So you thought that you didn't need Uplay installed to play Heroes VII? So did I, actually; the devs said it was needed for a one-time activation and that you need it to have access to all features (such as cloud saves), but that was all. So I did all that, but I eventually got bored with the sluggishness of Uplay and decided to get rid of it. What happened?


Yeah so it turns out that you don't just need Uplay for a one-time activation, you need it installed in order to run the game - even if it was bought through Steam.

My response?


I'll be damned if Ubisoft are going to decide what I have installed on my PC. So I'm done with Heroes VII.

Hey, Ubisoft? One last thing.

Suck it.

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MMH7 Fotress Town 896


In a way Forge Returns, see the inhabitants:

  •  First comes Shield Halls(20), Blackbear Cages(13) and Warrens(22) for recruiting Kobolds
  •  Then there is Bonfire(6), Runic Temple(5) and Magma Conflux(2)
  •  Hearth of Einherjars(1) is aside, on the left side and Mountain of Fire(17) is on the right


This is to discussion but Halls of Engineers and Forge would sounds better in my opinion. It's anyway very interesting art concept .

Ah, the last one are Warfare Units, they go as Foundry(11) for producing Cannons, Rune Temple(12) and Armory(21).

Notice that Rune and Runic Temple are word siblings. The town is called Fortress, as Heroes V. heritage.

Source mmh7.ubi.com, names were shortened, some.




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As released on the official blog.



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Dungeon vs Dungeon

Which do you prefer to play: Might or Magic?

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Ivan finished

The end screen of the Ivan campaign.

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Question from Avonu: does anybody know this guy?

He's from MM8, in the NWC dungeon.

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I like too find spelling errors in games ...

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H7dungeon campaign cutscene


I promised myself I'd finish the Dungeon walkthroughs. So here we go ...

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Mudgeon map5 character choices

In Karmakeld's campaign's map 5, you get some interesting character choices ...

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H7 fortress exp1

Enter The Fortress

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