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Reformatted Greg's Letters will follow soon. For now, let's link them:

As always, colorized by CH ;)

MuHa Christmas Merlin

MuHa Games Merry Christmas, this is not traditional Dev Blog but you can read it here. If you will follow links, there are some interesting tidbits about how fan affects game development. Why there are hexes or why was some graphic having final touches.

The music to sooth your soul. This execution is bringing new life in the Stronghold Theme.

Played by Dyrante Zan. You can listen to his Heroes playlist. ;)

EoC 2ndAnn

I would call that Demon's Lounge :)

You may ask what's the state of this game today?

Well, it's still running. And it's merchant strategy game with quick plays. And many side events, which are almost necessary, for getting one of thousand resources here.

Very pretty graphic
Easy gameplay (point is to upgrade unit talent, as crazy and to buy the right stuff, which you need to develop)

Still broken Sphinx's questions from the beginning, albeit a bit better
Slow, with constant online checking, one tile movement in guild adventure map, no real QC
Broken Arena and Arena of Glory rankings
Too many spells, all major with nagscreen
Meant for tablet not for phone, specifically small phone with big with resolution makes some elements almost invisible
You can't transfer your profile to different server

magdalena katanska wyvern2

Magdalena Katańska - Wyvern vs DragonFly :p

This is one of her older paintings but featuring both Fortress cuties. You can check her portfolio at ArtStation page.

MoM2 Mercenaries


There are still things, which I don't understand. Not only the colors but whole style is far from being unique or catching. It's kinda generic.

And this wasn't in Thea, like they wouldn't have an eye for it.

XenoReaver (modder & MuHa Discord moderator) did a nice vibrant colour outfit for Horus. You can compare, original and 2.0 :D

Recently I was playing "Karak", which is tabletop game. And it's much better, when we come to design. A few cards really. But illustrative.

Oh, yes. New MoM2 dev blog is out, you can read it here.

Apart from graphic it looks good so far, but these are really small pieces of info which were published. We don't know much from the whole puzzle yet. ;)

MoM2 TownScreen

From WIP Section of Master of Magic new game by MUHA games.

MoM2 Sharee

So, she's now wearing more clothes. Because current culture. This is unfortunate for any shamaness. The clothes are suprisingly a lot europinian.

Still better, than how it ends with Sss'ra. Which was chivalrious lizard knight and it's barbarian lizard now. Maybe more wild but decaying and mad for sure.

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KB2 Ancient Monument

Ancient monuments will grant you new talents or additional XP.
They're also the perfect place to have a picnic!

Which character do you think would enjoy this view the most?

You can respond directly to 1C question here.

UMHIV Priestess

 Priestess everywhere, courtesy of NimoStar. See more in Ultimate mod for Heroes IV at HC