vcmi nlVCMI 1.5.3 is now available.

  • minor update
  • new launcher for Android
  • all of the features that were planned for 1.5 have now been completed, future 1.5.X updates will only focus on bug fixes.

Android now uses the same Qt-based launcher as other platforms, allowing mod updates and a more intuitive initial installation process.
Improvements to the Launcher, including the addition of new settings that were previously not configurable in the UI.

Download | GitHub | Changelog | Discord

source: VCMI Discord, "Ivan"

Modiphius - Heroes of Might and Magic RPG

modiphiusIn far, far, far away distant land you have heard:

Immerse yourself in the legendary world of Enroth, the setting of the first three Heroes of Might and Magic games, as it comes to tabletop for the first time! Players will relive some of the most epic and memorable moments in the saga, starting with “The Restoration of Erathia”, the crusade of Queen Catherine Ironfist to restore her Kingdom and uncover a conspiracy.

In the first high-fantasy setting to use the 2d20 system, you can play as legendary heroes who can call upon a nation's resources to overcome the threats arrayed against you. Engage in daring assaults, and desperate last stands, and lead formidable armies in a world shaped by your actions!

Not sure how that will differ from TBG. There's not much to be seen to judge that now. If you get caught by 2d20, you can conveniently subscribe. ;)

Firaxis confirmed Civilization VII in development, they released trailer and call for joining them, to full reveal of Sid Meier’s Civilization® VII and its exciting new features and innovations in August 2024

Civilization VII is expected to be released in 2025.

And if you would like to check more about Civilization VII, you can see at to get a more deep summary.

Thanks EvilP for the alert!

PS What about you, are you looking forward to play it? drool

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Main improvements of VCMI version 1.5.2

  • Nullkiller AI improvements: AI is now able to explore the map and won't use map reveal cheat when playing in alliance with a human or on lower difficulties. Also, Nullkiller AI is now used by default for allied players.
  • New keyboard shortcuts for town screen, adventure map, battles, exchange window, as requested by players. See the changelog for a full list.
  • Multiplayer tweaks such as simultaneous turns for allies, option to change simultaneous turns settings with '!vote' command

As well as multiple crashfixes and minor tweaks. See full changelog here.

Download | GitHub

source: VCMI Discord

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Adventure awaits in version 1.0 of the critically acclaimed turn-based strategy game Songs of Conquest with a brand new campaign, giving the player control over the gold loving, gun-wielding merchant faction known as Barya. The release also comes with news of a console version coming this fall (hopefully), a soundtrack and a digital art book

Artwork from Songs of Conquest

 Songs of Conquest sketches

Initially, the console version it seems to be for Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, but who knows what the future holds? Until we get more information regarding the future, we do know that Steam Deck support is official, which allow players to take their adventure spirit with them where ever they go.

Songs of Conquest on Playstation 5

Songs of Conquest on a Playstation 5

Truly amazing work by my fellow countrymen over at Lava Potion, nothing but praise for their team. This game has gathered a community consisting of players, map makers and creatives alike. The game comes with a well-developed map editor, pixel art that actually looks amazing and unique. It offers challenging gameplay where you get to explore a great fantasy world through song in four campaigns. 

BaryaCampaign Cutscene Misson4 a Cutscene from the Barya Campaign

Speaking of campaigns, as mentioned earlier, the fourth and (for now) final campaign comes with the release of version 1.0. Guided by the singing of Carl Toftfelt and artist/composer Reynir Helgason we will get to explore the mercenary faction Barya, which homes heavy, muscular green Brutes, agile Sassanids, gun-wielding Musketeers and heavy machine Hellroar. It seems to literally be a blast! 

Battle Rana vs Barya  A Battle Between Rana and Barya


In the end, all I want to say is Congratulations to the team over at Lava Potion, 7 years of development, 2 years of early access and in the end, a really great looking 1.0. 


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Hey there fans of Might and Magic, long time, no see!
I just wanted to try and summarise some of the pretty awesome news that has been coming out of Lava Potion, developers of the much anticipated game Songs of Conquest lately. Oh, don't forget to look out for the competition in this post! 

Songs of Conquest - 1.0 on the horizonScreenshot from version 1.0 of Songs of Conquest


Firstly, we have a release date for Version 1.0 and that is May 20th. This is obviously huge news and as soon as I receive any updates on the release version I will try to do another article on it (unlike this article, which has been on my to-do list for weeks now... I'm sorry). This means that Heroes of Might and Magic fans out there will finally get to fully dive into this spiritual successor while we wait for Ubisoft announcing just about anything about this beloved franchise. From my own experience, Songs of Conquest not only managed to convince me that I am able to be fine with "pixel art", but it was one of few games released in the past 15 years that gave me that "just one more turn" feeling. Kudos to that! 

SongsOfConquest game logotype FULLCOLOR

On the 25th of April, the devs shared a Steam post about wanting the help of the community as they had managed to squish some significant AI bugs. If you want to contribute to the development of the game, you can do so by simply playing a map, keeping the following in mind:

I see myself as a:  <Difficulty> Player
I played with difficulty: <Difficulty>
On map: <Map Name>
Thoughts: (How did it feel, how many times did you reload, quick battles etc)

Your answer should be posted to this Steam Post

Speaking of maps, just about a month ago, the Lava Potion team also released 8 brand new maps which were a collaborative effort of the in-house devs and the community. Highlights include "Blades Edge", a balanced PvP arena for 2 players and "Ashen Allies", a co-op map without AI opponents which still offers a challenge by requiring players to team up against the treacherous environment. You can read the full post here. 

Songs of Conquest - Pixel Dragons wooh!

What are you looking forward to the most with Songs of Conquest? Let us know in the comments. First person to answer that also adds "key for me please" in the comment will receive a Steam Key that will give you a free copy of the game!

Good luck! 

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Songs of Conquest is going to the finale grande, with 1.0 release scheduled for May 20.

Third campaign for Barony of Loth has been reworked. New exclusive Great Excavation map was added and revamped Random Maps layouts.


Horn of the Abyss has achieved version 1.7.1 - featuring plethora of bugfixes. Graphically speaking new underground and sand battlefields and a  new cactus object

Download HotA

Unreal Engine 5.4 is out, so maybe, perhaps can be once used in some future Heroes game ;)

Skald: Against the Black Priory

It's a Lovecraftian adventure in 2D, with like pretty much old pixelized graphics. And that make it interesting, very much, to compare it to old Might & Magic games.

Not yet released, that date is scheduled for 30th May. But if you will check it on Steam now, there's Developer showcase live.

Demo is available over & developer's showcase over Steam.

Lets us know, what do you think about the game. Interested? p

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newshornHello Folks!

Our Forums were updated, including some settings. victory

No longer is possible to create threads in "Site Comments" section, unless you are  CelestialHeavens Staff or Mod Squad member.

Also some older and not really compatible styles were removed. Remaining styles are only prosilver,  jprosilver and chSilver, with chSilver coming like a default.

As usually report any bugs (or ideas) in the Bug thread.

Best Heroes 3 Memes - Premiere