Modiphius - Heroes of Might and Magic RPG

modiphiusIn far, far, far away distant land you have heard:

Immerse yourself in the legendary world of Enroth, the setting of the first three Heroes of Might and Magic games, as it comes to tabletop for the first time! Players will relive some of the most epic and memorable moments in the saga, starting with “The Restoration of Erathia”, the crusade of Queen Catherine Ironfist to restore her Kingdom and uncover a conspiracy.

In the first high-fantasy setting to use the 2d20 system, you can play as legendary heroes who can call upon a nation's resources to overcome the threats arrayed against you. Engage in daring assaults, and desperate last stands, and lead formidable armies in a world shaped by your actions!

Not sure how that will differ from TBG. There's not much to be seen to judge that now. If you get caught by 2d20, you can conveniently subscribe. ;)

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