destination – a simple room with a huge, glass loom and a stool. She stares at the loom solemnly. She hesitates. But Fate knows she cannot wait forever and sits at the chair.

Methodically, she chooses a ball of black yarn from a bag at her feet and she frowns. She threads it into the loom, and then selects another ball. This one is purple, and her frown deepens. A tear forms in one eye as she threads it into the loom as well.

One by one, she chooses more yarn and attaches it to the loom. Next blue, then red, then green, and finally orange.

Then her hands work furiously, pulling and twisting and spinning, as she begins weaving a tapestry. I desperately want to see the images formed by her craft, but my vision blurs every time I try. So I look at her face instead, and notice her single tear has become many.

Fate doesn’t want to weave this pattern, but she continues anyway. It is her destiny – her purpose…

And that is how it ends.

I am not a genie prone to premonitions, but I find it difficult to believe this was only a dream. Please, pray that I am wrong!

Solymr ibn Wali Barad

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Mapmakers' Top 5 Lists

These are 'top 5' map lists submitted by members of the map-making community. Lists are in descending order (ie favourite at the top). Not all of the maps have been reviewed so there is no "score" column.

Thomas Robenhagen

Map Name Map-Maker Size Version Comment
A Wind of Thorns Wimfrits C WoW What is there possibly left to say about this campaign; it’s splendid! By far the most entertaining game of Homm 4 I’ve played so far. It’s exciting, humorous and beautiful decorated. If you haven’t played it, it’s a must!
The Science of Darkness Rakne Fne C STD Rakne Fne’s understanding of the game’s scripts and his great sense of humor makes this campaign excellent. It allows you to learn various additional skills for your hero, which can be combined in numerous ways. Along with this, the game changes; according to the skills you develop, you’ll be able to complete events in different ways.
My Brother’s Keeper Psychobabble M TGS An excellent ‘educational’ map. It’s extremely well balanced – forcing the player to use his skills and resources in the best possible way to complete it. Playing it taught me several new tactics, which were superior to the tactics I commonly used. In all, the map made me a better player.
Draconic (WoW) Veldrynus XL STD One of Veldrynus’ masterpieces, the map offers a nearly endless supply of good entertainment and great battles. Along with this, one of Veldrynus’ trademarks is his radical map designs; the decorations are used very creatively and is a delicacy to the eye.
The Economist Rakne Fne L EQU Yet another of Rakne Fne’s creations. Again, his extensive scripting system offers new and exciting experiences. The map is well balanced and the ‘lease-artifacts’-scripts offers much fun to the game.

Wimfrits' criterion for this list were: "playable (in terms of memory usage), decently balanced, practically bug-free, fun, innovative, challenging and living up to a more or less unique concept. I only found 4 that match this standard."
Map Name Map-Maker Size Version Comment
The City Ghostwriter C Most indulging story ever put into a HoMM map, perfectly adapted to player progress through a complex scripting system. Excellent challenge and many innovative and fun features. While playing, one can truly be sucked into another world. [Ed. Wimfrits has tested this nearly completed campaign and it will hopefully be publicly released - sometime].
Pirates L.T.D. Ururuam Turuam XL STD A completely out-of-the-ordinary map, providing a refreshing multiplayer experience.
The Hundred Years War Rakne Fne C WoW A really well balanced and pretty much constantly entertaining campaign with a genuine historical background.
My Brother’s Keeper Psychobabble M TGS A solid and tightly regulated RPG map, with a well-implemented hints and tips system. Also an excellent way for the inexperienced player to learn a trick or two.

Charles Watkins
"Let me begin by saying that there are many, many maps I have enjoyed and the ones listed here are ones I thing deserve special recognition. The maps I like best are L/XL maps suited for solo play."
Map Name Map-Maker Size Version Comment
The Menace Bernhard Kiessling L WoW Challenging but not overly difficult. Some amazing scripts. Humor. Many interesting locales. I'm always impressed to see a version number like 4.1. You get to amass a huge army, and trust me, you are going to need it.
Around the Calendar Ururuam Turuam L WoW Most imaginative premise and layout. Many interesting and well balanced battles. Ururum Tururum's best work, in my opinion. My first time through, I wandered around senselessly and soon fell 'behind the curve' and had to restart. Next time I knew what I was doing and coasted to victory.
Shadow of the Dragon Qrystal Dragon L WoW Best of the picture maps due to its sustained storyline. Enormous scope. One way to spot a good map is to check the size of the binary and this one comes in at a whopping 555K. Like a lot of XL+UG maps, you spend an awful lot of time marching to battle. By the end you are fabulously wealthy.
Water Wyrd Qrystal L WoW I had to include one of Qrystal's maps and this one is a particular favorite. As usual, it is has a lighthearted narrative, extensive scope, and many interesting features. The only problem is having to chase down all your opponents amongst a myriad of little islands -- gets a bit tedious at the end. And there's really no reward for finishing, so just play till you've had enough.
Strages -Olorin- L STD You probably won't see this on other lists, but I included it because of its nifty arrangements of landscape and adventure objects. I've always like maps where the maker has done more than just scatter objects and guards randomly around. These may not make sense, but they are fun to look at. Don't ask me what strages are.

Map Name Map-Maker Size Version Comment
The Last Chance Ansy M STD I like RPG maps, especially if they are made so well like this one. The first version of this map was in russian, and it looked so well, that I got a rarely strong desire to play it, therefore I've sent an e-mail to the author asking about an english version. After this once came out, I didn't had the reason to be dissapointed in this masterpiece, it was a great fun to play it. The battles were from the begining to the end challenging, because unlike in the most RPG maps the main hero didn't became a superhero too soon. The decorations were also superbly done. There might be better maps than this, but The Last Chance is my actual number one.
The Pains of Glory Joel Arbuckle M WoW This is absolutely the best looking map I ever saw! The decorations look terrific, and the realism of the scenery is superb. Small lakes full with lillypads, partially frozen rivers with huge waterfalls, nice autumn and northern pine forrests, small villages, everything on this map is placed with care to the detail. The scenario is intended for multiplayer games, and it is very well balanced without placing the exaclty same resources and advenutre objects close to the different players. Unfortunately this map is no challenge is the single player mode, but it is still worth trying this well designed masterpiece. [Ed. This is a user made map which appeared on the Winds of War CD as part of the map conest]
Sunken Empires Aczl XL STD There are very few maps so full of details. The immense number of adventure objects, treasures and artifacts are amplifying the size of this two level XL map. The decorations are well done and very dense. Creating such a map without the Object Painter option of the H4 WoW editor is a tiresome and time consuming work. Respect to the author! For a long time this was my favourite map.
Angels are Back Ururuam Tururam XL WoW As far I can remember, this was the first map with a minimap created using Slava Salnikov's tool, the H4Util. The result is simply a beautiful XL picture map. The graphics of the map itself are sometimes a bit chaotic (thanks to the alternating terrain), but in overall okay. The best points of this map are: the main heroe's special ability to summon angels and, the good control over the difficulty. The only dissapointing feature of this map, is the long AI turn times. This map became maybe the most important source of motivation for me, to create such a nice picture map myself.
Planeswalker II Thomas Robenhagen C WoW Some time ago, I had the pleasure to playtest this 7 maps campaign made by Robenhagen. Originally inspired by the game Planescape: Torment, the campaign follows the journey and quest of the sword-archon Ramiel, trough the planes of Haven and Hell. The interesing story, good scripting and the unique atmosphere of the various scenarios, are making this work very enjoyable. The most innovative aspect of this campaign, is the usage of the black, void sections. I highly recommend it!

Map Name Map-Maker Size Version
Taming the Brew Qrystal M TGS
My Brother's Keeper Psychobabble M TGS
The Menace Bernhard Kiessling L WoW
Elemental Isles Lort Arturius L TGS
Disenchanted Forest Qrystal Dragon L TGS

Rakne Fne
Map Name Map-Maker Size Version
The Menace Bernhard Kiessling L WoW
On a Necromancer's Trail Mace L WoW
Sunken Empires Aczl XL STD
Water Wyrd Qrystal L WoW
Yamuna Sarvi M STD

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These maps represent what I believe are well made and enjoyable Heroes IV maps in their respective categories. The inclusion criterion is that I or another reviewer has reviewed the map and given it a score of 7 or higher. The higher the score the better - read the full review if you want to know more about the map and the reasons for the score.

If you would like to see a map picked, nominate it for a review here. Any comments, feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or leave comments at the bottom of the page.

A full list of reviews is on this page.




  • S, M, L, XL – Single map scenario size
  • C – Campaign


  • STD – H4 standard
  • TGS – The Gathering Storm expansion
  • WoW – Winds of War Expansion
  • EQU - Equilibrius unofficial mod


      The score is the "overall" rating which the reviewer gave the map. Rating scores which are


      indicate that the map scored an award (


Single player


These are maps which are primarily designed to give the player a good single player game, whether or not there is potentially more than one human player. Maps in this category will give a solo player a fun and challenging game and often some sort of story. Single player RPG maps are not included here

Map Name Map-maker Size Version Score In short
A Beautiful Land Veldrynus L STD 10 Veldrynus has said this is the last map he will make and, if so, it is a glorious way to top of his excellent collection of maps. Practically flawless.
Burn ‘Em ScarlettP L STD 8 An enjoyable single player map from a promising first time map-maker.
Charmers’ Diplomacy Thunder L STD 9 This is a great map in every respect and I recommend it very highly for players looking for either a fun single player or an unusual and highly interesting multiplayer game.
Charragaust Veldrynus S STD 7 As a 1v1 multiplayer map, this is fairly poor and limited but as a fun single player challenge map, it works pretty well.
Conquest of the New Land Link XL STD 7 For the XL map lovers. This map is huge, good looking and well designed. Lots of effort has gone into making this!
Dark Son Laelth M STD 8 This was a great map which used the editor to nearly its full potential through coherent, thematic, terrain and interesting scripts and events.
Dusk of Technics Ururam Tururam M STD 7 This is a really good map if you are looking for a well-themed, quite unique, high-story single player experience.
Elemental Isles Lort Arturius L TGS 8 A very enjoyable map with good exploration and gameplay.
Fanelia’s Plague Kane S STD 7 A good small map with a good concept and pretty fun, challenging, gameplay.
Final Exam Ungo S STD 8 This was a fun, focussed map which benefited from its small size. Well worth checking out.
Garvant Sarvi L TGS 9 An awesome single player map, fun, challenging and a good story to back it up.
Malcom in the Middle Tim S STD 7 This was quite a fun, small, map. The impression of being under siege was quite strong and the map comes recommended if you want a challenging, short, game.
Pirates L.T.D. Ururuam Turuam XL STD 7 Well worth playing if you’re looking for a single player experience with a great, and novel, concept. Truly a swashbuckling adventure of piratey proportions!
Power of the Dragonflame Ethric M WoW 8 A good single player map which unfortunately lost steam right towards the end.
Prince Valiant Sarvi L TGS 9 If Sarvi doesn’t have a reputation for making enjoyable single player maps... he should!
Resolution, Part One Rife C WoW 8 A refreshing and entertaining campaign.
River’s End Mikey XL STD 7 At it’s heart this is a fairly well constructed map which XL aficionados should have some fun with.
Robin Hood Rakne Fne C TGS 8 A great campaign which I can recommend to all players looking for a fun, challenging, gameplay experience.
Shadow of the Dragons Qrystal Dragon L WoW 8 An enormous and well make map which could have used a bit more focus.
Sunken Empires Aczl XL STD 8 This is an excellent map for those who like XL maps and a map well worth checking out even if you don’t love them.
The Economists Rakne Fne L EQU 10 A novel and fantastic map which uses the strengths of the both the H4 editor and the game itself to provide a great playing experience.
The Menace Bernhard Kiessling L WoW 9 A highly enjoyable map, one of the best out there.
The Final Stand Arturius M TGS 7 If you want a challenge then this is a good single player map to try out.
Trills Sarvi L STD 7 If you like single player maps with a decent story line to back them up then you will certainly enjoy this one. It has some flaws, but is still an enjoyable map.
War of the Wastelands Zealot M STD 8 While this map probably wouldn’t work well as a competitive multiplayer map, it does provide a good quest-heavy single player game.
Water Wyrd Qrystal Dragon L WoW 8 A quality and fairly unusual map best suited for a single player game
Yamuna Sarvi M STD 8 This map was a blast to play, the story was fairly good, the difficulty was perfect and the epic battles were cool!




These are single player maps with a particular focus on a single hero, creature or party. They have strong stories, heavy scripting and large armies are not central to the map.

Map Name Map-maker Size Version Score In short
A Wind of Thorns Wimfrits C WoW 10 A definitive campaign. It has everything a campaign needs, and more. I don’t see how a campaign could get any better. Hail to the king!
Alexandra the Great Mike Johnson XL WoW 8 A good RPG map which might have been more enjoyable if the maxim ‘less is more’ had been applied.
Bulbo’s Adventure Sarvi L TGS 8 Another quality map from single player specialist Sarvi!
Champions Crusard C STD 9 A fantastic campaign from a rookie map-maker with a lot of promise.
Demonic Dream Zealot M TGS 8 An enjoyable single player map with a well implemented, two pronged, story and well used scripting.
Draconic Veldrynus XL STD 10 Possibly the best H4 map I’ve ever played, map-making perfection!
Draconic 2 Veldrynus XL STD 8 A great combat-oriented early game and good exploration in the mid-late game can’t hide the fact that this map is too big and lacks focus for much of the game.
Hero Wanted Kalah S STD 8 A good, small, single player map.
Ky Pitsu M STD 7 An attempt at a somewhat novel take on single player map design is let down at times by scripting glitches and obtuse directions.
Lunch Chris Tiahrt S WoW 8 An enjoyable, if slightly short, single creature RPG map.
My Brother’s Keeper Psychobabble M TGS 9 For the RPG lover this is a MUST-GET map. They will have the time of their life when playing it. For other HoMM players I can recommend this map as well. [Ed. this review and these comments were written by Arturius]
Plan B Chris Tihart S WoW 8 An odd little map - enjoyable and refreshing.
Planeswalker Thomas Robenhagen C WoW 7 The groundwork for a great campaign was here but the gameplay let it down a bit.
Planeswalker II Thomas Robenhagen C WoW 8 A confounding campaign – very impressive on the map-making side but (sadly) mediocore on the gameplay side.
Taming the Brew Qrystal M TGS 8 This map easily transcends its relatively minor flaws, providing a good single player RPG game.
The Adventures of Wren Jorgen Linde C STD 8 It’s a shame this campaign was never finished, the first two maps are an excellent early experiment in heavily scripted RPG maps.
The Last Chance Ansy M STD 9 This was a great single player RPG map which impressed at every turn.
The Life of Hobbit Thunder S STD 7 The first attempt at a single creature-only RPG map, this doesn’t hit on every point but it’s still a great map.
Trapped Inside the Beast Thunder S STD 8 This map built beautifully on the creature-RPG idea of The Life of Hobbit and the result is a really fun map.
Truth and justice Vlaad XL WoW 9 This map provides novel and enjoyable gameplay that pushes tactical battles and hero-led combat to the limit.




Well balanced maps designed for competitive hot-seat, LAN or online play.

Map Name Map-maker Size Version Score #Players In short
After the Flood Laelth M STD 8 2 Another fine map from Laelth, characterised by stunning grasslands terrain and a nice flood theme.
Agathon Laelth M STD 8 2 A well made, simple, small, 1v1 tournament map.
Battle for the Pine Barrens Laelth L STD 8 3 Another polished and fairly enjoyable map from Laelth.
Barbarian Duels Mike_B20 M STD 9 2 A thematic and well designed 1v1 map.
Beyond the Bastard’s Reach Thunder M STD 9 2-6 An extension of his previous work, this is a great refinement of a good concept.
Charmers’ Diplomacy Thunder M STD 9 2 This is a great map in every respect and I recommend it very highly for players looking for either a fun single player or an unusual and highly interesting multiplayer game.
Coastland Jewels Blue Camel M STD 8 4 A very good design ensures hectic and enjoyable player interaction.
Confrontation Hunter M TGS 8 2 This is a simple 1v1 multiplayer duel map which has enough interesting features to stand out from the crowd.
Dry County Blues Laelth M STD 9 2 Time will tell whether or not online players appreciate Laelth’s attempts to balance the game, but regardless of that this map is an outstanding achievement.
Eruption Laelth M STD 8 2 Another extremely professional and competent map from Laelth.
Fierce and Furious Thunder M STD 9 2 Potentially a stunning multiplayer map.
Insanity IV Insatiable M STD 9 2 This map has almost flawless design and near perfect implementation of that design, making for a 1v1 multiplayer map which stands out from the crowd.
Iopiou Blue Camel M TGS 8 2 A map which uses scripts and Gathering Storm objects to enhance the multiplayer game.
Mud is Browner Thunder M STD 9 2-3 A tightly scripted map which allows the player unprecedented control over the way the map plays.
Mystic Vale Laelth M STD 8 2 This map is interesting, well presented, (possibly) ideal for a 1v1 multiplayer match up and polished in every respect.
Pearls and Shells Zutus M STD 8 2 A very solid 1v1 multiplayer map which does enough to stand out from the crowd.
Phoenix Island Veldrynus M WoW 9 4 A superb multiplayer map.
Round the World Weap0n M STD 8 2 Great multiplayer design with some nice twists.
Quattro Karyll & Psychobabble S STD 8 4 A swift and fun multiplayer map with more depth than it seems to have at first glance. [Ed. This review and these comments were written by Wimfrits]
Unknown Lands Max_Apes M STD 8 2 An innovative multiplayer map which has many randomised elements.


Maps which can be played with a team-mate. Some are designed for single player and some for multiplay.

Map Name Map-maker Size Version Score Allied Map Type
Boggle Laelth M STD 9 2v2 multiplayer, one version has four human player the other has two.
Emperor’s Game Ururuam Turuam M STD 7 2v2 multiplayer.
Eyes Sarvi L STD 7 2 human players co-op vs AI.
Shallow Be Thy Game Blue Camel M STD 8 2v2 multiplayer.
Spiritmongers Thunder M STD 9 2v2 multiplayer. Human players can remove surplus AI players and have the human player on that side control both player’s areas.
The Menace Bernhard Kiessling L WoW 9 2 human players co-op vs AI.
X Never Marks the Spot Thunder M STD 9 2v2 multiplayer.
Yamuna Sarvi M STD 8 2 human players co-op vs AI.


These are maps which fundamentally alter the game through changed victory conditions, an unusual central concept or massive amounts of scripting. They are generally better in solo play than in multiplay.

Map Name Map-maker Size Version Score Innovation
A Beautiful Land Veldrynus L STD 10 The “void” terrain.
A Wind of Thorns Wimfrits C WoW 10 Extensive use of carryover variables in the campaign.
Demonic Dream Zealot M TGS 8 Can play either evil or good character paths.
Draconic Veldrynus XL STD 10 Customised hero skills, numerous side quests, extreme level hero battles.
Duel Arena Thunder S STD 8 Dedicated hero combat.
King Bounty vs King Burger Insatiable M STD 7 Extremely complicated multiplayer design which links in with multiple quests.
Mud is Browner Thunder M STD 9 Deathmatch, King of the Hill or Domination modes, customisable number of players.
Pirates L.T.D. Ururuam Turuam XL STD 7 The pirate-raid scoring system.
Poker Veldrynus S STD 9 You play poker!
Trapped Inside the Beast Thunder S STD 8 Single creature RPG elements, branching ending, text-RPG script.
Treasure Hunt in Charragaust Veldrynus M STD 8 Very involved artifact collection script.
Unknown Lands Max_Apes M STD 8 Randomised adventure objects.

Psychobabble's Top 10

My 10 favourite maps for Heroes IV, in descending order. I only play single player and the list reflects this. I have so much respect for these maps that it’s difficult for me to see how a new map could break its way in, but I’d love to be proved wrong!

Favourite map lists by other map-makers are found here

Map Name Map-maker Size Version Score Comment
A Wind of Thorns Wimfrits C WoW 10 Any of the 8 (!) maps in this campaign would be a great map on its own, but together they’re unstoppable. Extremely fun and challenging, this game showcases Heroes IV as it can be at its best. Pepak wrote the review, but I’ve played the campaign and I agree with it entirely. Truly a masterpiece.
Draconic Veldrynus XL STD 10 This map just floored me. I had an inkling that Veldrynus had great things in him, but this map blew all my expectations away. It “wowed” me on so many levels - the combination of innovative elements and extremely fun, high level, game play was a winning combination.
The Menace Bernhard Kiessling L WoW 9 It’s a shame the ending to this map was somewhat frustrating and disappointing. It would have taken out my first 10 score otherwise. Still, it’s a great classic-style Heroes map where you’ll find yourself attacked by an uncharacteristically aggressive AI and complete wide ranging quests.
The Adventures of Wren Jorgen Linde C STD 8 My emails encouraging (ok, begging) Jorgen to finish this campaign were ultimately in vain, but what we have is two highly professional maps which show a map maker - very soon after the release of Heroes IV - realising the potential of the new editor. The second map was a bit unforgiving to play, but so many scripting techniques which would become commonplace were trialled here. These maps are truly an outstanding achievement.
A Beautiful Land Veldrynus L STD 10 A recent map, but an awesome one. The general polish and enjoyment sucked me in and then the void made me go all crazy and give the map a 10. But if I can’t find any faults with the map including “it didn’t contain something I’ve never seen after almost three years of playing custom maps”, then what choice do I have? :)
The Last Chance Ansy M STD 9 This map was sent to me out of the blue for submission and help with the translation. As I played it I realised that it was an absolute gem. I think its a hint of the map-making talent English speaking players are often missing out on.
Garvant Sarvi L TGS 9 Sarvi is like the Laelth of single player maps. He has churned out a large number of fundamentally similar maps which might be a bad thing, but they’re so good that in the end you’re just grateful that he has found what he is good at and is sticking to it. I think this is his best to date, it's like two fantastic maps in one. Challenging and well constructed - Sarvi at his best!
Yamuna Sarvi L STD 8 Ummm, ditto :) Actually, I did have one of my most enjoyable Heroes experiences ever playing through this allied with my wife against the computer. I even rescued her from the big mean AI attacker! A enjoyable and challenging map, even if it is a little rough around the edges.
Trapped Inside the Beast Thunder S STD 8 Looking back I don’t know why I only gave this an 8. I suppose my initial reaction was the same as a lot of players, the frustration of dying in the early parts because you don’t know what’s going on. But looking back (and playing through it many times for the Round Table battles) I can appreciate the true beauty of this map. It’s now a fairly old map, but to this day there’s hardly any map as well scripted as this, and that’s an impressive achievement.
My Brother’s Keeper Psychobabble M TGS 9 I know there’s nothing more narcissistic than nominating your own baby as your favourite, but I can’t help myself! I made this map the way it is because I saw a gap in the market for extremely tightly controlled RPG maps, the advantage of which was that hopefully some of the battles could be made super tough and require specific battle tactics (with in-game tips if the player asked for them). I’m very proud of this map even if I recognise that I can’t do graphics or build a map as well as a lot of the people I review :)

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Italic text = Equilibris Mod.

Blur 1 2 Blur obscures the target's true position, increasing its Ranged Defense by 50%.
Dispel 1 (2) 2 (3) Dispel removes all spells from the target.
Displacement 1 2 Displacement causes the target to move 2 yards in a direction of the caster's choice, if possible.
Magic Fist 1 2 Magic Fist does a number of points of damage based on the level of the caster to a single target within the line of sight of the caster.
Precision 1 2 Precision increases the target's Ranged Attack by 25%, and also gives the target no penalty for range, walls or obstacles.
Visions 1 2 Visions shows you the exact number of troops in an army on the Adventure Map and reveals the skills of an enemy hero.
Bind Flyer 2 3 Removes a flying target's natural ability to fly, and reduces the target's movement and speed by half.
Cowardice 2 (1) 3 (2) Cowardice makes the target unable to attack an enemy with more total Hit Points for 3 turns.
Create Illusion 2 3 Create Illusion forms a duplicate of the creature with a number of Hit Points based on the level of the caster.
Flight 2 3 Flight grants a friendly target the ability to fly until the end of combat.
Ice Bolt 2 3 Ice Bolt does a number of points of cold damage based on the level of the caster to a single target within the line of sight of the caster.
Power Drain 2 3 Power Drain causes the target's spells to cost double the normal Spell Points.
Slow 2 3 Slow causes the enemy target to move at half speed and movement.
Steal Enchantment 2 3 Steal Enchantment removes a beneficial spell from an enemy target and places it on a random friendly target.
Banish 3 5 Banish destroys a number of summoned creatures based on the caster's skill.
Forgetfulness 3 5 Forgetfulness restrains an enemy target from using ranged attacks for the duration of the combat.
Mass Blur 3 5 Mass Blur obscures the true position of all friendly targets, increasing their Ranged Defense by 50%.
Mass Dispel 3 5 Mass Dispel removes all spells from all targets.
Mass Precision 3 5 Mass Precision increases the Ranged Attack of all friendly ranged targets by 25%, and also gives the target no penalty for range, walls or obstacles.
Teleport 3 (4) 5 (8) Teleport instantly moves the target to another designated point on the battlefield.
Town Gate 3 (4) 5 (8) Town Gate transports the caster to the nearest town.
Berserk 4 8 Berserk forces the target to attack the nearest creature or hero, whether friend or foe. It lasts until the target attacks.
Blind 4 (3) 8 (5) Blind causes an enemy target within the line of sight of the caster to become unable to take an action for 3 rounds. It is dispelled if the target takes damage.
Mass Slow 4 8 Mass Slow causes all enemy targets to move at half speed and movement.
Phantom Image 4 (3) 8 (5) Phantom Image creates a duplicate of a single creature. The strength of the image depends on the caster's level.
Hypnotize 5 12 Hypnotize brings the target under the caster's control for 3 turns.
Pain Mirror 5 12 Pain Mirror causes half the damage done to a friendly target to be done to the attacker as well. The reflected damage cannot exceed the Hit Points of the target.
Steal All Enchantments 5 12 Steal All Enchantments causes all beneficial enchantments on enemy targets to be removed and distributed randomly among friendly targets.
Chaos Magic | Death Magic | Life Magic | Nature Magic | Order Magic

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