Heroes 3, probably still most successful game in the series, spiritual successor of Heroes 2, after all - it's based on the same engine. There also exists Heroes 3 HD by Ubisoft but it's missing both Add-Ons, Armagedon Blade and Shadow of Death - on the other hand, Ubisoft released it also as an Android game. Developed by 3DO and published by NWC. Among with Heroes 4, it have the best map editors which warranted thousands of maps and campaigns created. Recommended mod here is ERA2, which is "WoGified", meaning that it contains WoG, in a way. WoG 3.59 is still along the way but there is plenty of other fan mods, like Horn of Abyss. If you would like just the vanilla game, certainly install HD mod by baratorch. This one is already included in ERA2. Should mention also VCMI, which is not a mod but a new engine, with everything written a new, reusing game assets, adding new ones and having version for Android too.

  • Live Unboxing the H3: Board Game


    if you would like to watch live unboxing, then mark 27th Sept 2022 21:00 CET in you calendar.

    Live unboxing will be available on this YT thread:

  • VCMI 1.0.0

    New VCMI 1.0.0 was released!

    vcmi logoAs a base for modding support, portability and even with two types of AI. Read the original news and download at vcmi.eu.


    Several years have passed since VCMI 0.99 and it’s about

  • Heroes3Boardgame - Deckcard, Resources, Units

    • Pick the bolded text, to jump to the whole blog entry. And see  texts also in German or Polish languages.

    Combat is what Heroes do the best

    Now let's look at what knights or barbarians (wizards too!) like the most - combat! In Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Board Game, it is played on a special 5-row combat board. Each player, at any time during their turn

  • Homm3Boardgame - Units tiers list

    homm 1x1 blog karty jednostek castle

    That's a beauty, sweet to behold. For me, this is how it should look. applause

  • David Mullich Interview

    It sure took some time, but we can finally present you with our interview with the one and only David Mullich, director of Heroes of Might and Magic III.

    The interview actually turned out nicely in the end, even though we had to overcome some audio syncing issues as well as straight out audio cuts (thank you

  • Playing "Heroes III - The Board Game"

    h3tbg WGN expo22

    Weekly Game Night//Game Expo 2022 - Playing "Heroes III - The Board Game". You can watch the whole series ...

  • H3 Board Game - Map tile is the most valuable resource

    map tiles explores draw the map 750x422

    Read the full blog by Jakub Olekszyk here.

    • Every new tile is shrouded in a Fog of War. This
  • Heroes 3 OST – 2nd edition vinyl [PRE-ORDER]

    h3 on vinil

    Heroes 3 OST - 2nd edition vinyl arrived here for pre-order. If you badly wanted it for the ...

  • HoMMIII: The Board Game "Community population doubled"

    h2 tBGWeek of.. , well. They opened site and discord. If you have any questions, you can just join them now and ask, see links at the end. smile9

    The game is originally scheduled to appear at

  • Heroes Chronicles: Masters of the Elements to H4

    Expert Leadership

    Heroes IV Axeoth Restoration Team Proudly Presents: Masters of The Elements

    The conversion works are moving nicely forward, you can watch it continuously in this thread.

    So far ...

  • Heroes of Might and Magic III: Day of Reckoning

    Happy New Year!

    Yesterday evening, some very exciting news started circling Might and Magic communities across the web. In addition to that, this was just posted on their Facebook page.

    "Heroes III: Day of Reckoning
    We hope you enjoyed the teaser video from the Day of Reckoning team.
    We are a community made expansion for Heroes of Might and Magic III.

  • Happy Christmas 2021

    Celestialheavens wish you Happy Christmas
     ..to all Roundtablers and our faithful readers and contributors, being from the past, present or the future ones.

    Merry Christmas, steady health and ability to sustain your good mood in any times, twice in these enchanted period.

    And, ..a lots of presents! Shall not forget this. :)

    As a small Christmas gift, we prepared a mod overviews, to play the old

  • Project Chronicles

    Hello there! Tarnum the Immortal hero has returned! Or maybe he never left for some, such as myself. Either way, there is a new reason to pick up Heroes Chronicles again, whether for the first time or the hundredth time!

    Heroes Community and Acidcave member VIP has just released Project Chronicles, which is a mod for Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Complete and Heroes Chronicles that brings all of the Chronicles chapters into one place!

    There is a new user interface which allows the

  • Heroes of Might and Magic III - Stronghold Theme - Cover by Dryante

    The music to sooth your soul. This execution is bringing new life in the Stronghold Theme.

    Played by Dyrante Zan. You can listen to his ...

  • Heroes III Kickstarter Board Game with Ubisoft Approval

     H3 tBG units

    How I will know exact date when the game will be ready on kickstarter?

    Subscribe at https://homm3boardgame.com and from here also on kickstarter. You will receive notification e-mail when it will all begin. And that

  • Heroes III Soundtrack on Vinils with Art of Magdalena Katańska

    Behold thecult classic soundtrack ofHeroes of Might and Magic III, brought to vinyl for the very first time at long last, and in an awesome edition it truly deserves! We teamed up with Paul Anthony Romero and Rob King, the original creators of this masterpiece, to bring it back to life in a way which does justice to the legacy of both the game and music

  • Marcus Pregent Interview Part 2

    The jolly fellow Marcus Pregent shares more of his great stories with us in the second part of this interview, where we go through things such as: 

    • Legends of Might and Magic 
    • Might and Magic VI 
    • Heroes of Might and Magic III 
    • Gelu
    • Nerf Guns in the office
    • Community Questions 
    • Much, much more

    Did I mention Nerf Guns in the office? Yeah I did, but seriously, that sounds like a lot of fun and I hope I will get to

  • HoTA World Championship

    World Championship in Heroes 3 has started!

    Poster World Championsship3 2It is an open, international tournament, with a stated goal of finding the best player in the world.

    Four different eliminations - Poland, Russia,

  • Armageddon’s Blade → Maker of Sorrows

    Create Armageddon’s Blade to win the scenario. If Xeron is defeated in combat the scenario is lost. Xeron will be allowed to advance to 24th level and carry over his experience, skills, and spells to his next scenario CAUTION: you will be playing against your Xeron build in his next scenario.

    Starting Bonus: 5 Pit Lords or Loins of Legion or Upgraded Kennels

    Fanstratics - The Fifth Newsletter!

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