Songs of Conquest

soc headerSongs of Conquest is a turn-based strategy game inspired by 90s classics (HoMM like ;) ). Lead powerful magicians called Wielders and venture to lands unknown. Wage battle against armies that dare oppose you and hunt for powerful artifacts. The world is ripe for the taking – seize it!

Currently it features four factions:

  • Arleaon - Knight's faction - In Arleon order is enforced with a sharp axe.
  • Barya - Arabic Inspired - The art of the tinkerers keeps them one step ahead of their enemies and the sound of the Hellbreath brings terror to all.
  • Rana - Shaman's and Barbarians faction - Rana, swamp dwellers, scattered by their enemies, and at times enslaved. But a mysterious Wielder has risen, uniting the folk of the Marsh to rediscover their true strength. Vicious Ravagers, wise Chelun and even the secretive Eth’dra, all will come to the Wielder’s call and the world will tremble to hear them roar.
  • Barony of Loth - Necro and artifacts faction - Loth, a declining barony, embraces the promise of the Unseen Society to bring back the glorious days of peace and empire. Cultists and scholars excavate old battle sites for arcane artifacts and call the Oathbound legions to serve once more. Loth will rise to its former glory, even if it means bringing back the dead.

The game will feature heroes like map editor.

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  • SoC - Campaign Contest

    soc header

    Create the story of your dreams!


    We’re excited to announce a contest. Your task is to create the best campaign you can. We’re teaming up with, our fantastic partners who have provided a home for our wonderful community-created maps.

    The winner of this exciting endeavor will receive a cash prize of

  • Summer Sales 2023

    A verbosely very nicely quiet reminder, that period of summer sale madness is back! cancerleovirgo

  • SoC - Map Editor

    SoC MapEditor

    That question is, what you can create? And for what cost?

  • SoC - Spring Map Making Contest

    Lavapotion together with announced Map Contest, running from April 3rd to April 28th, to celebrate their new Map Editor update.

    Contestants should provide Large Map (125x125), sticking to default values, when working with entities.

    soc springmapcontest

    SoC - You need to invest your riches! Discount & Roadmap

    There's new roadmap, check it, it's in pic format only but "sounds" very confidently daring.

    SongsOfConquest Roadmapv1220627

    Oh, and there's 25%

  • Songs of Conquest - Dev-vlog #45 Sim turns, game balancing and

    Dev-vlog #45 - Sim turns, game balancing and much more!

    This is one of hell important updates.

    Also I cannot resist idea, that we are looking at Heroes III future alternative. The map scenery is really well done. We will see if there will come anything like ERM, to script the impossible. :D

  • Songs of Conquest - Contest for Early Access Steam Keys

    Songs of Conquest - Contest for Early Access Steam Keys

    SoC - Contest

    That's right folks. The good people over at Lavapotion, creators of the very anticipated

  • Songs of Conquest - Early Access Starts Tomorrow

    Songs of Conquest Early Access

    Songs of Conquest - Early Access starts tomorrow: 10th May 17:00 UTC. Wishlist now, try the next day and share the impressions with us! yummy

  • SoC - One Hour Soundtrack, Alpha Mix

    One hour of seamless majestic fantasy music. Please enjoy this new gameplay footage from the Alpha version of the game. We've mixed it up with both previously unreleased tracks and a few songs that has already been made available online.


  • Songs of Contest is looking for Alpha Testers


    We are looking for more testers!

    We will soon add 100 new testers to our ongoing closed Alpha and we are doing a raffle on our Discord server to give out the keys.

    We need players who are able to test and give feedback regarding Songs of

  • Songs of Conquest - Win an Alpha Key