The best game ever is having its 25th birthday. Yay!

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It's like that with release date, different countries and OSes have it slightly shifted. But offical release date is 28th Feb 1999, whereas available for Windows in stores was from 3rd March 1999. Linux and Mac had come a bit later.

And if you wanna play original Restoration of Erathia with better graphic or just complete your library for very decent price, now you have a chance with Steam. Till midnight. gking1

You can also celebrate it with a match in Anniversary Championship, organised by Jebuss Cross.

 *Heroes 3 RoE HD for Android is no longer supported and was removed by Ubisoft from Google Play. Hence you can go for VCMI. For which you also need the base game.
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 **For much more detailed view on the game and its respective release date, you can check mobygames.