Behind the Curtain by Charles Watkins  

Celestial Heavens is proud to feature the writing of Charles Watkins, long-time mapmaker and member of the Heroes community. The Behind the Curtain columns include mapmaking tips and views on the state of the game.

  Discourses of M&M by Corribus  

Part one
Corribus gives his opinions of the evolution of the HoMM series, discussing moot topics such as the failure of HoMM4 to gain the recognisation of its predecessor, and HoMM5's similarity to HoMM3, under the title "On the Ethical Question of Cloning".

Part two
More on the development of the franchise, especially pertaining to Dark Messiah and the possibility of Might and Magic X being released by the brand's `new` owner Ubisoft.

Part three
Corribus narrates on the uprising in the community that caused saveheroes.org, and the supposedly unrelated delay of the release of HoMM5.

Part four
Corribus plays HoMM5 for the first time, a year after release, and gives his opinions of the game, split into various sections: Graphics (both the beauty thereof and the effect on gameplay), Sound and Music, Cutscenes, Story, Hero Development, Creature Abilities, Combat, and AI.

  The Bestiary by various authors  

Ever wondered where Might and Magic developers got there ideas from? This enlightening collaborative encyclopedia from Snoflake, Sir Alan, Sauron and Mytical will take you through the backgrounds of some of the more famous Heroes creatures.

  fishing with craghack  
  The Complete Gothrak by Gothrak  

Gothrak provides us with his unique humorous view of the Might and Magic universe, ranging from Christmas celebrations, to "Hunting and fishing with Crag", to a list of expansion packs that probably aren't in development.

  Might and Magic History by various authors  

The background to the world of New World Computing's Might and Magic is complex and involving, sometimes difficult to follow without playing each game in order. These pages, collated by theLuckyDragon, Marzhin and Echo_, provide summaries and other literature of the series. Jay Kaplon's included summary is of particular interest.

  RTW Logo  
  Round Table Weekly by Kalah  

A collection of `interviews` with famous forumers, from Lpatenaude through to Veldrynus, with various entertaining stop-offs on the way!

  Comics by various authors  

A collection of M&M comics drawn by fans. Includes: Heroic Heresy, by Shadow Hydra (a.k.a. Balista Hero); Blood Work, by Infiltrator; Ghosts of the Past, by Vlaad; and lastly the exploits of Celestial Heavens' unofficial mascot, Cranky Hero.

  Game Reviews by various authors  

Here can be found a selection of forumer-written reviews of games, some M&M, some in related genres. In addition, there is a list of reviews from popular gaming websites for some of the M&M games released so far.

  USA Flag  
  Heroes 4 Map Contest: 'An American Tale' by Psychobabble  

Psychobabble ran this HoMM4 mapmaking contest back in 2005, the entries for which had to focus on one of 4 American `themes`, such as "The Mob at the Gates" and "The Rot at the Top". Includes 3 maps.

  The Art of Mapmaking by various authors  

Features various hints and pieces of advice for mapmaking in the latest 3 Heroes of Might and Magic games, from: Jenn, Kristo, Jennifer Bullard, Lord Evenshade, Jeff_G, Ururam Tururam, Charles Watkins, Vladimir Kuzmanov, Thelonious, and Pitsu.

  Might and Magic Novels by Marzhin  

Two books were written for the M&M series, by Bill Fawcett and Associates. This page provides a summary of the books and also links you to online seller Amazon if you wish to make a purchase (at the time of writing there are dozens of copies available, both new and old).

  Might and Magic on Windows XP by Andy4590  

Technology has advanced since the Might and Magic games were released, but thanks to a few tools and tricks, they can still be run on XP Service Pack 2.

  Drug Abuse in Erathia by Jolly Joker  

An aptly jolly insight into the drug habits of the inhabitants of Erathia, featuring detailed guides and tips for the visitor.... Part two can be reached by clicking on the relevant town names at the top of the first page.

  Milla1 sm  
  Might and Milla by Milla a.k.a. the Slayer  

Girls play Heroes too - didn't you know? Milla tells us that the geeks' dreams of girls actually being interested in gaming are... true!