CQ the forge awaken

Alternative Forge Line-Up.

Thanks Avonu!

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CQ SteamPunk Patrol

Pol proudly presents, SteamPunk Patrol in Action!

And as always send me your, if you have any funny! smile teeth

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Simple Luck

Rincewind once said, that if there's chance 1:1 000 000 it will work out. ..there it happened.


Thanks Galaad sending that for Brukernavn!

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A strange picture which was shown, when searched game was not found in Uplay shop, here. I don't know what it is (and from which games), but it would be very nice creature for HoMM game.

Thanks Avonu!

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MoS Honorary PAR

Welcome Honorary Master of Sighiosara Team Member - Paul Anthony Romero. And be ensured that this means, that he made songs exlusively for MoS campaigns, just start checking them from here.

Even more, if you are map maker^

Thanks HeroOfPunk!

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CQ Unhealthy Looking Siege Elephant

"Unhealthy looking Siege Elephant"

Thanks wimfrits!

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"Cutting through steel like butter! Double Dark Elves special."

Thanks Galaad!

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black lady in the lake

Lady of the Lake, my guess is, that the second it's the black one - as she plays a joker card here. Myself I never been so lucky to won three epics. Did you know, that even for the lowest bid you can obtain one epic essence?

"Sometimes, with good luck, you get 1 or 2 epic essences. But sometimes not."

Thanks Avonu!

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CelestialSentinel as a Plug th

This is something, I could create 45k damage in one round and keep it twice. And this creature always fully healed up. Yes, in that case I was DEFEATED.


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So Christmas is over, and fans of H4 wonder if thier christmas wishes came true?
Answer this riddle and you'll find out...
Mirror, mirror on the wall? 

Can we really _ _ _ _ _ _ them all?

H4 mirrored objects
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