Skald: Against the Black Priory

It's a Lovecraftian adventure in 2D, with like pretty much old pixelized graphics. And that make it interesting, very much, to compare it to old Might & Magic games.

Not yet released, that date is scheduled for 30th May. But if you will check it on Steam now, there's Developer showcase live.

Demo is available over & developer's showcase over Steam.

Lets us know, what do you think about the game. Interested? p

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newshornHello Folks!

Our Forums were updated, including some settings. victory

No longer is possible to create threads in "Site Comments" section, unless you are  CelestialHeavens Staff or Mod Squad member.

Also some older and not really compatible styles were removed. Remaining styles are only prosilver,  jprosilver and chSilver, with chSilver coming like a default.

As usually report any bugs (or ideas) in the Bug thread.

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Best Heroes 3 Memes - Premiere


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This year, a new cool castle appeared in Heroes 3, we really wanted to work on it!
Factory theme from the last concert from HEROES FESTIVAL. Big respect and thanks to the HotA Team for the teamwork. This is also LIVE version, so please don't expect best mixed studio audio quality. Cheers for the Star Wars fans hahahaha, hope you like it :D

3/03/2024 25th HOMM3 Anniversary Concert ft. maestro Paul Anthony Romero

"WANDERING" (2024) is a collection of best ambient tracks from HOMM2 and HOMM4.


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Cloud Castles is a game developed by game industry professionals, including our JVC. With aim to be developed as long as is needed, they somewhere mention even 10 years. 

This game shall be "Web 3" compliant with resources based on cryptocurrencies.

Two mods are planned to be available, one to fight vs AI and the the second to fight against other "Clouds Owners".

If you will peek on their page - whitepapers section in the left, after intro, there are pdf files, with stub of the lore already included, good enough for the beginning. And actually more, than for a many current games. (Noticeably even Creature Quest was having some small funny lore elements.)

Now is the time to join community, to have a chance to shape a game, even if very little. See their latest update here.

CC AncientWarden thCC Arachne green min th

CC Titan thCC Turtledrake thCC whitebox thCC Zwyvern Dragon yellow th

Images at bigger resolution are available at their Discord. Or Youtube for a few introductions videos. Aaand twitter for quick updates. ;)

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After successful Kickstart, Heroes 3: The Board Game is for some time available in your local shops (or late pledge), so there's definitively time to take a look at its gameplay. This is masterpiece designed at Archon Studios featuring beautiful art of Magdalena Katanska. See the people playing, they feel soo comfortable ;)

For more arty people among us, ofc you can paint your minis ;)

Official pages:
Official forum:

H3.TBG Playlist by Archon

If you played H3:TBG let us know your experience, share it with us!

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Paul Anthony Romero will be having very soon two concerts in Ukraine with Lumos Orchestra. The dates are:

About the show

Music from the famous game "Heroes of Might and Magic" in Lviv!
On March 11, 2024, at a concert at the Lviv Opera, your fantasies will come true: the music will immerse you in exciting battles with dragons and angels, lead you in search of the Holy Grail or magical towers, or perhaps take you straight to the Necropolis itself!

Paul Romero, the composer of the music for the Heroes of Might and Magic III game saga, whose acquaintance with Ukraine was accompanied by a sold-out show, is back! At the concert in Lviv, you will find an updated program - a concert that will make dreams come true for Heroes of Might and Magic fans: the composer will perform the legendary video game soundtrack live at the piano, accompanied by the unsurpassed geek band LUMOS Orchestra and the Evshan choir!

Concert soloist - Paul Romero (USA)
Conductor - Roman Kreslenko
Artistic director of the orchestra - Diana Koval
Artistic director of the choir - Iryna Kreslenko
Paul Romero - live concert in Lviv!

Paul Romero is a composer who has been accompanied by music all his life, since childhood he spent hours improvising on the piano, then fell in love with Chopin and Liszt, played Mozart with a symphony orchestra, and in his teens wrote and performed his first piano concerto with a symphony orchestra, and later received a scholarship to the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia.

Listening to music performed live by a composer is an experience that cannot be described, it must be heard and felt. In addition, the Heroes of Might and Magic III project has special, unique arrangements with the addition of instruments that emphasize the Ukrainian flavor.

Together with the composer, LUMOS Orchestra, the only geek orchestra in Ukraine, will perform on stage with their colleagues, the Galician chamber choir Evshan, and each of their performances is a real show that combines their own author's arrangements of music, animations by Ukrainian artists, interactive, scenery and costumes, and, most importantly, powerful drama with a well-told story.

The World of Might and Magic is calling! So don't delay, tickets are available for purchase on our website and at the city ticket offices.

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The best game ever is having its 25th birthday. Yay!

h3tbg leadership

It's like that with release date, different countries and OSes have it slightly shifted. But offical release date is 28th Feb 1999, whereas available for Windows in stores was from 3rd March 1999. Linux and Mac had come a bit later.

And if you wanna play original Restoration of Erathia with better graphic or just complete your library for very decent price, now you have a chance with Steam. Till midnight. gking1

You can also celebrate it with a match in Anniversary Championship, organised by Jebuss Cross.

 *Heroes 3 RoE HD for Android is no longer supported and was removed by Ubisoft from Google Play. Hence you can go for VCMI. For which you also need the base game.
vcmi logo

 **For much more detailed view on the game and its respective release date, you can check mobygames.

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I didn't know, that ther is Villain Wiki but, they certainly covered Heroes of Might and Magic saga, let see:

Though the pages are ridden with adverts, like most "commercial" wikis, the content deserve praise. I liked how they summed it up ;)

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After very long time, certainly for mobile game, Creature Quest come to an end (2017-2024).

There are likely several resons, leading here:

  • End of Marmelade Engine, due to iOS changeable requirements pilling up. This left the game being updated and patched on the dead engine.
  • End of CQ support with iOS 16+
  • And recently there were reported some lags over Android 13
  • As Marmelade Engine was multiplatform, it was mostly question of time, where all these problems will arise and in the effect shrink number of players only on these having iOS 15 and below and Android 12 and below.
  • Additonaly the game is not advertised from 2020, perhaps with exception of Heroes Community. Which is somewhat correlating with time, from which is not patched.

To our dedicated community,

We want to thank all of you for your passion and commitment to our project over these many years. We hope that we were able to bring some joy and fun into your lives.

It is with a heavy heart that we have to notify you that starting February 29, 2024, Creature Quest will be shutting down its servers indefinitely. This means the game will no longer be able to open, even for those that already have the app. Additionally, in-app purchasing will be disabled as of February 15, 2024. We kept it running as long as we could, but it is no longer feasible.5

We wish all of you the best and hope to see you again on another project some day.

Quest on!

This is a sad news, this game was unique and there's not known succesor, not even spiritual one, to me.



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