Taro has made a new for H4 WoW/Equi which makes the immortality potions more expensive. Their cost will be 9900 gold, slightly reducing the player's chance to spam with them. One weakness of H4 was that these potions, in combinations with such skills as Grandmaster Combat with Magic Resistance, made you virtually impossible to kill.

Theree are two separate files for WoW and Equilibris and original files from the game (just in case). The mod was made for the US English version and it might not work with other languages.

Find the mod as a last link below.


Below are links to various utilities you can use to enhance (or spoil!) your gaming experience. They are being distributed on this site with permission from the authors. With exception of few utilities which were added later.

  • H4 Object Package by Karmakeld. This file add more than +1.000 new objects to the H4 editor. Compatible with both Equilibris mod and WoW expansion.
  • Advanced Options Map Editor for HoMM4 by iLiVeInAbOx05. This advanced H4 editor can copy and paste areas between H4 Standard or Equi maps, sripts or events. Paint terrain. Manipulate with triggered events and shows the scripts in tree view, with drag&drop support. More detailed description on the link.
  • H4ResourceEditor  Also by iLiVeInAbOx05 good at viewing and editing Heroes 4 resources and def files, in active development, more to know is here. ;)
  • Link to GrayFace alias Sergey Rozhenko site is here. There you will find MMArchive, DefPreview, DefTool and high pile of very handy tools to manipulate with Heroes of MM games content, or to enhance them.
  • SpellBook by Jurcoane Ion Aurelian. It reproduces the spellbook found in Heroes IV. It introduces some new features, like beeing able to check how powerfull a spell would be in various hero configurations. For example, you might want to know how many devils you can summon with a x level hero.
  • H4Util by Slava Salnikov (WoG founder and author of ERM). It allows you to copy part of maps, make a dump file, create a script C-like file that may be edited and then processed again.You can write a script for your map in a regular text file and then process it, which is more useful than "writing" the script from the Map Editor. The latest version (2.4) allows the conversion of Gathering Storm maps to the Heroes IV standard format, and auto-decoration to be applied to specific sections of the map. A graphical user interface for this program is also available. On how to use H4Util, look here.
  • Extractor/Builder by Olivier Soares. Ever wanted to hear the music of a previous Heroes game instead of the new one? This is when the Extractor and Builder for Heroes IV files comes handy. With it you can Extract and Build just everything - graphics, music, scripts. Also available is the source.
  • Trainer by Lady Tatjahna. A trainer is a memory patcher. After you have start your game and scenario, you ALT-TAB to desktop and start the trainer. The program bypasses all the adresses that want (for example) to decrease your money.You need to have the VB 6 Runtimes (msvbvm60.dll) in order for the trainer to work. Download them on the Microsoft site.
    [! Library "msvbvm60.dll" is already included. Due to the way how the trainer works, it's marked as false positive by many AV, some aggresive AV would not allow you to give it an exception, in that case you won't be able to use it, as disabling AV is not recommended.
    MD5SUM for file verification is: "940767586fb7eaeb034d3796c7ba4926e198e815". File is in format .7z, to open use password: "MightAndMagic" ]
  • Shroud Registry Tweak by Slava Salnikov (WoG founder and author of ERM). A registry key has been tweaked to turn off the shroud in Heroes of Might and Magic IV, revealing the entire map. You only need to double-click the noshroud.reg file to automatically add the key to your registry. To bring back the shroud back, double-click shroud.reg.
  • Extractor (v. 1.03) by DaMaGepy. This tool allows you to extract video, text and music files from the Heroes of Might and Magic IV game files.
  • Heroes Minimapper by DaMaGepy. The program captures the minimap from the mapeditor's screen to bmp. Captures 2 pictures (because in the editor the gray rectangle covers the part of the map so it requires 2 independent screenshots) and saves the picture with a black frame as BMP. Easy to use...
  • Immportality potions mini-mod. A small mod made by Taro, that makes the immortality potions more expensive. Works with H4 WoW 3.0 and H4 Equilibris.
  • ResEdit2 by Alexander Karpeko - this useful tool can extract various resources from Heroes I.-IV. and place them back.