Mudgeon map4wolffight

Another challenging batte from Karmakeld's "Mudgeon" campaigns. How would you win it?

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A really cool collection of Heroes III cosplay shots. Can you recognize all the heroes?

Posted with permission. Full credits to the author, Ver1sa. Very nice work.

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Let's have another look at Karmakeld's "Mudgeon" maps, the second of which features some balancing work as well as some challenging battles.

Mudgeon map2balancing

Mudgeon map2keeptigersalive

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Karmakeld has sent us a batch of pictures from The Tale of Young Mudgeon campaign. We're starting off with a couple of titbits from the first map.

Mudgeon map1winconditions

Mudgeon map1putgolemstowork

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Another unit from Unity. How do you feel about the looks?

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Unity white tigers

The Unity white tigers.

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H7 dungeoncampaign

The Dungeon walkthrough has been delayed because of real-life issues, but I'm hoping to get it done soon. :)

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The talented costume artist and cosplayer Giulietta Zawadzki's take on a Heroes VII outfit. Awesome.

You can check out more of her work by following her on Twitter, where she's known as BeauPeep1.

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H7 Llama mount

The llama mount from Heroes VII.

Thanks to overall.

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H7 sylvancampaign

A shot from the Sylvan campaign. The walkthroughs have just been published here.

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