Adventure awaits in version 1.0 of the critically acclaimed turn-based strategy game Songs of Conquest with a brand new campaign, giving the player control over the gold loving, gun-wielding merchant faction known as Barya. The release also comes with news of a console version coming this fall (hopefully), a soundtrack and a digital art book

Artwork from Songs of Conquest

 Songs of Conquest sketches

Initially, the console version it seems to be for Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, but who knows what the future holds? Until we get more information regarding the future, we do know that Steam Deck support is official, which allow players to take their adventure spirit with them where ever they go.

Songs of Conquest on Playstation 5

Songs of Conquest on a Playstation 5

Truly amazing work by my fellow countrymen over at Lava Potion, nothing but praise for their team. This game has gathered a community consisting of players, map makers and creatives alike. The game comes with a well-developed map editor, pixel art that actually looks amazing and unique. It offers challenging gameplay where you get to explore a great fantasy world through song in four campaigns. 

BaryaCampaign Cutscene Misson4 a Cutscene from the Barya Campaign

Speaking of campaigns, as mentioned earlier, the fourth and (for now) final campaign comes with the release of version 1.0. Guided by the singing of Carl Toftfelt and artist/composer Reynir Helgason we will get to explore the mercenary faction Barya, which homes heavy, muscular green Brutes, agile Sassanids, gun-wielding Musketeers and heavy machine Hellroar. It seems to literally be a blast! 

Battle Rana vs Barya  A Battle Between Rana and Barya


In the end, all I want to say is Congratulations to the team over at Lava Potion, 7 years of development, 2 years of early access and in the end, a really great looking 1.0. 


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