Might and Magic VI Poster, long thought lost

"I thought it was gone forever when I had to practically sneak out of my condo in the middle of the night a decade ago.

It’s in rough shape, but I’m glad it turned up."
Tim Lang proclaimed on his Facebook page.
You can check out our interview with Tim here!

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Spot the Caravan Ubisoft Quality

"This is the wonder invisible caravan created by Ubisoft. I've never seen any enemies take it out. Hell, I can't even see it myself if not for my color (yellow) showing that it is there."


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KB2 SeeThem

See them all. There on the twitter. I recommend to check them full size, the quality is astonishing. ;)

Game is currently scheduled for March 2021.

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iana venge dungeon allofthem artstation s

Apart from Dungeon draft, Iana was also doing Fortress. If you would like to check both images in full size and with original comments, visit her on artstation. ;)

Dungeon All of Them
Forress All of Them


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Lights, Camera, ErrorThis was the setup for the interview with Michael Wolf. In the middle of the interview, the taped up tripod dropped. Fun times were had!
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EoC fullSSR

Era of Chaos full SSR team

Thanks Max!

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bftp 3DO board

You can see more of these from here, all via wayback machine. ;)


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mshens draw

Luck straight from the hell. Courtesy of mshen from HC Kreegans! ;)

Thanks mshen

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kysas uberpowerfulgremlins

The game features players snapshots, from which is doing "shadows" to fight. In this case it failed somehow, need to say that there was only one unit but power is calculated from all 8.

But heck, easy battle, why not? ;)

Happened in campaign.

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mmh tactic battle

Probably the biggest feature, from my perspective, is tactical view for AC. It's fastest.

What do you see? I'm on the left as blue, enemy on the right as red.

My Monks and Orcs are free, enemy's monks are under my Vampire's attack (No Blah!). He just lost in the bottom bunch and therefore will loose in the upper position too.

Vampires started under cover of Ogres. Having two cavaleries ensure that at least one of them will go throu and overtank ranged and caster units in the enemy back row.

No Azure = Easy Win!

But still, it's autocombat.

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