Happy New Year, friends!
We would like to thank everyone who has been waiting and believing.

We are proud to present you with the largest update in the project's history.

It features the Factory, the new long-awaited town, a campaign dedicated to it, a huge amount of graphics, audio and video content, new game mechanics, countless fixes, major and minor improvements, and much more.
We are pleased to share the result of our long, hard work with you. Trust us: we have been waiting for this moment just as eagerly as you.
The journey continues. Jadame is waiting!

The update is available here:
What's new:
● The new town and faction, Factory, including new heroes, creatures and their external dwellings.
● The new campaign, Forged in Fire, with an improved gradation of difficulty. It'll take your best skills to help the Factory establish itself in the world of Heroes.
● Completely overhauled Campaign Editor and support for custom campaigns; new background and region maps for campaigns.

Full changelog:

-Panzer(info from HotA Discord)

 YT video featuring new Air Ship:


 First gameplay by Liso:

Version 1.7.0 - abbreviated changelog:
(See full at https://download.h3hota.com/upd/changelogs/eng.txt)
[!] Added the new Factory town and faction, including new heroes, creatures, and outer dwellings
[!] Added the new Forged in Fire campaign dedicated to the Factory. Campaign maps have increased difficulty
[!] Added the campaign editor and support for custom campaigns, new background and region maps for campaigns

[-] Fixed a possible crash when visiting an external shipyard
[-] Fixed a crash occurring sometimes when casting Remove Obstacle spell (usually when removing the last obstacle)
[-] Fixed a freeze when trying to exit via Alt+F4 while a creature is flying and then clicking OK or Cancel
[-] Fixed possible crashes when loading saves on G-sized maps with a very large amount of content

[+] Added the Airship, similar to a boat, that allows heroes to fly, as well as the Airship Yard object that allows building Airships (generally not available on RMG templates)
[+] Ancient Altar returned to scenario editor and made a visited object: fighting 25 Haspids for the Horn of the Abyss (banned in RMG by default)
[+] Added a new artifact: Sleepkeeper; grants creatures immunity to mind magic (banned by default)
[+] Added a mechanism that prohibits powerful dead heroes from coming to the tavern. Powerful heroes can only come if no other heroes are available
[+] Erased heroes in the tavern now have movement points, mana, and a number of other parameters updated (as in case of death)
[+] Tavern heroes now have their current army movement points updated (no 2000 heroes)
[+] Stables bonus reduced from 400 to 300 movement points
[+] When spell research is enabled, the Town Portal and Dimension Door do not drop in the normal guild slots without research, but are guaranteed to drop if 3 research attempts have been made before
[+] Hit-n-run ban built into HotA: in two-hero combat, the attacker is forbidden to retreat in the first round of combat after casting a spell
[+] Summoning Earth and Fire Elementals now has the power of [2/2/2.5/3] * SP
[+] Lifted the ban on summoning different types of elementals in the same combat
[+] Wall of Fire: Power damage multiplier increased from 10 to 15
[+] Luna: specialization bonus reduced from 100% to 25%
[-] Conflux: Upg. Magic Lantern now requires the Garden of Life, but does not require the University of Magic
[+] Reduced Imp Cache value from 5000 to 1500
[+] Changed the number of Steel Golems in the Experimental Shop: 20-40-60-80 instead of 25-50-75-100
[+] Changed the Tomb reward from 500-5000 to 1500-4000 Gold
[+] Changed the healing power of the First Aid Tent: 20-25 / 40-50 / 60-75 / 80-100 according to the skill level
[+] Lizardmen: Fight Value: 115 -> 137, AI Value: 126 -> 151
[+] Lizard Warriors: Fight Value: 130 -> 174, AI Value: 156 -> 209
[+] Leprechauns: Fight Value and AI Value: 208 -> 190 (inadequately large coefficient via ability removed)
[+] Changed the standard number of Sea Dogs on the map: 12-18 -> 12-20 (like all Level 3 upgrades; due to this, they can no longer be generated in certain weak guard spots)
[+] Cyclopes can now attack the castle gate if the gate hex has allied creatures standing on it
[+] Wall shooting disabled in the Cyclopes' Alternate Action mode
[+] Bone and Ghost Dragons now transform into Bone Dragons in the Skeleton Converter
[+] Optimized the behavior of AI-controlled shooters in close combat
[+] The Diplomat's Mantle allows ignoring the hit-n-run ban (only for surrender). AI also knows how to use this
[+] Correct ability to surrender with a Diplomat's Mantle in a town if there is no way to retreat added for the AI
[+] AI now does not consider a broken wall to be a reason to give up defending the castle if there is a moat (except when an enemy is already standing in the moat, ready to enter the castle in 1 turn).
[-] Improved AI cast assessment for the Berserk spell
[-] The 6lm10a template now has 5 presets with different road settings, which provides for an acceptable balance and diversity of the road network
[-] h3md1 template: external Taverns, Shrines of Magical Mystery, heroes Solmyr, Aislinn, Thant, Vidomina, Deemer, Ciele, Leena, Giselle banned
[-] 8xm12a template: size of white zones reduced from 20 to 15, old double links removed, links to the center made double. Shrines Of Magical Mystery banned
[-] Mini-Nostalgia template: Dragon Utopia settings are as in 6lm10a: frequency 200, maximum per zone 1 (gold zones: no restrictions). Shrines Of Magical Mystery banned
[-] Apocalypse template: Wanderer's Boots and Shrines of Magical Mystery banned
[-] mt_Diamond, mt_Jebus, mt_TeamJebus, mt_Andromeda, mt_Antares templates: Shrines of Magical Mystery and the hero Giselle banned
[-] 6lm10a, 8mm6a, Spider, Nostalgia, Kerberos, 2sm4d(3), Diamond, Boomerang templates: Shrines of Magical Mystery banned
[+] Updated the mt_Firewalk template to v2.0 (but no campaign heroes, Navigation heroes, or Giselle)