fheroes2Free implementation of Heroes of Might and Magic II game engine based on SDL, under active development by fheroes2 Resurrection team. You can watch their annoucements here.

Build is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux. Technically you should own Heroes 2 or at least demo of Heroes 2 to playing it. Homepage of the project is https://github.com/ihhub/fheroes2

Full changelog.

Sure, that you are welcome to playing it and comment, as well as, to contribute!

  • Short News 23' Aug 12

    VCMI 1.3 was released

    • vcmi logo

    • Scalable user Interface
    • Touchscreen improvements
    • RMG
    • Improved Adventure AI
    • Fixed Campaigns
    • HoTA Maps Support


  • fheroes2 1.0.2

    Dear supporters of fheroes2 project!

    We are very excited to announce 1.0.2 version of the project!

    This release is full of interesting changes and improvements. So, let's get started.

    The team always spends time improving the performance of the engine and in this release we again improved

  • Short News 23' Feb 17

    Fat Thursday is over and we can focus back on the gaming world.

    fheroes2 version 1.0.1

    With various fixes of animations, shadows, AI and so forth there comes Android version, playable on phones (certainly like 6.5") or tablets. Check for the full annoucement ...

  • fheroes2 - Death Ripple

    death 10

    These are times, when you wish to be a Dragon or Unliving. Death Ripple looks nasty.

    src: fheroes2 for android

  • fheroes2 - Release 0.9.18

    ezgif 77

    Dear supporters and fans of Heroes of Might and Magic 2!

    Today we are excited to announce a new release of fheroes2 - 0.9.18! This release is a bit unusual in terms of visual representation but it contains a lot of important changes.

  • Happy Christmas 2021

    Celestialheavens wish you Happy Christmas
     ..to all Roundtablers and our faithful readers and contributors, being from the past, present or the future ones.

    Merry Christmas, steady health and ability to sustain your good mood in any times, twice in these enchanted period.

    And, ..a lots of presents! Shall not forget this. :)

    As a small Christmas gift, we prepared a mod overviews, to play the old

  • Short News 21' Sept 2

    heroesorchestra logo sHeroes Orchestra released very nice Prayer, from Heroes IV, you can listen to it just below:

    "They are going ready to complete Grassland Suite from HoMM IV. As these masterpieces have some of the best and most chilling tunes in the HoMM series."

    Tournament was arranged in H3: