VCMI 1.3 was released

  • vcmi logo

  • Scalable user Interface
  • Touchscreen improvements
  • RMG
  • Improved Adventure AI
  • Fixed Campaigns
  • HoTA Maps Support

Heroes5.5(18d) were released

New patch, this patch is more than a critical hotfix, but less than a usual bigger patch, more like some important stuff got done much faster than expected.

Heroes Orchestra

heroesorchestra logo s
2x Big Free Live Concerts today. Enjoy! Heroes II - IV.
NEXT CONCERT? 19.08 Lublin!

Fanstratics Letter #36

Halberdier - H3 Source Code - Ubisoft


Fixed replacing/adding sounds

fheroes2 - Free Heroes of Might and Magic II Resurrection

  • Significantly Updated Adventure Map AI
  • New option to lower the campaign difficulty during playthroug

Silence of the Siren - Base UI

Capturing and upgrading your bases is crucial for your economy, but it must always be balanced with other elements to ensure victory. Never underestimate the need to explore. Good usage of all advantages the map gives you can be just as important, but that is something we will show you more about in the future

Our "Xeen Team" ranked #5 in Creature Quest :D
& I'm out for vacations on following two weeks

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"Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes" is back in "Definitive Edition" as of 20th July.

MMCOH DE Keyart 1

Peeking through reviews at Steam:

  • Everyone is happy for ressurection of the game. thumbsup
  • Online mode is back!
  • Game code is old and it seems that is essentially still the same, ppl still complain about some old bugs at Steam.
  • Check Dotemu pages for overview of a new CoH DE toff
  • Or you can jump to our older news, what is the new content summarized.

Resume line: "If you played the original game and are not in need of playing it online, Definitive edition brings you mostly only the new Campaign and no other significant improvements."

From Dotemu announcement:

Originally developed by Capybara Games, Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes is getting a Definitive Edition including its DLC, refreshed character portraits, many quality-of-life improvements and an expanded, fully reworked and re-balanced online mode!.

The game is available for PC, Nintendo Switch and PS.

Xbox was omitted which is a grave mistake in my view. To see Nintendo Switch impressions, look at the reviews at

Happy Gaming!

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This month I have four topics concerning the Toadish Intruder, Game AI, HoMM3 gameplay, and a new ‘HoMM3 Recollection’ about HoMM2 Gold.

CH Note: "This is a bit abbreviated version of Greg's letter, if you wish to see original, check here."


Fanstratics Troop: Toadish Intruder

Toadish Intruders are a difficult Troop to engage under any circumstance.  Wielding a long, heavy rapier, doused with toxins derived from their wart-covered skin, the Toadish Intruder specializes not in killing, but in applying poisonous debilitation.  If they are unable to pierce their targets and administer their contaminants, their own thick hide has a chance to apply a pollutant to any Troop brave enough to Assault them.  As expected, this Troop is immune to the very contagions it produces.

Justin asked if he could conceptualize and render this Troop on his Twitch stream.  I said, “Sure.”  This put us on an accelerated timeline as Justin had the last two weeks of the month scheduled for other things.  Considering how this Troop turned out, perhaps we should ‘rush’ more often.  Another favorite.

For those who want to see Justin create the drawing, there are two VOD’s from his Twitch stream.  First is a conceptualization, with the second being the final render.

fst toadish intruderToadish Intruder - Colorized by CH 

Fanstratics Question: I really like HoMM III and HoMM V (as it close to third part), but I have one major problem with both of them.  Mainly we play with my wife in hotseat mode with teams (humans vs AI).  And at some level of our skills it becomes quite boring to play against AI (especially in HoMMV).  AI becomes predictable or even stupid (for example, AI heroes run back and forth until the end of movement points).  So, did you consider such a problem?  As I understand, today machine learning can dramatically change the situation.

Regarding the AI, I can only speak to HoMM3.  Overall, for something programmed in 1999, I believe it does what it is supposed to do, and I think it does its job quite well.  Is there room for improvement?  I believe ‘yes’.

Where Fanstratics is concerned, I suspect we will take a traditional approach when building our AI.  Still, if time and budget permit, I would like to add additional 'AI profiles' at a later date.  This is where machine learning could possibly play a role.  We'll see what happens.  AI is quickly becoming the newest frontier in game and technology development.

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Ok, folks, this is definitively not Babylon V. smile teeth

But they hopefully will be bearing the same level of coolness. We might be witnessing turning Master of Magic into Steampunk game. More to be seen after DLC Rise of The Soultrapped, which will be on at 28th August (2023).

Read full annoucement at Steam.

Don't forget that even MoM is discounted now.

Fourteen words to make someone fall in love with you forever. Seven words to make them go without pain. How to say good-bye to a friend who is dying. How to be poor. How to be rich. How to rediscover dreams when the world has stolen them. That is why we are going away—to preserve that knowledge.

~Babylon V

 MoM RotS TechnomagesDC1MoM RotS TechnomagesDC2

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A verbosely very nicely quiet reminder, that period of summer sale madness is back! cancerleovirgo

soc ss

gog icon 135545logo steamEpic Games logoEven Master of Magic is finally discounted smile teeth

Happy Summer Time!
(Better in nature though. Water is calling.. )

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Who could say, that this game would be still alive? And yet, it's.

It does live and prosper, parting not only in "Limited Edition at Gog" but also bashing in continuous modding support to be playable, enjoyable, comfortable and getting some extra love from the fans. 

 There are several famous modifications:

Where you can explore and check various links to other projects. As there's more of it. big smile

To rephrase from our past:

Introduction, by Vox Clamant


Might and Magic VI is a classic. Perhaps more than any other, certainly more than MM7 and MM8, it is a very non-linear campaign with a lot of flexibility in how you play it. It also seems to have key quests spread over a much wider area leading to a real premium of spells like Town Portal. Indeed, for the first third of the game until you are at a level where you can know the Town Portal spell, one of the two NPCs you will find early on who have that skill are critical.


In the Mandate of Heaven, King Roland has locked himself in his castle, with hordes of demons infesting the land, and a well-hidden traitor thwarting every plan to regain control of the lands. The only hope is that a small band of adventurers from the town of New Scorpigal can accomplish where the great heroes of the land have failed. You must somehow enter The Hive -- a terrible place swarming with demons and worse! -- and kill the Hive Queen in her lair. Only then, can you finally stop the flow of demons into the land.

Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven

  • Released: April 30, 1998
  • Synopsis: With Sheltem death Xenofex is approaching
  • Five years were worthy of waiting :D
  • New Continent Enroth, bye bye Xeen
  • Easter Egg Dungeon, go find!

Please discuss that at our forums or you are also encouraged to peek at Mandate Mania site.

Other sources: Mobygames, Eurogamer

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Archon games are letting your know, that "Pledge Manager" is now open, for you, to late join in. And it includes even one more faction in, which is Inferno. On popular demands.


What is "Pledge Manager"?

It's a website that works like an online store and is completely separate from Kickstarter. Here you can choose the Pledge you desire the most, purchase any additional Add-Ons and provide us with your postage address. At this stage you can also choose your language version.

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Dotemu is all of suden striking with revival of Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes in Definitive Edition. This summer on your PC/PS4 or Nintendo Switch. Users of Xbox were pushed out. disagree

What will be refreshed or added?

  • Art Style, portraits, characters
  • Rebalanced MP (online, offline supported both)
  • Free DLC, to play for one of 4 villains
  • & MP Boss from that DLC
  • Story mode

Let us know what you think/expect from the refresh and if you are going to play it again?

See the official trailer below.

sources: Eurogamer, Techpowerup
Also thanks to EvilP to brings that on! thumbsup wink

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Age of Wonders IV were released at 2nd May. Reviews are positive and you can expect a tons of funs and hours immeresed in the game.

Game itself is taking over 20GB on the HDD. Minimal requirements seems to be modest too, CPU: i5-2500K/Ryzen 5 1600X, GPU: GTX670/HD7870, OS: Windows 64bits.

As the game is far too complex, I'm linking reviews down. The important message is: "Modding support is in!"


Web | Steam | GoG

And with the Spiff on the end:

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A new HoMM engine has recently emerged, this time written for browsers and with features rivaling VCMI and fheroes2

  • Fully parallel multiplayer (one player's turn or combat don't lock out everyone)
  • Flexible combat (any number of heroes, dimensions and stacks per hero)
  • Maps with the unlimited number of levels
  • Tri-state fog of war (added "terrain explored" state)
  • Focus on modding and extensibility
  • Potential support of HoMM 2 as well as other classic TBS
  • Replays, spectator mode and many more

Project's web site is (try playing the Tutorial).
Current version is very bogus and works slowly but the project is actively looking for beta-testers and skilled contributors!

GitHub | Forum | Discord

YouTube demos:

  • Custom combat with larger field, 4 heroes and 10 creature stacks per hero
  • Map with three levels
  • Adaptive UI for desktop/tablet/phone screens (teaser!)
  • Multiplayer with a spectator

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