heroes75 building im map editor

If you are drawing map for Heroes7.5, you are being lucky ;)

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homm3 livewallpaper

If you own Heroes 3 SoD or Complete and can that verify by one file uploading, you can get very nice Heroes 3 map background on your tablet or phone.

To grab the app, take a look here.
To see its gitlab peek there.

Thanks for sending that to us Ilya! smile9

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mom ninseven elven technomage s

Nineseven - Did they hint at something?

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h3 necro sneakers

Heroes3 Necropolis sneakers, I have seen them on heroes3wog.net page and immediately thought: "These are cool!"

Credit goes to f.o.r.e.s.t_a.r.t. and ofc Liso1, where I spotted them for a first.

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SoC MapEditor

That question is, what you can create? And for what cost?

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end of cr

Another Ubisoft closure, going with the plan. Farewell MM: Chess Royale!

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herowo.game 2herowo.game 3herowo.game 4herowo.game

So, you can play the game but not for so long. Neither too speedy. But you can ..taste it. ;)

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death 10

These are times, when you wish to be a Dragon or Unliving. Death Ripple looks nasty.

src: fheroes2 for android

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mom battle

Game & the Wallpapers Pack.

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homm 16x9 battlefield 05

You can read the whole blog entry here.

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