• Aeolwyn’s Legacy

    Aeolwyn’s Legacy is a new first-person party-based RPG for the PC. It’s an epic tale in a sprawling world filled with knights, kings, allies and betrayal. In development by Dungeonbyte (previously Brapp Games), both meaning Tim Lang. smile teeth Hits: 472
  • AI

    Artificial intelligence - should provide you competition, for your entertaining or beating you to the bushes, if you are a tad slower. Anyway, it's mostly an Automatical Intelligence in many games..

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  • April's Fool

    1warlords6To commemorate to inseriousness of the world. If you are heeding for more Might & Magic/Heroes funny tidbits you can scavenge them under disguise of Mutated Gaint Whale. Hits: 101
  • Arcante


    Arcante - A Might and Magic inspired game

    Arcante is:

    • CRPG Dynamic Adventure (not turn based though)
    • Where you can discover unique game mechanic as you go
    • Manage and equip your party
    • Mysteries and hidden treasures are awaiting you

    You can

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  • Armageddon Blade

    abArmageddon Blade is stand-alone expansion for Heroes III. Restoration of Erathia. It was released at 30 Sept 1999. Brought in new combo artifacts, new units like Azure, Rust, Fairy Dragons, Trolls, Halflings, Enchanters, Sharpshooters and new faction Conflux with elemental units and Phoenix on the top.

    The main campaing is revolving about Lucifer's dream to set world in fire with Armageddon

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  • Armored Princess

    King's Bounty: The Armored Princess - This is all about Princess Amelie and Orcs and Lizards and one really Big Turtle. In short, once Amelie had been saved by Royal Tresure Hunter and now, as adult, she need to bring him back.

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  • Ashan

    Ashan - designed by Ubisoft, for Heroes V and up. It's quite different from previous Enroth & Axeoth. Behold the Dragons Gods. Hits: 6482
  • Axeoth

    This is the world after reckoning, from Heroes IV. The last one from NWC/3DO. After that clash of sword of fire (Armageddon Blade) and sword of frost. Tarnum vs Gelu.

    But you can play in its setting also in Heroes V and Heroes VII, due to addons Legends of the Ancients and Lost Tales of Axeoth.

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  • Buff Editor

    Personal mod for Heroes VII, made by evilp Hits: 7088
  • Campaigns

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  • CelestialHeavens

    CelestialHeavens site annoucements. Hits: 294
  • China

    State, home of very beautiful heroes and culture. And also die hard fans of Might & Magic games.

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  • Contest

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  • Cosplay

    That is cosplay, get yourself a costume and pretend that you are Might & Magic hero of the beast!

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  • Creature Quest

    ico cqCreature Quest


    Mobile game designed by Jon Van Caneghem and his new company VC Mobile Entertainment, available for iOS and Android. Yes it does have that magic touch of Might & Magic, John did that again!

    More about the game (release date, tips, etc..

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  • Dark Messiah

    Dark Messiah is role-playing game (yes, we believe it can be described as such) with a heavy focus on action, you will get a breathtaking tour of the new world of Ashan, and witness some dramatic events. You play here for Sareth.

    Dark Messiah of Might and Magic (also subtitled "Element" on Xbox) is a first-person action game, with RPG elements. The game, first as PC version, was released by Ubisoft at 24 October 2006 and developed by Arkane Studios, with other developers as Kuju Entertainment, Floodgate Entertainment and

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  • David Mullich

    David Mullich e3 2016Famous Project Manager not only on such projects like Heroes III and Heroes IV. For whom you can play the speediest hero ever, Sir Mullich, who made his first appearance in Heroes 3 Armageddon Blade and up. And is banned in MP or HotA.

    Generally stoic, Sir Mullich is prone to spasmodic fits
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  • Day of Reckoning

    This is a mod for Heroes III, featuring Snow elves. The, so far, only rumoured ancestors to Vori elves of AvLee.

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  • Discord

    Discord - chat for gamers. Hits: 557
  • DRM

    Digital Right Management - so for older games via GoG is never presented and for newers is, at least like UPlay app from Ubisoft. Thankfully this is not much destructive tool, it could be worse.

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