UMHIV Priestess

 Priestess everywhere, courtesy of NimoStar. See more in Ultimate mod for Heroes IV at HC

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KB NextTurn

It should look like that. Beer you need your own. To translation:

"Classic turn based strategy King's Bounty, is returning this summer in full-fledged part two. Fans of Heroes of Might & Magic will have a feast! With not only tactical battles, you can enjoy sophisticated RPG elements and moral choices, which will determine the fate of your realm. Only in our shop, you will receive also stoneware mug for a tasty beverage."

This is certainly original! yummy

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gog flash deals

Flash deals over GoG.com, grab one for 2-4€/USD. MM6-9, HoMM1-5, just the classic. :D

HoMM, HoMM2, HoMM3, HoMM4, HoMM5,
MM6, MM7, MM8, MM9

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EoC Adrienne

Well, I have her fixed as Fire Witch, an unique Fortress leader. Which is definitively not this case.

Link to Sir Kayne video

This is another of unreleased hero in "world wide" version.

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Eoc Daremyth

She's not yet here but there are some xplorers, who strive to know more. You can find Sir Kayn here and the video includes chinese translation. :D

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EoC Wystan

This giant purple lizard can cast Morass, which is large area supportive spell for Fortress units. This is how it works for Might heroes here, sometime with units/combo support like in old times.

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EoC Cyclops King

Once awakened, they go wild!

It seems that it would be better sorted this way. Tamed Cyclop -> Cyclop -> Cyclop's King 
BTW what is this guy eyeing?

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kb2 battlefield

King's Bounty II battlefield. Did you seen anything like that before?

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mv2 003

Lovely Creature - Gatorkin Caster



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Jenova riding unicorn

I will continue in releasing EoC pictures, despite no longer playing it. The art here is the strong side of the game, maybe even the strongest and we rarely have an official chance to spot MM Heroes "animized".

Unicorns can dodge, and here where AI won't concentrate on them, they can be developed into deadly unit. Similar like Vampires, blah! :d

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