VCMI 1.3 was released

  • vcmi logo

  • Scalable user Interface
  • Touchscreen improvements
  • RMG
  • Improved Adventure AI
  • Fixed Campaigns
  • HoTA Maps Support

Heroes5.5(18d) were released

New patch, this patch is more than a critical hotfix, but less than a usual bigger patch, more like some important stuff got done much faster than expected.

Heroes Orchestra

heroesorchestra logo s
2x Big Free Live Concerts today. Enjoy! Heroes II - IV.
NEXT CONCERT? 19.08 Lublin!

Fanstratics Letter #36

Halberdier - H3 Source Code - Ubisoft


Fixed replacing/adding sounds

fheroes2 - Free Heroes of Might and Magic II Resurrection

  • Significantly Updated Adventure Map AI
  • New option to lower the campaign difficulty during playthroug

Silence of the Siren - Base UI

Capturing and upgrading your bases is crucial for your economy, but it must always be balanced with other elements to ensure victory. Never underestimate the need to explore. Good usage of all advantages the map gives you can be just as important, but that is something we will show you more about in the future

Our "Xeen Team" ranked #5 in Creature Quest :D
& I'm out for vacations on following two weeks