Paul Anthony Romero

Might & Magic music composer, now it seems, like that he was always here.

  • Heroes Orchestra Live with Paul Anthony Romero

    Best Heroes 3 Memes - Premiere


  • Heroes Orchestra - Factory (ft. Paul Anthony Romero) | LIVE 2024

    This year, a new cool castle appeared in Heroes 3, we really wanted to work on it!
    Factory theme from the last concert from HEROES FESTIVAL. Big respect and thanks to the HotA Team for the teamwork. This is also LIVE version, so please don't expect best mixed studio audio quality. Cheers for the Star Wars fans hahahaha, hope you like it :D

    HEROES ORCHESTRA FESTIVAL 27.02 - 4.03 / 2024
    3/03/2024 25th HOMM3 Anniversary Concert ft. maestro Paul Anthony Romero


  • Paul Anthony Romero - Concerts in Kyiv

    Paul Anthony Romero will be having very soon two concerts in Ukraine with Lumos Orchestra. The dates are:

  • Heroes Orchestra - Haven theme from HoMM V | 4K

    Featuring Maestro P.A.R. wink
    Few years ago we announced the ...

  • Heroes Orchestra 5th Birthday Concertos

    heroesorchestra logo sOn September 24 Heroes Orchestra will celebrate 5th birthday, on this occasion they will stream live TWO ANNIVERSARY CONCERTS! First beginning at 17:00, second at 20:00, Central Europian Time.

    The creator of music for the Might and Magic games ...

  • Celebrating Paul Anthony Romero Birthday!

    Celebrating Paul Anthony Romero birthdays with Heroes Orchestra  virgo
    (P.A.R. was born September 10, 1965)