Archangel of Envy


Some sensation vibes, as unusual colors just blend in. And that's how the story could began, when Genie and Angel fall in love..

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H3 Rampage


World was destroyed in clash of two omnipowerful swords but scaterred communities remained. With not enough resources what you could do?


Death Match!


H3: Complete Rampages (A Beat theam up mod)


WARNING: Don't play if you detest lot of gore.

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Discounts. Period.

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KB DS Jealousy

Girls, girls, girls. I like when they attack like nothing. Jealousy is just a pleasant bonus here.

Anyway the tin man is dead and demons control the combat flow. Just considering the portraits, who is the evil here?

And that burglar declared himself a valiant knight.

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KB DS not final but close

This is the Evil Central, where Evil gather its sources. We may also look on it like factory, simply the engine to build your empire. Aka being bad is cool, we have all the money for!

Of course it's positioned in underground, no one can disturb you here.

I don't have the final screen as I didn't finished the game but if someone else does, post it and it will be up. smile9

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He's right of course. This "R" complicated names are pretty much favorized. Can you remember the name of Necromancer hero from MoM?

When you move further in the forest, you will found an Ancient Tree. The spectacular part is, that nowaday scientists and gardeners believe, that some trees are critical for a forest because they help the others - they are helping theirs seeds. This is one of them.

An Ancient Tree was always having a special place in human tales. Classic.


Noteworthy: "If you wish to share some screenshot, send them to us, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!"



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screen 150412 007

I apologize for not having a better picture. But this is when creator says so. Girls on battlefield cannot be harmed! Dark Science :)

Could you guess how the girl attack?



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After the previous article, when Equilibris Team showcased some adventure map Full HD images, some people asked for more. Today we show the spellbook. 

Spellbook Death Full HD

Background image is just a random wallpaper to give you an example. Alas, we don't even know the author to credit him or her. 


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I know this isn't strictly M&M related but I was playing The Witcher 3 last night when I was given a quest to deactivate a tower's magical defences. To do this, I had to find the "user manual"  and give it to a mage. This is what I found.


Witcher3 DRMvsGOG


Good Old Games do have several Might & Magic titles available, H6 being notable by its absence. Perhaps it wasn't good enough. Anyway, H7 has been on the market for a while now and there's every chance we'll see it on GOG in the not too distant future.

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This is a very recent screenshot. Something seems off, doesn't it? Any ideas?


No, it has not been photoshopped or altered in any way. 


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