We are looking for more testers!

We will soon add 100 new testers to our ongoing closed Alpha and we are doing a raffle on our Discord server to give out the keys.

We need players who are able to test and give feedback regarding Songs of Conquest, on the PC / Windows platform, on a private Discord server. You will not be able to share any video, screenshots, etc anywhere else than on the private Discord server. 

The contest is open for 24 hours only, so make sure to apply before then. After that we will close the Discord channel and draw the winners, who will then be contacted via direct messages through Discord.

Best of luck!

Reposting that here, for anyone interested to help them nerfing the SoC. "Speed is life, life is speed." As once Sir Mullich said wink

Epiloque: Thanks to you, they received more than 2k applications. This is nice! Now, if you applied, you will either receive the key or not, within a week. Huzzah!

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