Eoc Daremyth

She's not yet here but there are some xplorers, who strive to know more. You can find Sir Kayn here and the video includes chinese translation. :D

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EoC Wystan

This giant purple lizard can cast Morass, which is large area supportive spell for Fortress units. This is how it works for Might heroes here, sometime with units/combo support like in old times.

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EoC Cyclops King

Once awakened, they go wild!

It seems that it would be better sorted this way. Tamed Cyclop -> Cyclop -> Cyclop's King 
BTW what is this guy eyeing?

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kb2 battlefield

King's Bounty II battlefield. Did you seen anything like that before?

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mv2 003

Lovely Creature - Gatorkin Caster



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Jenova riding unicorn

I will continue in releasing EoC pictures, despite no longer playing it. The art here is the strong side of the game, maybe even the strongest and we rarely have an official chance to spot MM Heroes "animized".

Unicorns can dodge, and here where AI won't concentrate on them, they can be developed into deadly unit. Similar like Vampires, blah! :d

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Might and Magic VI Poster, long thought lost

"I thought it was gone forever when I had to practically sneak out of my condo in the middle of the night a decade ago.

It’s in rough shape, but I’m glad it turned up."
Tim Lang proclaimed on his Facebook page.
You can check out our interview with Tim here!

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Spot the Caravan Ubisoft Quality

"This is the wonder invisible caravan created by Ubisoft. I've never seen any enemies take it out. Hell, I can't even see it myself if not for my color (yellow) showing that it is there."


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KB2 SeeThem

See them all. There on the twitter. I recommend to check them full size, the quality is astonishing. ;)

Game is currently scheduled for March 2021.

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iana venge dungeon allofthem artstation s

Apart from Dungeon draft, Iana was also doing Fortress. If you would like to check both images in full size and with original comments, visit her on artstation. ;)

Dungeon All of Them
Forress All of Them


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