Heroes 4 game developed by 3DO and published by NWC, this is the latest game from the original team. Bringing in new ideas and not completely polished, as the previous one. However, if you get on fan made Equilibris Add-On, your are back on horse!

  • H4 Ultimate V4 Bugfix 2r1 file

    • Added new creature 'Infernal Lich' replacing 'Venom Spawn'
    • Created Spazz Maticus First Mission, where you lead him from a spoiled kid to a king or alike..
    • Fixed resolutions ratios

    Ah, news from Nemostar are always sweet.. ;)

  • Heroes 4 Restoration of Axeoth Project Update

    The Heroes 4 Restoration of Axeoth project has had a lot of movement lately. Here’s a list of some of what we’ve been up to. Make sure you read until the end for a surprise discovery!

    • New team member: ByteBandit!
    • Heroes IV Chronicles
    • H3->H4 conversion feature
    • Unity update
    • Every Dog Has His Day
    • Something special, super secret, just recently uncovered by Jonny!


  • Fanstratics - The Thirteen Newsletter!

    FST Mammoth Bone Crusher

    Hey, All.
    Welcome. Hope each of you is doing well.

    This month I have

  • Ultimate Mod for HoMMIV - Priestess

    UMHIV Priestess

     Priestess everywhere, courtesy of NimoStar. See more in Ultimate mod for Heroes IV at HC

  • Ultimate Mod for HoMMIV Released

    Ultimate Mod for Heroes IV Released

    HEROES 4 ULTIMATE includes:

    • ModdedH4Rs
    • New Objects
    • Modded EXEs
    • Cheat menu-enabled EXE
    • Creature Ability Plugin by RoseKavalier
    • HD Wrapper by Verok
    • New Maps
    • Remastered Campaigns
    • New Brushes
    • New Object Palettes
    • Unique Hero Looks
    • Altered Creatures Graphic
    • New Spells with Icons
    • And Much More

  • Ultimate Mod for Heroes IV Announced

    UM H4 editedcontrastNimoStar announced work on a new mod for Heroes IV. As he's almost having a monopoly at 'all in one mods' (now, after Equilibris team slowed down) for Heroes IV he got quite a lot of attention :D

    Lo and behold, work on

  • Kings online tournament of HoMM IV opens

    newshornDear players,
    registration for the Kings online tournament of Heroes of Might and Magic 4 opens!


    King's league leader: Brennus Whiskey

    aigle édenté (e-mail: aigle_edente[at]aol[dot]fr)

    Game version — Heroes IV Equilibris 3.51. Or 3.55 if both players agree. Any other game modifications

  • Heroes of Might & Magic IV - Resolution Mod by Verokster

    Great News for Heroes IV!

    This mod allows you to play Heroes of Might & Magic IV on 16:9, 16:10 screens. It is built on HoMM IV GL Wrapper, package is already included.. (If you wish to follow GL Wrappers, you  can do that directly in Verokster's

  • H4 Object Package - Beta released

    Good news to those who have long been waiting for mirrored objects for H4.
    We're pleased to share with you, a beta version of the H4 Object Package, fully compatible with both WoW version and Equilibris mod. (Std. and TGS versions remains to be tested).
    Download it here (15 MB)

    The H4 Objects Package v.0.55 contains mirrored versions of ALL Creature Banks and Creature Dwellings, complete with altered shadows and highlights,

  • New Object Package for H4

    I'm pleased to announce that I'm working on a new OBJECT PACKAGE for H4.

    Thanks to H4 editing program ResHelper made by Namerutan, as well as modding breakthrough on fellow fansite, heroescommunity, it is no longer limited to members of the Equilibris to add new objects to Heroes 4.
    With the help of fellow modder Radmutant69, I'm planning on adding a large

  • Formally Biweekly News - 12 April 17'

    Wryn Pendragon"Wryn Pendragon: Umbramancer" - Heroes VII. Community project.For these who don't know, it aims to add mutated Xel's faction to the game, Atmos weather system and campaigns which decide about destiny of their world - Mondalar. All of that, what's been done, you can see on

  • Northern Might Town... now in HD!

    Northern Might Town in HD

    Fully built Might Town 'Ulen' on snow terrain. In full HD.

    Made possible thanks to Karmakeld.

  • H4 Map Generator Updated

    Hello everyone! News from iLiVeInAbOx05:

    A new H4MG build is ready for download. Go here to get it! If you haven't tried it out yet, read the instructions, otherwise just scroll to the bottom of the page and download it :)

    The AI Enhancing portion of the H4MG has come far enough along that it’s ready to be released.

  • AI Enhancement Tool - first test results

    As we wrote in previous news article, we has some progress with AI Enhancement Tool programming. We decided to put the tool to test.

    To do that we chose one of the maps selected for World Championship 2016 Heroes 4 online - W16 El Dorado. We let the AI play this map twice for two months. First playthrough was AS IS (AI-1), and second playthrough AI was aided by scripts from AI Enhancement

  • Equilibris Beginning - Timeline

    September 28, 2003 - One more save in Downloads section - "Minotaurs unleashed"!

    September 24, 2003 - Very important FAQ update! At least for those who have "The Gathering storm", but don't have "Winds of War" - question number 09.

    September 23, 2003 - FAQ section updated.

    September 18, 2003 - The mod version 3.21 is finished! Welcome to Downloads section! Tournament Edition included! ChangeLog section now contains data from

  • Screenshots of Camp-Quest Hut and Megadragon Dwelling

    October 01, 2003 - We have some great new screenshots of the long anticipated Camp-QuestHut and the Megadragon dwelling.

     campquest tmb hiremegadragon tmb

  • Heroes 4 Spellbook in Full HD

    After the previous article, when Equilibris Team showcased some adventure map Full HD images, some people asked for more. Today we show the spellbook. 

    Spellbook Death Full HD

    Background image is just a random wallpaper to give you an example. Alas, we don't even know the author to credit him or her. 


  • Heroes 4 HD mod - Artists needed

    2 days ago a teaser-puzzle was posted as Picture-Of-The-Day. The puzzle itself was not a very difficult one. You know that Heroes 4 supports 3 different resolutions: 800*600 px, 1024*768 px, and 1280*1024 px. These resolutions have display ratios of 4*3 and 5*4. Our screenshot is a ratio of 16*9, which is visibly longer. If you open the screenshot is

  • Is everything OK with this screenshot?

    This is a very recent screenshot. Something seems off, doesn't it? Any ideas?


    No, it has not been photoshopped or altered in any way. 


  • AI Enhancement Tool: first progress

    Those of you who watch HoMM4 forums closely, probably remember the idea to create an AI enhancing utility. The general idea is to give players an instrument with which he/she can turn on and off different scripts to help AI. It's not real AI, of course, we rather help it cheat to the degree that is acceptable and fun for a player, and all on one centralized dashboard. 

    The initial discussion is here: Call to H-IV mapmakers - AI enchancing scripts 

    We at Equilibris Team tried