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Maptesting Matchmaker Service Policy

Got a map you need tested? Are you a player who feels like helping out one of the many mapmakers who generously builds maps for the community? Read these rules and recommendations to find out how you can get involved in this important field of the Heroes experience: The Maptesting Matchmaking Service.

What the mapmaker should do:

  • Fill out the fields in the test map submission form available here.

  • Regarding version numbers, use the following system for clarity: If you have not tested the map yourself, call it version 0.8. If you have tested the map, call it version 0.9. If you send in an update, change the version to reflect the number of testers who have worked on the map. For example, a map you have tested with two other testers would be version 0.92. Only when the map is posted in its final version should it be changed to 1.0.

  • Include the textfile with your map to be tested and name your zip archive with a unique name that corresponds to the name of the map. You can name the map file itself anything you want, but do not change the name of your zip archive for testing by adding version numbers or anything else, since you may wish to send updates and these will have to replace an existing copy. Less chance of error will occur if you follow this rule, as we cannot keep track of updated versions for you, and we need to keep only one copy of your archive in our database. Your final version for posting can, however, be named something else if you wish.

  • Email the zip archive to us at celestial heavens email It will help us if you include the same information in your textfile by pasting it into your email, so we don't have to extract it from your archive. Also, be sure you tell us (preferably in both the subject line and in the email message) that this is a test map and not a final version. It will then be posted and displayed in the section to the lower left on a first-come, first-served basis. CH may also, at our discretion, post a news item about it.

  • When a potential tester writes to you that they are willing to test your map, do them the courtesy of replying, even if to tell them that you have all the testers you need. Testers may become discouraged or change their mind if a reply is not made within a short time.

  • Plan your work schedule carefully. Once you have the testers and the feedback starts to roll in, try to make the necessary changes to your map as soon as possible, if further testing will be required. Chances are, you will still have the original testers' interest in helping you, so you will not have to look for new ones who will have to start from scratch.

  • We highly recommend that you save all correspondence and email addresses of your contacts. We do not keep track of who responds to the test map. It is also recommended that you attach all previous correspondences with your other testers to any new correspondence, thus giving everyone the benefit of knowing what's going on that still remains to be tested.

  • Send any updates you need posted to us, as well as your testers, and include an updated textfile as well.

  • Test maps will remain available until either the mapmaker informs us that they no longer need testers, the map is submitted for final posting, or a time-limit of 60 days is reached.

  • Maps tested using this service must be submitted to Celestial Heavens when complete, though you may also post them to other sites as well.

What the playtester should do:

  • Please do not download a map you do not intend to test, and try not to get carried away with trying to test every map available, as this can be more work than you may be able to commit to.

  • If you have questions for the mapmaker, contact them through their email listed in the map's information section first. Once your questions are answered and you agree to test the map then the download should be made. The reason is that there may be updates made in the time it takes for this correspondence to take place, ensuring that you will have the most recent version.

  • If you have no questions, download the map and contact the mapmaker, letting them know that you are testing their map. Give them a general idea how long you believe it will take to complete your testing of the whole map.

  • Keep in touch. If you experience a delay in testing, it is courteous to let the mapamker know this. Also, if it is a larger map or campaign, a progress report is very helpful. Take notes as you play, so you don't struggle to remember things at the end.

  • General politeness is a must. The mapmaker wants to know how to improve their map and if you find any errors. Let them know what you like about it, as well as what you don't like, but make sure you explain why you felt that way. They are generally not looking for a debate on what you like or don't like in the Heroes' game design. They are looking for people to test their maps for a successful play the way they have designed it.

What Celestial Heavens will do:

  • We will make every effort to post your map in a timely fashion. However, we cannot be responsible if there are problems with the testing process or incorrect information supplied by either party. Any problems with a mapmaker or a tester should be resolved between the respective parties. Celestial Heavens offers this as a matchmaking service only, and does not do any actual testing.

  • If you notice any errors with a map archive file or information displayed about it, please contact us so it can be corrected.

  • Celstial Heavens reserves the right to make changes to this service or policy at any time. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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