Celestialheavens wish you Happy Christmas all Roundtablers and our faithful readers and contributors, being from the past, present or the future ones.

Merry Christmas, steady health and ability to sustain your good mood in any times, twice in these enchanted period.

And, ..a lots of presents! Shall not forget this. :)

As a small Christmas gift, we prepared a mod overviews, to play the old games in new coat.

Heroes VII

There are rulling three mods, sewed into one. You might heard about Hades mod or Heroes 7.5, with UCP and The Shadows Over Ashan. You want Inferno, you want Xel? You can taste them here as you wish. Heroes 7.5 version 1.17 and UCP 1.13 has been all released recently.

Heroes V

Where would be Heroes V without Quantomas and Legends of the Ancients? Rhetorical question, because we have both in one pack and you can got  the most recent version here, from Quantomas' pages.

There's another mod, where exists Quantomas AI, in early state and these are Heroes 5.5. Also released as RC15 Beta 2 during Christmas time.

Both versions are very different. And in both cases just remember, that "Combat AI" is not affected and perhaps will be tinkered in new releases done by Quantomas. He's having plans for, that's sure.

Heroes IV

There are two supermods. You might not heard about the Equilibris 3.6 for a while but it's here! It's beta and it's having HD included. Tap there to read the changelog and test it. ;)

Another one is Heroes IV Ultimate by Nimostar. Both are fresh and ready to be played.

Heroes IV Map Generator/Utility which is advanced editor. For a future, iLiVeInAbOx05 is also working on converting H3 maps to H4. This is related also to H4 Unity Project - Restoration of Axeoth, which will bring you four campaigns based on Terry Ray scripting. The first two are ready!

There is also place to mention Verokster's OpenGL Wrappers for Heroes II - IV ,which were released during this year. And are alredy being utilizet by some mods, like Heroes IV Ultimate mod.

Heroes III

Simple this year. You go with HotA (balance and multiplayer focused, inlcuding online lobby), ERA (Which is effectively surpassing WoG, you can use your ERM knowledge here), Succesion Wars Mod or the very last Heroes Chronicles - Fully Compability HD mod.

ERA is something like incubator for other mods, so you can accompany it with Advanced Classes mod for ERA 3 and really many others, mostly towns and skills mods. Current version is ERA 3.9 from Sept 2021. See the releases folder.

Heroes II

Where it's currently domain of fheroes2 development team, working ceaselessly and rapidly. And you can find them and express them support also on patreon. This new engine which needs the original game work with is splendid and if you ever loved Heroes II it will start to burn again.

Latest Christmas version is 0.9.11

Russian language added. Spell description for heroes, pre-calculated to see the actual damage. And map information popup window while right clicking on a map in the list of maps. This window shows the location of the file and map type: either "The Succession Wars" or "The Price of Loyalty" so players can easily find these files on their machines.

Besides this the team fixed AI behavior during castle defense, updated logic with roads, fixed many places for rendering and even added support of national symbols as a part of path on Windows. Overall the team managed in a such short period to fix more than 20 bugs.

Might & Magic

Famous MM678Merge which everyone goes for, started by Rodril, or almost unknown MM 6/7/8 Total Remake, which is still being developed but you need to compile it first. This second uses different engine.

And not even less famous Chaos Conspiracy Redone Enhanced for MM6. Which was first created by a great Big Daddy Jim, then enhanced by Maestro, later by GrayFace and its maintained and worked upon by David Hernandez.

Immersion Mod, which is music mod only, for again MM 6-8.

And latest MM6 Patch v 2.5.5 or MM7 Patch 2.5.5 and MM8 Patch 2.5.5 by GrayFace.

Might & Magic: Myth

which is not a mod but rather RTS implementation. Download here.

Also check our Best Deals if you want a help with picking a good games for a good price!

See the comments in the forum.
Last edited at 23.1.2022, to complete the overwhelming Christmas releases.

Last updated: 2.1.2021

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Hello there! Tarnum the Immortal hero has returned! Or maybe he never left for some, such as myself. Either way, there is a new reason to pick up Heroes Chronicles again, whether for the first time or the hundredth time!

Heroes Community and Acidcave member VIP has just released Project Chronicles, which is a mod for Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Complete and Heroes Chronicles that brings all of the Chronicles chapters into one place!

There is a new user interface which allows the player to select and launch whichever chapter they wish to play, including the fan made Glory of War chapter.

Project Chronicles Launcher

Each chapter selection will first bring up a newly created introduction for the campaign before launching. These intros contain text from the box sets of the games, as well as the text from the 3DO website for World Tree and Fiery Moon.

Project Chronicles Intro World Tree

 Project Chronicles Sword

Project Chronicles Final Chapters

Anything that was on the box sets of Heroes Chronicles can be found here. From the campaign descriptions, to the NWC promotions on the back of the boxes, to the previews and tutorials. Everything is there that you could find in the original, but all in one easy to find location. It’s a Tarnum delight!

Project Chronicles Title Warlords

Project Chronicles Title Conquest

Each chapter contains the tutorial just as it is in the original. The preview selection screen has also had a major facelift. The original versions just have buttons with the name of the Heroes Chronicles chapter for each preview. Here you now have these glorious images from the chapters to choose from.

Project Chronicles Tutorial Revolt

Project Chronicles Tutorial SwordProject Chronicles Previews1Project Chronicles Previews2

Each chapter plays just like the original games, and did I mention this mod also uses the HD mod? It is packaged up with the installer so no need to go looking for it if you’re like me and haven’t messed around much with Heroes 3 mods.

Project Chronicles Campaign Selection

There are lots of goodies to be found here. If you’ve never had the box sets with the player manuals, there are some nice little tidbits that you have likely missed, such as the letters from Tarnum for the majority of the Chronicles chapters. These have all been included with a completely new presentation like this one from The Sword of Frost below.

Project Chronicles Letter Sword

If you’ve been away from Heroes Chronicles for a while like I have been, or just miss Tarnum, this is a great time to rekindle the friendship! This mod supports two languages: Polish and English, and they are selectable during installation.

So, what are the requirements to be able to use this mod? You’ll need to have purchased and installed Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Complete, either the GoG version or CD version, and all chapters of Heroes Chronicles (except for World Tree and Fiery Moon, as these were released for free), also either the GoG version or CD version.

As of the time of this writing, is actually having their winter sale, and both Heroes 3 Complete and Heroes Chronicles All Chapters are 75% off. If for some reason you don’t have these already, head over to GoG and pick them up for super cheap and give Project Chronicles a try! The number of hours I personally sank into playing Heroes Chronicles, before Project Chronicles, for just $2.50 was just insane. Totally worth the price!

Here is the link to VIP’s thread on HeroesCommunity. Near the bottom of the original post there is a play-by-play to walkthrough the installer, as it might be a little confusing at the moment.

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One hour of seamless majestic fantasy music. Please enjoy this new gameplay footage from the Alpha version of the game. We've mixed it up with both previously unreleased tracks and a few songs that has already been made available online.


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  • Added new creature 'Infernal Lich' replacing 'Venom Spawn'
  • Created Spazz Maticus First Mission, where you lead him from a spoiled kid to a king or alike..
  • Fixed resolutions ratios

Ah, news from Nemostar are always sweet.. ;)

Of course a lot of bugfixes. 

Thank You Nemo!

Discord | HC | Download

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Main improvements and changes - What will be the differences? - Events Editor - Diplomacy - Beta in early 2022

There's new Dev Blog at MuHa Games and this time it's going to be more interesting, as you finally see something from the mechanic and planned things. You can read full Dev Blog here.

..customising your playthrough is a feature we hope to greatly improve from the original. So apart from the usual difficulty settings, we’d like to include as many on/off options as we can, especially when it comes to things that stray from the original, but not exclusively so. 

As an example, in addition to the option of turning the game’s events on/off, we already have a second pack of events that will also be optional. Another plan is to have customisable AI difficulty. While these are only a few examples, our intention is to build up this list, especially once the game is playable and thus open to more precise feedback.

 MoM2 Event Editor

Another feature that already received a makeover, are the events. There will be two event packs at launch, one, the original 18 events, and another, with brand new ones. You will of course be able to switch both/either on and off. While the original events are copied from the old game directly, they have been updated and given alternate routes. So, when you encounter an earthquake for example, in the original, it was simply a notification, in the new version, you may have an option to mitigate the effects. The new event pack will follow the same rule, events that occur will have multiple ways of resolution, instead of them being simple notice.

MoM2 Earthquake


The plan is for Master of Magic to remain as a single player game. .. This may change in the future of course.. 

MoM2 TauronEvolution

As for the other moddable features, driven by xml-based databases, players may modify a large number of the game’s functionality via easy to use text editors. Some examples of things you will be able to mod:


  • Units and heroes by adding/removal of skills and attributes, or by creation of new units. Give them the ability to add XP (not all units do), the ability to regenerate or change their upkeep costs.
  • Spells, skills and enchantments – our system allows the modification of a large number of basic parameters, while some scripts driving their exact functionality and the way AI interprets their value are in a separate file, written in c# and also open for modification.

Apart from the database, players with more technical skills may look into exposed c# scripts that the game uses to make decisions in many areas. For example, “BattleAIScripts“ allow modders to change the way the AI makes decisions during battle, how it handles spell casting, unit movement and decides when to shoot, when to attack and when to run.


Other script files handle spell, skill or enchantment functionalities, including those that estimate their value for the AI and the scripts that are used when an effect is applied or removed in the game


Will diplomacy be improved?


Yes. Diplomacy in the original game was complex, but it was mostly suffering from a very large number of issues and bugs. We aim to recreate the system, but of course also fix it.

Art by Iwo Widuliński

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We are looking for more testers!

We will soon add 100 new testers to our ongoing closed Alpha and we are doing a raffle on our Discord server to give out the keys.

We need players who are able to test and give feedback regarding Songs of Conquest, on the PC / Windows platform, on a private Discord server. You will not be able to share any video, screenshots, etc anywhere else than on the private Discord server. 

The contest is open for 24 hours only, so make sure to apply before then. After that we will close the Discord channel and draw the winners, who will then be contacted via direct messages through Discord.

Best of luck!

Reposting that here, for anyone interested to help them nerfing the SoC. "Speed is life, life is speed." As once Sir Mullich said wink

Epiloque: Thanks to you, they received more than 2k applications. This is nice! Now, if you applied, you will either receive the key or not, within a week. Huzzah!

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The Heroes 4 Restoration of Axeoth project has had a lot of movement lately. Here’s a list of some of what we’ve been up to. Make sure you read until the end for a surprise discovery!

  • New team member: ByteBandit!
  • Heroes IV Chronicles
  • H3->H4 conversion feature
  • Unity update
  • Every Dog Has His Day
  • Something special, super secret, just recently uncovered by Jonny!

 First I would like to welcome our newest member to the team: ByteBandit! His name is probably recognizable, as he has been on the HoMM scene for quite a while! 

ByteBandit is currently working on a few things:

  • Translating non-English maps to English
  • Heroes IV Chronicles 

What is Heroes IV Chronicles? It’s a faithful port of the Heroes Chronicles series to Heroes of Might and Magic IV! This is something very near and dear to my heart, as the HoMM series came alive for me like never before when I played them. Long live Tarnum! 

Currently we have the first, second, and third maps of Warlords of the Wastelands completed, with the fourth map in progress. He has been painting terrain and placing objects simply by approximating the locations from the Heroes 3 map onto the Heroes 4 map. That’s a lot of work! 

Fortunately, there is a new feature being worked on for the Advanced Options Map Editor: Heroes 3 map -> Heroes 4 map conversion. The plan for this feature is just like it sounds, to convert a Heroes of Might and Magic 3 map into a Heroes of Might and Magic 4 map. Big thanks to HeroesCommunity member RoseKavalier for finding a Java library that can parse Heroes 3 maps.

At the moment, the Advanced Options Map Editor is able to open a Heroes 3 map, convert the terrain, and add it to a new Heroes 4 Map.

The next step will be to start converting objects from H3 -> H4. This part is a little tricky, and we could use some help. If you are interested in helping us map H3 object types to H4 object types, please send me (iLiVeInAbOx05) a pm, or let me know in the Advanced Options Map Editor thread.

Update on the Unity Campaign port.

Anyone that remembers the Unity project probably thinks it is dead and gone by now. Well, that’s certainly not the case and work still progresses on it! 

Just a quick summary for anyone that doesn’t know about this port: Unity (and Every Dog Has His Day) are the never released campaigns written by Terry Ray for Heroes 4. Marzhin was able to release a version of these maps for Heroes 7, and was kind enough to release the actual Terry Ray scripts to the community. (See this thread for more details)

Back to the update!

The first map, The Isle of Order, is completed (though I do want to go back and change a few things). The writing and landscaping for the Isle of Life are complete, with a good amount of scripting done as well. The writing for the Isle of Nature is complete. Ideas for the spells on the Isles of Chaos and Death have been written out, so all that needs to be done is expanding them to actual story texts. Then we just need the landscaping for the remaining three maps. 

Update on the Every Dog Has His Day port. 

Wait, update? There was never any news that the port for Every Dog Has His Day had even begun. 

Well, it has.. and it’s actually finished.. That’s right, the campaign is done! Here are a couple screenshots of the start of the campaign below.

EDHHD beginningnew portal

So, how is it that we were able to port Every Dog Has His Day so fast? Well, that’s the super secret discovery made by Jonny.

We were discussing the best way to move forward with the Dogwoggle campaign, specifically where each of the campaign maps should fall on the world map, when Jonny decided to take a look at the TGS Dogwoggle campaign.

He quickly noticed that each of the TGS Dogwoggle campaign maps actually already fit on the world map.. So wait a second, but maybe he needed to look even closer? 

EDHHD Worldmap

Next Jonny noticed that the Terry Ray script for Every Dog Has His Day actually matched everything you see in the first map of the TGS version.

The more he looked through the maps, the more he realized that the TGS version was, in fact, a reconceptualized Terry Ray Every Dog Has His Day campaign!

Note. There were of course some small differences, as the campaign needed to be molded to the current incarnation of the TGS Dogwoggle campaign. 

But, if that’s not enough to convince you, maybe this will. Below is an image of the TGS Dogwoggle campaign’s first map underground, with the cave shroud removed.

secretThe terrain you see there was already in place! They were working on the area on Antagarich following the clash of Armageddon’s Blade and the Sword of Frost, where Dogwoggle makes his way to one of the portals. They then cut the Terry Ray version of the campaign, covered the underground with cave, and left the current small starting area for the TGS campaign!

What does this mean? We’ve actually had the Every Dog Has His Day campaign all along, just not with the Terry Ray script. 

Jonny did his thing and made all the necessary updates, including getting the Terry Ray script added so that we can actually have the real thing! 

When will we be releasing it? Not quite yet. Since most people have played the Dogwoggle campaign already, we wanted to add some flavor to the maps. Take another look at the two campaign images above again to see what I mean. 

There will also be a purist version of the campaign, without the enhancements for those that want exactly what NWC would have released.

The way we plan to release both Unity and Every Dog Has His Day is so that they will override the Masters of Magic and Might Makes Right campaigns, respectively, making them playable via the TGS campaign selection. 

That’s it for the project update! If anyone is interested in helping out in anyway, even just helping play-test the maps and campaigns, please let me know!

Thanks for reading!
- iLiVeInAbOx05

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 H3 tBG units

How I will know exact date when the game will be ready on kickstarter?

Subscribe at and from here also on kickstarter. You will receive notification e-mail when it will all begin. And that shall be at November 2022.

Who is staying behind the game?

Archon Studio, thoroughtful maker of tabletop games and miniatures with love and help of kickstarter platform. You can see their previous activities here.

Is that official?

Yes, the project got official blessing from Ubisoft.

Is that first?

Also yes, to my knowledge this will be the first Heroes III board game, with Ubisoft blessing.

Also we have been lucky and sent Kamil a few questions:

CH: "The core game will feature three Towns to choose from: Inferno, Castle, and a yet to be announced faction. Each Town will feature two heroes to play as, along with creatures representing each Town."
Will backers have some chance to influence it? Iana did all towns but her Minotaur is really famous.

AS: Yep, of course, more towns could be unlocked during the KS campaign, and backers totally will have an impact on it.

CH: "The game will come with over 30 detailed miniatures, including famous heroes like, ‘Catherine Ironfist’ and ‘Xeron’, as well as iconic creatures like Archangels, infamous Devils, and all-time classic Dragons."
Models will be colorized or not? At what size?

AS: We'll offer pre-assembled miniatures, but unpainted. 25mm bases, 32mm - high.

CH: The Gameplay. That's a a big question, how it will be done. Can you say more about it?

AS: The game will have an exploration aspect - the main map will be created from the hexagonal tiles. The battles would take place on different boards, and players will be using units miniatures (some kind of a "quick chess" system). Also, economic aspects will be present - mines controlling, the town's developing (special town boards)....


CH: How many people are working on the project?

AS:  In the early stage, about a dozen. Deliver game best strategy in the HOMM3 universe as possible. And create a game for fans - we encourage to participate in our survey.

CH: If you can say, who stays behind game mechanic and art?

AS: We'll be using well-known in the community Iana's Vengerova's arts and Tomasz Badalski's works.

The main game's designers are Jakub Olekszyk (Wolfenstein, MOTU: Fields of Eternia) and Kamil Białkowski (MOTU: Fields of Eternia - solo rules).

CH: Any special event/activities/effects? Like Week of Imps? Holy Grail? Teleport?

AS: Sure! We're trying to find the best solution for implementing special effects.

CH: For an inspiration, do you know Karak? (That's tabletop game of year, here in Czech Republic. Dungeon. )

AS: Yep, we know "Karak" but it's mostly a dungeon crawler, so that's a different genre.

Thank you Kamil for coming and arranging the answers from your Archon Studio teammates. Much appreciated! You have our eternal thanks on the behalf of whole CH teeth

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MMXL Beauty and the Beast 115947 157397

Might & Magic X - Legacy is back! And Ubisoft claims that all has been fixed and as a bonus, for owners of a base game, all DLCs are free.

Back as back, come and check on Steam.

-- And in fact, you can now gladly ignore the review bombing, as it isn't relevant anymore. --

Ubisoft says:

"Our teams have spent the last few months investigating and testing the different solutions to make sure players' experience lives up to our standards in terms of quality of service," the Ubisoft Support account tweeted. "Today, we're happy to announce that all conditions are met to bring the game back to the Ubisoft Store and Steam, and that new and returning players can now venture into the wide and mysterious world of Ashan again."
As an apology for the hassle, Ubisoft is also making The Falcon and the Unicorn DLC free for all owners of the base game.

Let us know, if it meets your requirements too! smile teeth

~source: pcgamer

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Behold the cult classic soundtrack of Heroes of Might and Magic III, brought to vinyl for the very first time at long last, and in an awesome edition it truly deserves! We teamed up with Paul Anthony Romero and Rob King, the original creators of this masterpiece, to bring it back to life in a way which does justice to the legacy of both the game and music itself.


Magdalena Katańska about creating Cover Arts:

You can read more details about this nuff stuff at and if you happen to get in love with this piece of music, you can order it right away.

Behind the Scenes - P.A.R. and Matthias Adloff talks:

The important stuff summary is here:

  • 2 x LP 180 gram in antistatic sleeves. Available in four classic colors:
  • Necropolis Black, Inferno Red, Rampart Green, Castle Blue
  • First pressing, edition limited to 1000 copies total.
  • Remastered for vinyl by Matthias Adloff and Rob King.
  • Exclusive cover design by Magdalena Katańska, see her ArtStation profile
  • Estimated shipping date – Spring 2022.
  • Payment options: Card (Visa, Mastercard).

Vinyl Track List:





 PS Do you still have gramophone? The only backside here is, that they are listed like "Out of Stock". I will try to ask them, if there are some better news.

BACK Wizualizacja pojedyncza 2021 800x512

 And there are :)

We cannot promise anything yet but please follow us, it is probable that we will work on the second pressing in a couple of months.

Best regards
gamemusic team

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