Cloud Castles is a game developed by game industry professionals, including our JVC. With aim to be developed as long as is needed, they somewhere mention even 10 years. 

This game shall be "Web 3" compliant with resources based on cryptocurrencies.

Two mods are planned to be available, one to fight vs AI and the the second to fight against other "Clouds Owners".

If you will peek on their page - whitepapers section in the left, after intro, there are pdf files, with stub of the lore already included, good enough for the beginning. And actually more, than for a many current games. (Noticeably even Creature Quest was having some small funny lore elements.)

Now is the time to join community, to have a chance to shape a game, even if very little. See their latest update here.

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CC Titan thCC Turtledrake thCC whitebox thCC Zwyvern Dragon yellow th

Images at bigger resolution are available at their Discord. Or Youtube for a few introductions videos. Aaand twitter for quick updates. ;)