Songs of Conquest - Interview with Carl from Lavapotion

That's right folks! So, what took us so long?

We had to reschedule due to a small covid scare (don't worry, I took a test and it came back as negative, so it was "just" the regular flu). But here it is, approximately 1 hour of me and Carl from Lavapotion chatting and chilling in Lavapotions beautiful sofa.


Get to know more about Songs of Conquest, Lavapotion, the team behind it, what their inspirations are and more in this down to earth, podcast styled interview.

As always, we welcome you're feedback, but here are some quick answers to some possible questions;

What about the AI?
We decided not to discuss to much about the AI, basically because Carl is the Game Designer, not the AI programmer (that's Marcus) and because it's tough for us to discuss it in depth.

Cool shirt, where did you get it?
You can be as cool as me and wear a DungeonByte shirt by buying yours here:

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