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The interviews that appear in this section are Celestial Heavens exclusives, or are reprinted here with permission from the original publisher. We wish to thank our special guests for agreeing to speak with us.

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Youtube interviews:

Part 1, 2 - Tim Lang about M&M
and his upcoming game Aeolwyn's Legacy

Part 1,2 - Michael Wolf - Famous Heroes 3 Level Designer

Carl Toftfelt -
Warrior Designer of Heroes like game Song of Contest - featuring not only beautiful pixel art..


Videointerview with Tim Lang by Super Goober
This interview focus on Might and Magic 6, with your fan questions answered in the last part.

Interview with Greg Fulton by XEL II from Tavern of Might and Magic
I have been able to talk to Gregory Fulton, the lead designer of HoMM3. I did so on behalf of a Russian fan community called Tavern of Might and Magic that I am a part of. Conversing with Greg was a great pleasure and an interesting, nostalgic experience. I asked him numerous questions regarding his work at New World Computing, particularly about the lore of the Might and Magic universe.


Creature Quest Q&A - Round 2
All what you wanted to know and dared to ask, and more interesting tidbits from the CQ development. Answering here is Jon Van Canegham, Heather Poon - CQ Art Director & Tracy Iwata CQ VFX Artist.

Creature Quest Q&A - Round 1
Questions to the game, answered by Jon Van Caneghem about future plans and directions. What to expect and what not.

Jon Van Caneghem
The gaming legend who created the Might and Magic series, now working with his new company VC Mobile Entertainment in creating the Creature Quest mobile game. Jon speaks both about his current job and answers a couple of questions about the Might & Magic franchise.

Tracy Iwata
Visual effects designer formerly with New World Computing, now working on Creature Quest with VC Mobile Entertainment.

Bryan Farina
Former NWC writer, designer and producer, now working on Creature Quest with VC Mobile Entertainment.

Rob King
Rob King, music producer responsible for much of the music in the Might & Magic franchise.


Karin Mushegain
Karin Mushegain, mezzo-soprano opera singer, featuring on several Heroes games, including the upcoming Heroes VII.

Heroes VII Q&A 2
A small Q&A with the dev team behind the upcoming Heroes VII game.


Heroes VII Q&A 1
A Q&A with Stephan Winter (Limbic CEO), Xavier Penin (Lead Designer) and Gary Paulini (Producer) about the recently announced Might & Magic: Heroes VII game.


MMX developers
A Q&A with Stephan Winter (Limbic CEO), Julien Pirou (Writer & Designer) and Gary Paulini (Producer) about the upcoming Might & Magic X: Legacy game.

A Q&A with the dev team behind the upcoming Might & Magic X: Legacy game.

Blue Byte
A quick Q&A with the dev team behind the Heroes Online.


Ubisoft Dev Team 3
The Dev team answer questions about the Heroes VI expansion "Shades of Darkness".

Julien 'Marzhin' Pirou, Ubisoft
Julien Pirou, known to us fellow fans as "Marzhin", answers questions about how it's been like to work on the game this past year.

Ubisoft Dev Team 2
Znork went to Paris for a fan day, and brought with him questions for the dev team.

Ubisoft Dev Team 1
The Might & Magic community developer, along with the team of game developers, answer 11 confrontational questions from Celestial Heavens. Their response to such harsh criticism is surprisingly forthcoming.


Julien 'Marzhin' Pirou, Ubisoft
The lead level designer of Heroes VI and die-hard M&M fan answers questions from the fans and talks about upcoming game. The interview also includes a bit of personal insight.


Kris Piotrowski, co-founder and creative director of Capybara Games, answer questions about Clash of Heroes.


Jeff Spock and Richard Dansky, Ubisoft
The writers of the new Might and Magic games talk about their inspiration, the references to Sandro and Crag Hack and the limitations of strategy and action games when developing a storyline. The article includes some clarifications about the events that took place in Heroes V and Dark Messiah, and a small scoop about a new project.

Fabrice Cambounet 5
Kalah and Fabrice talk about the reception of Heroes V, the demands of the community, the support and the future games.

Raphael Colantonio, Arkane Studios
The CEO of Arkane Studios, Raphael Colantonio, tells arturchix his inspiration for Dark Messiah, the final stages of the development and the fun things that can happen during a game.

Alastair Halsby and Richard Underhill, Kuju Entertainment
The developers of the multiplayer component of Dark Messiah talk about balance, learning curves, multiplayer modes and additional content.

Fabrice Cambounet 4
Fabrice and Corribus discuss the late stages of the Heroes of Might and Magic V development, and the events that will follow the release of the game.


Fabrice Cambounet 3
At the E3, Fabrice Cambounet took the time to answers questions submitted by Celestial Heavens readers. Admittedly, this was not the ideal setting for a discussion about gameplay, but the article remains an interesting experiment.

Fabrice Cambounet 2
Now that Heroes of Might and Magic V has finally been announced, its producer Fabrice Cambounet is ready to talk again! Read what Fabrice has to say about Nival, the game's system requirements, the towns and creatures, the upcoming beta tests, and more!

Christian Vanover
Christian Vanover, now at Microsoft, discusses the old days at New World Computing, and his work on Heroes of Might and Magic IV.


Tim Lang
Electronic Arts' Tim Lang talks about the death of New World Computing, the problems with Might and Magic IX, his contribution to the M&M Tribute project, and Ubisoft owning the rights to the Heroes franchise.


Fabrice Cambounet I
A short Q&A about Ubisoft's plans for the Heroes/Might and Magic series, and some tidbits about the early development of Heroes V.

Jon Van Caneghem
The gaming legend who created the Might and Magic series. Jon looks back at the release of Heroes of Might and Magic IV, discusses the upcoming Heroes V and lists some of the new features in the works. Sound clips are included.

Maeglin, 3DO Marketing
A discussion about the new situation of New World Computing, the plans for the release of Heroes of Might and Magic V and 3DO's upcoming action game, Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Maeglin also explains for the first time the decision to move the New World offices to Solvang, CA.

Gus Smedstad
An interview with the Heroes of Might and Magic IV designer and lead programmer. Gus talks about his move to Tilted Mill last year, the fate of the strategy game genre and the problems the computer player has on the Heroes IV adventure map.

Joe McGuffin
Recently Joe was the Art Director for Heroes of Might and Magic IV, as well as some of the earlier games. We discuss the art design and the inner workings of the creative process in conceptualizing and rendering the art images in the game.

David Botan
The man behind several maps of Heroes of Might and Magic IV. David Botan discusses the mapmaking process at New World Computing.


Chris Jacobson
Rogue speaks with Chris Jacobson of Contraband Entertainment about the Macintosh port of Heroes IV.

Rob King
Rob King was the sound procucer at New World Computing. He discusses the music in Heroes IV and the equipment used for mixing.

2001 and earlier

Gus Smedstad
A technical discussion about programming the AI in Heroes IV with New World Computing's former lead programmer, Gus Smedstad.

Jennifer Bullard
The changes that have been implemented in Heroes IV, as described by New World Computing's Jennifer "Maranthea" Bullard.

April Lee
The first interview to appear on this site. April Lee is a veteran of the art department at New World Computing. She tells us about the creation process involved in the making of a computer game.