New Sss'Ra in MoM2

We have it, it's fresh and anew. Another MoM2 Dev blog from MuHa games. Now, that looks pretty good. applause

We’re looking for beta testers

Before we move on to the actual dev diary, we would like to make an announcement that might be very interesting for quite a few players: the start of the beta isn’t far now, and we’re looking for willing beta testers!

If you would like to give us a hand and give honest feedback on the current version of the game, look no further and click here.


  • City borders are now visible, so you know the area of influence of a city. 
  • And markers for places of interest were changed.
  • The new town image was changed to look more like a drawing, rather than mimicking reality in 2d. 
  • Secondly, inspired by feedback from our Discord channel, the icons got a revamp and are now more colourful.
  • The city management window is also brighter, but it also received an additional functionality – when you double click on the city, it will now take you directly into the city view (before, you had to click on the button, and it placed you outside the city, so too many unnecessary clicks). Note, that the mini map in both is a placeholder!

Etsy Item Listing Photo 5 1

MoM2 SkillsFocus

MoM2 Town Screen


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fst humna paladin
There's a lot what happend in the World of Fanstratics and certainly more recollection stories from Greg. Please take a look on following links, listing each letter.

Don't forget to visit also gallery, to see new creatures. For each letter, there's one new. If you open it and then use shrink (click on left arrows) creature description will pop up.

I'm not sure why exactly but WIX pages are not friendly. Each "reformatting" of the letter cost me more time, than coloring the image. So it can be half and hour for newsletter and half hour for image. And now is time to admit, that I can't reformat 6 letters at once. Hat down, Greg can be very prolific.

Let us know, what you like here the most. :D  As well I'm going to close question for Greg soon and dispatch them in this month. So grab your last chance, when it last. :D

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New ERA mod adding 13 towns, so in total there will 22 towns in the game. Supported languages Korea and English, announced to be released at April.

The mod is grouping together smaller town mods, with their author consent. Huge part will be about balancing.

H3 LoS

Sources: Original Blog | HC | Heroes3Wog

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Polish game development group 1C Entertainment SA said today it has been acquired by Tencent.
(1C Entertainment publisher of King's Bounty, Men of War, IL-2 Sturmovik, Ancestors Legacy, Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark, Deep Sky Derelicts & more)

The two closed a deal reached in late November, in which Tencent agreed to take all shares previously owned by 1C Entertainment’s previous parent, 1C, giving it a majority stake in the Warsaw-headquartered company and all of its subsidiaries. The deal also stipulated that 1C Entertainment and all subsidiaries with “1C” in their names will be renamed within six months of the deal’s completion. Rebranding details will be communicated to the press and partners separately.

1C Entertainment said it looks forward to joining the Tencent family and expects to reap the benefits of numerous synergies between the two companies.

“We are truly excited by this deal. It is an amazing opportunity for 1CE to achieve our wildest dreams and aspirations in the video games business. Our vision and passion will be now backed by a leading global games company, and I am humbled by the unique chance of working together with Tencent and the other top creative minds that are part of its global ecosystem,” said Tomasz Nieszporski, 1C Entertainment management board member.

“We couldn’t be more pleased to work with the talented team at 1C Entertainment, supporting them as they embark on a new phase of growth,” said Tencent Games Global Chief Technology Officer Li Shen.

End of official reprint from Warsaw, Feb. 25, 2022. See the full annoucement or the structure. As of possible outcome, we will see.

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Matt Chat 481: Might and Magic World of Xeen

The always excellent Matt Barton plays Might and Magic World of Xeen. smile9

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h2 tBGWeek of.. , well. They opened site and discord. If you have any questions, you can just join them now and ask, see links at the end. smile9

The game is originally scheduled to appear at Kickstart by November 2022, you can subscribe to watch it.

  • The game is described as 1-3 players, 45-130 mins, recommended age 14+. So far they are not considering to release also version without miniatures (minis).
  • Core Box Factions: Castle, Dungeon and Necropolis
  • Gameplay is limited to one hero per player. You can also develop one town only (mechanical limitation), but you'll be able to conquer other players' towns. Furthermore, you can find settlements on the adventure map (as you may remember from "Heroes 3," they're some "minor towns") that will bring chosen benefit. :-)
  • There will be 2 heroes per each faction (1 for Might and 1 for Magic class).
  • Movement on the adventure map? Heroes will have movement points - they will have to spend 1 point to move 1 field on the tile, or to discover a new adjacent tile.
  • The "Fog of war" system is already developed. Some tiles would be faceup from the beginning of the game; during the game, heroes will discover more tiles and "build" the map through their movement.
  • To reduce downtime in the 3-player gameplay: At the same time - the first player is performing PVE, the second is controlling the neutral creatures in this PVE, and the third is building structures in their town and recruiting units. :-)
  • One mini per each faction creature and two heroes' minis per faction. Neutral creatures could be depicted in another way.
  • Oh, "Astrologers proclaim," events will be resolved at the beginning of every second round.

This text was gathered from BoardGG forum, replies by Jakub Olekszyk Archon’s Lead Game Designer.

You can take a deeper look in at their "Designer's note on HOMM3 Board Game gameplay" newsletter entry #1.


BoardGG | Discord | Images Gallery | Blog | Our Thread

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Upcoming interview with David Mullich

It's been quite some time since I last scheduled an interview for the Celestial Heavens YouTube, so it was about time to make it happen again! 

Sir MullichThis time, I will be joined by none other than David Mullich, who was the producer of Heroes of Might and Magic III. He has worked on games spanning over three decades and for companies like EA and Disney
I highly doubt any of you have missed out on who he is, afterall, he even has a Hero made after him in Heroes of Might and Magic III. 

Like always, we are interested to know whether you have any questions you would like us to ask David.
Deadline for this is the 6th of February as we will hold the interview on the 7th. 

David MullichSir Mullich, armed for battle! He may have grayed since fighting for Armageddon's Blade, but he is no less formidable. Armor and weaponry crafted by Arthammer LARP Workshop in Kyiv, Ukraine. 

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Expert Leadership

Heroes IV Axeoth Restoration Team Proudly Presents: Masters of The Elements

The conversion works are moving nicely forward, you can watch it continuously in this thread.

So far Warlords of the Wasteland, Conquest of the Underworld, Masters of the Elements have been converted from Heroes III campaigns to Heroes IV. And you are all welcomed to play them. For details, like bugs reporting please resort to this README.

masters of the elements

Thanks iLiVeInAbOx05, ByteBandit and other team members for your effort!  thumbsup

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Senior Brand Manager [Might & Magic]

There's link. Position is located in Shanghai. In the text M&M franchise is described as AAA. And it might be a PC game as well. Nowhere is written that it would be Heroes game though. And that it will get assigned AAA budget.Iconical Angel


Ubisoft Shanghai is looking for a Senior Brand Manager to champion the brand marketing and product marketability of a new Might & Magic AAA game. Under the management of the Brand director, join an ambitious team and help reinvent one the biggest Fantasy franchise in video game history.



  • Define the product positioning strategy: target audiences, market mapping and audience sizing, consumer promise and key pillars.
  • Ensure the product marketability from conception phase to release and live phase. Actively monitor market and entertainment trends, competition activity and provide relevant reports & analysis (competitor, risk etc.).  Initiate relevant consumer research to confirm and adjust product marketability over time.
  • Establish the product communication strategy (key phases, events, messages, main brand assets) and define & manage the associated brand marketing budget.
  • Work with internal or external artist(s) and agencies to create the main brand assets – CGI movies, trailers, key artworks, etc.  Create and share products style guides to ensure consistency in all deliveries (graphic & more)
  • Instruct internal and external stakeholders on the game and the product strategy and relay back their insights and feedback to the product team.
  • Represent the project and team and be key public speaker for the game towards external audiences- business partners, media, influencers, star players and communities.
  • Help maximize the business potential of the product working closely with dev ops and business teams to design appealing & effective content updates, monetization offers, partnerships and merchandizing plans.

ubisoft senior brand manager

PS If they will again create M&M team, will they answer all these questions sent over time?

Thanks Marzhin and Angelspit!

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Happy New Year!

Yesterday evening, some very exciting news started circling Might and Magic communities across the web. In addition to that, this was just posted on their Facebook page.

"Heroes III: Day of Reckoning
We hope you enjoyed the teaser video from the Day of Reckoning team.
We are a community made expansion for Heroes of Might and Magic III.
There will be more information coming out in the near future. Make sure to follow us to stay tuned.
Happy New Year
DoR Team"

Heroes of Might and Magic III: Day of Reckoning


Here is the YouTube teaser posted by the team.

"To celebrate the New Year with all Heroes fans, the Day of Reckoning project alongside MDT would like to present you all the first trailer for a new fan expansion in the works for Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete.
Happy New Year!"

'There is not a lot of information as of now. But the video show a new ice landscape, a Vori Castle, a new, frosty looking hammer (artifact?) and some new game mechanics.
Besides that, there seem to be buildings from the Forge faction. A new hero portrait and sprite for Gelu, a hero named Falagar and some interesting dialogue as well as new spells and designs.
We can also see the Day of Reckoning team adding creatures and creature banks from modifications like Grove.

Can you spot something that we missed? Share that, or your general impressions with us in the comments below.

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