"Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes" is back in "Definitive Edition" as of 20th July.

MMCOH DE Keyart 1

Peeking through reviews at Steam:

  • Everyone is happy for ressurection of the game. thumbsup
  • Online mode is back!
  • Game code is old and it seems that is essentially still the same, ppl still complain about some old bugs at Steam.
  • Check Dotemu pages for overview of a new CoH DE toff
  • Or you can jump to our older news, what is the new content summarized.

Resume line: "If you played the original game and are not in need of playing it online, Definitive edition brings you mostly only the new Campaign and no other significant improvements."

From Dotemu announcement:

Originally developed by Capybara Games, Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes is getting a Definitive Edition including its DLC, refreshed character portraits, many quality-of-life improvements and an expanded, fully reworked and re-balanced online mode!.

The game is available for PC, Nintendo Switch and PS.

Xbox was omitted which is a grave mistake in my view. To see Nintendo Switch impressions, look at the reviews at nintendolife.com

Happy Gaming!