Who could say, that this game would be still alive? And yet, it's.

It does live and prosper, parting not only in "Limited Edition at Gog" but also bashing in continuous modding support to be playable, enjoyable, comfortable and getting some extra love from the fans. 

 There are several famous modifications:

Where you can explore and check various links to other projects. As there's more of it. big smile

To rephrase from our past:

Introduction, by Vox Clamant


Might and Magic VI is a classic. Perhaps more than any other, certainly more than MM7 and MM8, it is a very non-linear campaign with a lot of flexibility in how you play it. It also seems to have key quests spread over a much wider area leading to a real premium of spells like Town Portal. Indeed, for the first third of the game until you are at a level where you can know the Town Portal spell, one of the two NPCs you will find early on who have that skill are critical.


In the Mandate of Heaven, King Roland has locked himself in his castle, with hordes of demons infesting the land, and a well-hidden traitor thwarting every plan to regain control of the lands. The only hope is that a small band of adventurers from the town of New Scorpigal can accomplish where the great heroes of the land have failed. You must somehow enter The Hive -- a terrible place swarming with demons and worse! -- and kill the Hive Queen in her lair. Only then, can you finally stop the flow of demons into the land.

Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven

  • Released: April 30, 1998
  • Synopsis: With Sheltem death Xenofex is approaching
  • Five years were worthy of waiting :D
  • New Continent Enroth, bye bye Xeen
  • Easter Egg Dungeon, go find!

Please discuss that at our forums or you are also encouraged to peek at Mandate Mania site.

Other sources: Mobygames, Eurogamer

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Archon games are letting your know, that "Pledge Manager" is now open, for you, to late join in. And it includes even one more faction in, which is Inferno. On popular demands.


What is "Pledge Manager"?

It's a website that works like an online store and is completely separate from Kickstarter. Here you can choose the Pledge you desire the most, purchase any additional Add-Ons and provide us with your postage address. At this stage you can also choose your language version.

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Dotemu is all of suden striking with revival of Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes in Definitive Edition. This summer on your PC/PS4 or Nintendo Switch. Users of Xbox were pushed out. disagree

What will be refreshed or added?

  • Art Style, portraits, characters
  • Rebalanced MP (online, offline supported both)
  • Free DLC, to play for one of 4 villains
  • & MP Boss from that DLC
  • Story mode

Let us know what you think/expect from the refresh and if you are going to play it again?

See the official trailer below.

sources: Eurogamer, Techpowerup
Also thanks to EvilP to brings that on! thumbsup wink

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Age of Wonders IV were released at 2nd May. Reviews are positive and you can expect a tons of funs and hours immeresed in the game.

Game itself is taking over 20GB on the HDD. Minimal requirements seems to be modest too, CPU: i5-2500K/Ryzen 5 1600X, GPU: GTX670/HD7870, OS: Windows 64bits.

As the game is far too complex, I'm linking reviews down. The important message is: "Modding support is in!"


Web | Steam | GoG

And with the Spiff on the end:

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A new HoMM engine has recently emerged, this time written for browsers and with features rivaling VCMI and fheroes2

  • Fully parallel multiplayer (one player's turn or combat don't lock out everyone)
  • Flexible combat (any number of heroes, dimensions and stacks per hero)
  • Maps with the unlimited number of levels
  • Tri-state fog of war (added "terrain explored" state)
  • Focus on modding and extensibility
  • Potential support of HoMM 2 as well as other classic TBS
  • Replays, spectator mode and many more

Project's web site is (try playing the Tutorial).
Current version is very bogus and works slowly but the project is actively looking for beta-testers and skilled contributors!

GitHub | Forum | Discord

YouTube demos:

  • Custom combat with larger field, 4 heroes and 10 creature stacks per hero
  • Map with three levels
  • Adaptive UI for desktop/tablet/phone screens (teaser!)
  • Multiplayer with a spectator

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Lavapotion together with announced Map Contest, running from April 3rd to April 28th, to celebrate their new Map Editor update.

Contestants should provide Large Map (125x125), sticking to default values, when working with entities.

soc springmapcontest


  • Large
  • Fun to play, good visuals, and best overall fit with the game.
  • No need to focus on lore or story, like a classic skirmish map.
  • Tag your map with “spring map contest” after uploading your map to

Lavapotion will announce the Winners on 12 May 2023 via the Songs of Conquest Twitter.

And the winner can win $1000. Runner-ups can get some rewards too. ;)


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The Heroes III Castle recreated with the Unreal Engine, simply breath-taking:


Heroes of Might and Magic III - Castle Town UE5 Castle Town from the Heroes of Might and Magic III game rebuilt in UE5. I started with very precise low-poly recreation of the original town in C4D and then used it as a blocking layout in the Unreal beauty phase. Entire project took around month of work.

radim zeifart 6

Can you spot where there's dog in the video?
Who looks like a town mayor?
If you want to see screenshots from modelling the town in UE5, see his ArtStation profile.

Radim Zeifart's ArtStation | YouTube Hurricane profile | And animation company, where he works

Thanks for the alert to Julien "Marzhin" Pirou & Angelspit wink

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Dear supporters of fheroes2 project!

We are very excited to announce 1.0.2 version of the project!

This release is full of interesting changes and improvements. So, let's get started.

The team always spends time improving the performance of the engine and in this release we again improved the Adventure Map rendering. It might not be visible for many players but if you use a mobile device to play the game then smaller energy consumption is very welcome.

With a great help of an artist, we fixed the original look of Captain's Quarters building in Sorceress town as well as changed multiple icons for options to give each option a unique and logically correct image.
Speaking of improvements AI heroes now know how to use Town Portal and Town Gate spells. This makes AI the same advantages as human players. Moreover, the overall AI task logic decision on the Adventure Map was reworked, leading to better strategic decisions.

This release also brings multiple fixes for spell logic in battles, fixes for special cases of monster movement and additionally we corrected all sounds being used for objects on the Adventure Map.

In the past it was impossible to know the in-game date from a save file unless you load it. Having tens or even hundreds of save files might lead to difficult navigation among them. From now on you can right click on a save file to see the date without even loading the file.
Android players had no way to type anything within the game as most of mobile phones do not have a physical keyboard for this. To overcome this disadvantage, we introduced a virtual in-game keyboard which will popup if you click on text edit area.
Beside all these changes the team fixed over 60 bugs and updated multiple translations for the game.
Note that old save files before 1.0 version are not supported anymore.

Thank you so much for your support and we hope that you enjoy the game even more!

You could also support the project development on Patreon.


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Fat Thursday is over and we can focus back on the gaming world.

fheroes2 version 1.0.1

With various fixes of animations, shadows, AI and so forth there comes Android version, playable on phones (certainly like 6.5") or tablets. Check for the full annoucement here.

The game is mature now and goes toward new campaigns and new maps features, including new map format to escape possible license issues in the feature. So, as I see it, it will be closer to h3-wog designing but saved in some open map format?

Anyway, now when you will be bored you can pack it with yourself, same as with VCMI and play just the most best comforting maps. smile teeth

New Games are coming

  • Age of Wonders 4 is going to be released at May 2 2023, seems more and more like 4X strategical steampunk game
  • Songs of Silence, not much I see about it, this sentence resonated for me the most: "Our goal for you: complete a whole map in a single evening!"
  • Civilisation VII in development! Ed Beach will continue as creative director. A very short annoucement comes from the twitter

More of Greg's diary

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Uh, as always, a lots happened from the Christmas. Let me to cover it briefly. dramaqueen

fheroes2 1.0 (New engine for Heroes 2)

Free Heroes (fheroes2) reached it's milestone, version 1.0. You can scan our thread, their git page or wiki or peek in the features and enhancements summary page.. From me that's a big congratulation and completely different game. Which I love, same like I loved Free Civilisation or Heroes3. You need the base game or demo to install it on the top. 

What it can do:

  • multi-screen support
  • fullscreen mode with high DPI
  • enhanced AI
  • algorithmically generated and translated buttons to support any language
  • reworked HotKeys

Future plans are also splendid:

  • release the Android version
  • Editor
  • MultiPlayer
  • Independet Expansion

    fheroes2 features

Heroes 5.5 RC17c (tinypatch 2 :D)

Very prolific magnomagus released another version. This is balance update and bugs fixing release. Overall this version seems to be pretty matured. All changes and download summarized here. Patches need to be downloaded separatedly. Full support of original campaign.
tinypatch2 (c) - Just replace the file in data folder

hc55 1hc55 2

Heroes 7.5

Seems to add Xel and Temple towns but you need to download it again as a whole. Version 1.3 shall be installed on the top of ultimate version 1.28. Which seems like whooping 12GB all together. Part of Super long list of changes can be read here (for 1.3), if you are playing Heroes 7 just try it. (Mod is aimed for SP only. And it's one of best mods, not only graphically speaking. Though, it's not the sole one.. )

Master of Magic from Microprose MuHa Games

is growing up well. So no remorses, apart from price tag. Latest version is 1.06.25, the game speeded up. And number of mods is going to be numerous. Want to specify rewards from lairs? Add new spells? Apply balance patches? Everything is here. :)

VCMI 1.1

That's right folks. If you missed it, VCMI passed 1.0 milestone and continues forward. VCMI is another engine to Heroes 3, so its goal are a bit similart to what are for "fheroes2". New engine means, that you need base game and you can play it. It's featuring its own map editor. Android version and much more features.

We want to rewrite the entire H3 engine (VCMI is NOT another mod) giving it new possibilities. Years of intensive work resulted in creating application with impressive amount of features. Among current features are:

  • Complete gameplay mechanics
  • Almost all objects, abilities, spells and other content
  • Basic battle AI and adventure AI
  • Many GUI improvements: high resolutions, stack queue, creature window
  • Advanced and easy mod support - add new towns, creatures, heroes, artifacts and spells without limits or conflicts
  • Launcher for easy configuration - download mods from our server and install them immediatelly!
  • Random map generator that supports objects added by mods
  • Linux, macOS and Android ports
  • VCMI is an open-source project licensed under GNU GPL 2.0 or later.

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