Songs of Conquest - Trailer, Release Date

Songs of Conquest is back and banging the drums in an all new trailer featuring gameplay footage and more epic sounding music. 
They have also launched their new, updated website containing some sweet new designs and information about their game. Make sure to check it out here: 

Songs of Conquest website


SoC FactionsSnapshot from the new website which contains a lot of information about factions, gameplay modes and more. 

Perhaps the most important part of the trailer is revealed here: Songs of Conquest - Release Date

Coming Early 2022 
That's some huge news, which we have been looking forward to A LOT! You are already able to Wishlist it on Steam here and on here
With the news out there, let's dive into some of the good stuff from the trailer.

The Heroes of Might and Magic inspired game gives us a good taste of what's to come. Featuring some fancy looking battle animations on the classic hexagonial battlefield.
vlcsnap 2021 06 14 01h14m45s770


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fst clockwork gremlin2

Hey, All.
Welcome. Hope each of you is doing well.

This month I have five topics, followed by part three of my interview with Behemoth Cave (Webpage & Facebook).

As always, ‘thank you’ to everyone who wrote, especially those with positive sentiments. If you have any questions or comments, regarding Fanstratics (FST) or Heroes of Might and Magic 3 (HoMM3), feel free to send them along, and I’ll try to answer them in future newsletters (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Please keep in mind, it may take at least 7 days before I reply (it’s taking longer-and-longer as production continues).

Until next time.
Fanstratics Game Director & Designer

UM H4 editedcontrastNimoStar announced work on a new mod for Heroes IV. As he's almost having a monopoly at 'all in one mods' (now, after Equilibris team slowed down) for Heroes IV he got quite a lot of attention :D

Lo and behold, work on "Ultimate Mod for Heroes IV" begun. Nothing is confirmed and set in stone at this stage. You can watch or talk to him at HC here.

What to expect in UM?

  • Full HD and widescreen support: Incorporation of the HD Wrapper, with edited fullscreen remastered menues and altered, brilliant buttons.
  • Contrast-enhanced, color-corrected: A darker, more moody Heroes IV experience, fully reconfigurable from the menues.
  • Relive campaigns like never before: Remastered campaigns with better ambience, added secrets, enabled previously unfinished events, story and features.
  • Rediscover creatures: Thanks to the creature plugin, all creatures have abilities overhauled, with up to four abilities each. Discover the blocking Nagas, reevaluate tier 1 creatures such as double-hacking dwarves, and ambush your enemies in the woods with Stealth elves!
  • Completely stable: Reliance on modern DLL methods and not hex hacking of the executable permits much less crashes. Enjoy hours of uninterrupted gameplay and worry not about your actions!
  • No false positives: Unlike Equilibris 3.55 hacks, this doesn't trigger antiviruses warnings. Play with the security of knowing nothing fishy is going on.
  • Incorporated objects: All map objects in the pack and both Equlibris versions have been added and are load-compatible. In addition, several completely new objects have been added just for this mod.
  • Improved terrain: Fractal landscaping allows hybrid terrains for more lush and interesting sights, both in adventure and combat maps.
  • Re-slotted Artifacts: Accumulate up to four tomes or scrolls in your Misc slots while you still hold Shields in your hand, upgrade your health to 200% with the Rigs of Health... but you can no longer obsolete Scouting by buying four spyglasses. After all, you can only look into one at a time ; ).
  • Improved heroes: Now all hero classes come with a third skill! Use wisely the Diplomacy of Nobles, encourage the daily Summoning of your Druids, shine with the Leadership of Knights, or immediately raise hordes of undead with your actual Necromancers...
  • New and Rebalanced Spells: Turned every cast-enabable pseudo-spell into a learnable spell. Rebalanced schools and gave more variety. Applied unused magic bonuses to corresponding ones. You think Banish is useless? Not any more! You can also now Freeze your opponents in Order, or obliterate your enemies with Nature lightning.
  • Conserved lineups: No creature has been level-altered, town-switched, removed or substitued. Reuse the factions you know and love from default Heroes 4, with all the same levels, monsters, and classic choices; now revamped with all the new features.

Special thanks: Karmakeld, mirage, and radmutant for making object pack, Iliveinabox for his tool which helped mass-packing, RoseKavalier for creature ability plugin, verokster for HD wrapper.

-- Expected release date is around mid of 2021. --

What to say? It's nice when the community works together. This can become the best mod for Heroes IV, including many other mods and work incorporated in this one.

If you don't know NimoStar, he's author of Greatest Mod for Heroes IV, which also got a lot of a praise previously.  See ModDB or HC.

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fheroes2 - release 0.9.3

With small steps I measure Earth but nothing can stop me. Could be a motto of fheroes2 team wink. This time they added easy hero and artifacts meeting screens, fixed many shadows. Marked liches area attack and added language support for Polish, French, German and Russian. Bug hunts marked additonal 80 down.

fh2 new bu10

And finally we almost finished the support of "The Succession Wars" campaigns, including bonuses and special victory conditions.

fh2 campai10

You can download fheroes2 here and read more about them in their thread.

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Master of Magic Announced!

MUHA Games announced that they are working on new Master of Magic game! You might remember them already as the makers of Thea:The Awakening, bold propagators of very lovely idea, getting addons only for coffee, beer or even for free. This small indie studio is based in UK/PL and let me say, that Thea was great success. Tweet.

We can finally confirm our latest project: Master of Magic.

Master of Magic is a classical turn-based strategy game from the ’90s and we’re working hard to remake this gem and bring it into the new age.

You may ask, how it's with rights, after all these years? Well Slitherine bought the rights for Master of Magic and judging by the mail they choose MUHA Games to make it happen again!

MUHA MoM Wizars selection MUHA MoM Combat1 1 1

Previous like MoM attempts

There were a few, first from pretty agile Stardock Company, maker of Galactic Civilization, with their Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes, released at 23th August 2012. This one was rated pretty well, used hexes in combat. And rendered not much astonishing 3D graphic.

The second come from Wasteland Interactive as Worlds of Magic. Having classic squares, strictly keeping to D20 Rule Set. Which was a lesser success (ppl mostly complain about AI) but a great attempt from the devs. This piece was released at 19 March 2015.

Mods and patches for the original MoM

This is probably the most interesting, if you played the original. You remember how you much you tried to avoid Wraiths touching your units?

Yes, it was death touch, unseen in any other games. After they spent all their magic shots and move to touch you, blam, you encountered the bug and whole game crashed.

That was fixed many years later in unoffical patches. None matter, this is a cannon game, shaping the FTS genre, hugely popular and inspiring everyone. Though the popularity started after the patches, which took years..

Master of Magic Classic: Caster of Magic for Windows - thanks Blake for the info, check more about it here. Get it from Slitherine or join Discord.

Master of Magic - IME - not have a final version yet, requires Java 11. Grab from sourceforge.

MoM Spell of Mastery


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FST Archangel

Hey, All.

Welcome.  Hope each of you is doing relatively well.

With this Newsletter... another small adjustment.  I’m relocating links to the ‘monthly Troop concept sketch’ into the Questions Section. 

Why?  As each is revealed, I want to chat a little bit about each one.


In writing these Newsletters, about the development of Fanstratics (FST), I continue to unearth old memories concerning the development of Heroes of Might and Magic 3 (HoMM3).  Before all of this began, part of me wanted to author a book about HoMM3’s development, and with the way things are going, these posts are quickly becoming the loose developmental memoir I had in mind.  Perhaps, after the ‘interview well’ runs dry, I’ll start posting HoMM3 development anecdotes.  We’ll see.

This month I have five questions, followed by part two of my interview with Behemoth Cave (Webpage & Facebook).

As always, ‘thank you’ to everyone who wrote, especially those with positive sentiments.  If you have any questions or comments, regarding Fanstratics (FST) or Heroes of Might and Magic 3 (HoMM3), feel free to send them along, and I’ll try to answer them in future newsletters (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).  Please keep in mind, it may take at least 7 days before I reply.

Until next time.

Fanstratics Game Director & Designer

Hi all of you that are a part of the lovely Celestial Heavens community, where did the time go?!

It's been 2 months, no wait, it has actually been 3 months since I finished the interview with Marcus Pregent for Celestial Heavens. I was finally starting to feel a little bit better after having suffered from covid-19 for a couple of weeks. I was finally on the road to recovery and I decided to carry on and have the interview.

The interview turned in to a 3 hour long one, with lots of fun and juicy information about the Heroes of Might and Magic series, and a lot about Marcus Pregent's carreer and experiences within the gaming industry.
I saved all the videos and then I told myself "I'll try to finish the editing by this weekend."

The weekend passed. Once more I was feeling the aftermaths of the corona virus, and I slept and I slept and I slept.
One week passed. I was still feeling under the weather, unable to get back to exercising and a full 10 kg lighter than before.

The weeks passed and once again I was feeling better, but instead of the pressing tiredness of the virus, there was now college courses who drained my energy (I'll spare you the details but let's just say that I have a lot more knowledge about Satanism, occultism, AI-based intelligence and more now).


Anyways, here we are, it's April 21st and I am finally opening Premiere Pro with the intention of editing the 3 hour long video (don't worry, I am going to try to trim it down as much as possible without losing any of it's juicyness) and I am finally getting to the point of this entire post.

I just want to say that I am sorry. I am sorry for keeping you all, and of course Mr.Pregent as well waiting. But even more so, I am sorry for keeping you in the dark, without taking the time to update you all on the progress, even if there was none.
I do want to point out that I have about 3 weeks until my next exam, the most important one of my life so far. But I am taking all the time I possibly can to get this video out asap!

Now let's edit and get this video out to you all!

(PS. If anyone out there reading is some sort of a video editing guy or girl or anything like that, we'd gladly take your help in future endeavours)


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Fanstratics -  Gatorking Caster, colorized by CH

Hey, All.

Welcome.  Hope each of you is doing relatively well.

With this Newsletter... another change.  Previously, whenever anyone signed up for the Newsletter, they received all of the previous Newsletters, one-by-one, week-by-week, until they were caught up.  This approach turned out to be pointless, as it isn’t too difficult to hunt down all of the earlier Newsletters.  So, with this month, all past and future Newsletters will be available via the Fanstratics website.  No more trickle of content.

For those of you seeking past Newsletters, you will find links for each at the end of this and future Newsletters.

Last month we concluded my interview with Tavern of Might and Magic and  This month we start my interview with Behemoth Cave (Webpage & Facebook).

As for this month's Troop concept sketch, I give you the Gatorkin Caster.  For those of you who want to see Justin actually render the drawing, you can watch a VOD of his Twitch stream.

As always, ‘thank you’ to everyone who wrote, especially those with positive sentiments.  If you have any questions or comments, regarding Fanstratics (FST) or Heroes of Might and Magic 3 (HoMM3), feel free to send them along, and I’ll try to answer them in future newsletters (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Please keep in mind, it may take at least 7 days before I reply.

Until next time.

Fanstratics Game Director & Designer


I will be pushing this year  to finish our database and the merge. For now you will find overview of all maps submitted to CH in this article.

Our old "Map Page" still serves well but you cannot log in and rate, as  the old site is permanently disabled. The rest is on this page.

In menu were added direct links to our "Campaigns" and "Other Features", to be more on eyes.

If you are looking for something use "Tags", as our content is tagged, in addition to categories. Check Top or Main menu for them.

As for future MapdDB, let me know, if you have any refined idea for sorting or searching. There will be marked map version, size, author, name, contact (if available), number of players (human/computer), teams (Co-op, AI, No), Language, Win and Lose conditions, description, download, hits and rating. And comments.

Happy gaming! Because even inspite of all these new mobile games, the original H2+ line is still more fun. Especially HotA spurred lots of attention, finally. And HDMod with SP_plugin. Or  Verokster Open GL wrappers.

New Campaigns

H4 The Unity campaign. Unity project is revolving around original texts from Terry Ray, written for Heroes IV. Which is Unity Team bringing to life. Currently the first map of the campaign, "The Isle of Order" is ready and in need of testing. Next planned maps are Isle of Life, Isle of Nature, Isle of Chaos and Isle of Death. Visit the linked thread to download it. Unity Project is striking for audience! waving

Shadows over Ashan: Community DLC, and first and only map Hunger Games are all yours, if you want to explore the best of Heroes 7.

Legends of the Ancients with Quantomas AI have been updated and are currently available as a part of his include fixes of some game breaking bugs in books 1&2. We therefore, humbly recommend to play them again. Of course, they will be made available as a separated books download from official LotA pages later on, waiting on Quantomas' split.

For newcomers, Legends of the Ancients features good old heroes from Might & Magic universe in the world of Ashan. Of course, expect Sandro and Solmyr and the kind king Archibald, to save the world. (In Book 4, which is not yet written) But the full story to read on is here, available as pdf, with some nice art. Read it, play it and leave us your comment.


New Maps by Humakt:
H3C: Triangle Trials | XL | 8 Co-op
H3C: Stormia | XL | 8 Co-op

Previous new maps on Thundermaps

New Maps by Yurian Stonebow and MadMax:
H3C: A Quest for no Mortal by MadMax (HoP) | M | 1 Human
H3C: Imperial Days by Yurian Stonebow | XL | 5/3
H3C: Mutare's Apprentice (Allies) by Yurian Stonebow | L | 8 Humans
H3C: Prime Suspect by MadMax (HoP) | L | 4 Humans
H3C: Tolkien's War of the Ring by Yurian Stonebow | XL | 6/2
H3C: Viking Invasion 1.3 (Allies) by Yurian Stonebow | XL | 7/1

Maps Sent For Testing:

H3_HotA: The Hobbit by Bilbo Baggins by PatrickAce | XXL | 1 Human
H4_WoW: Archmages by Kuron | XL | 1-6 Humans, no Allies
H4_WoW: Stone Soup RPG by Aranei  | XL | 1 Human
H3C: It's time for rebellion! by Sensai | XL | 1 Human vs 6 AI teamed up
H5_ToTE: Demonic Defense by mctronic | N | 1 Human vs 4 AI
H3_HotA: Surrea: The Shift by Echo | XL | 8 Humans 
Battle for Crimea by Milos Gajic | N | 3 Humans

H5_ToTE: The Initiation by mctronic | S | 1 Human vs 1 AI
H4_WoW: Maximus by NATSSIRK | XL | 6 Humans
H7TbF: The Hunger Games Map by Antalyan | L | 6 Humans
H5.5: The Keymaster by Silentine | XL | 6 Humans
H3C: Kill 'em All (Allies) by Adam Simms | XL | 3 Humans vs 3 AI
H3C: Hold the Line by Sachertorte | S | 2 Humans
H7TbF: Dragonpass
by Sandmean87 | L | 6 Humans
H3_HotA: Blushing Tide
by AsJo | XL | 8
H3_HotA: Founderling Ventures by AsJo | XL | 8
H3_HotA: Plight of Conquest by AsJo | XL | 8

We will focus on what happened in this month and what wasn't summoned on our table yet.

fheroes2 0.9.1

  fheroes2 unit s10

First goes fheroes2 project by fheroes2 Resurrection team. Who work with constant passion to get to the 1.0 milestone. This time, release 0.9.1, they added:

  • Instant battles
  • Upgraded their AI to be more 'craftier and smarter'
  • View Word Spell
  • Easy units splitting by a few mouse clicks
  • Another part of campaing

You can check and comment the full annoucement here. This is a small milestone on its own. yummy (Full changelog. - You still need original Heroes2, technically at least demo, for playing.)

Heroes Orchestra presents new arrangement, Battle Theme II from Heroes IV

Myself I remember listening to Heroes IV. soundtrack again and again for almost a year. Always enthralling, always yours. Opera music.


Hero's Hour

This is a small Heroes like game, with it's own engine and simplified graphic. You can take for pay what you want. Take a look here. We have been alerted about the game by Darmani, here, thanks for it! gong


  • Random map generation from 25 map types
  • 6 factions, each with 7 different creatures + upgrades
  • 43 unique creature abilities
  • Additional nonplayable creatures
  • Real-time combat
  • Give orders and change stances - or just watch!
  • Procedural town tech trees
  • Unique town perks as your town levels up
  • Level up your heroes
  • 28 unique skills to level up
  • Challenging but fair AI opponents
  • 53 spells
  • 120 artifacts
  • Unique artifact sets
  • ~30 adventure objects
  • True to the original gameplay
  • Tweaks to gameplay, like the infirmary system

heros hour jKb2 Y heros hour MMoERj heros hour PdooyY heros hour ToAyd6

What says Darmani about the game:
"When they say "based on", that's an understatement. It has the same 7 resources as HoMM, units spawn in a castle on day 1 of every 7 day week, there are treasure chests that give gold or experience, and many of the adventure map objects are identical to ones from HoMM (Fountain, Rally Flag, Idol of Fortune). The town mechanics are most similar to HoMM VI, with a "town level" that increments when you build enough, unlocking more buildings (hope I'm remembering HoMM VI correctly). Main difference is the real-time combat, of course, though there are also differences in the magic system, and the "hospital mechanic" by which some of your lost creatures will very slowly become available to hire back at the castle.

It doesn't come with instructions, and, on my machine, had a problem that the mouse's hitbox wasn't under the cursor (meaning I thought many buttons were broken and unusable), and that tooltips appeared pretty far from what I was mousing over (meaning I initially had no idea the strength of what I was fighting). Once I got the hang of it though, it was a pretty cool game.

I don't know how much longevity it has (I'm finding the real-time combat rather shallow --- past the early game, I usually just watch my army fight by itself and win with no casualties), but it's an interesting twist on the HoMM series. One thing that impresses me game-design wise is that it manages to make the obelisk/buried treasure mechanic actually fun. No hunting down obelisks all across the map and then spending days doing nothing but digging in some forgotten corner of the map. Instead, each obelisk gives you a flavorful paragraph like "Ki-g Ragna- left his treas-re som-where n-ear the mino-r shrine" you walk over to the nearest minor shrine, and watch as your "Dig for treasure" button turns from gray to black when you get close enough.

It's pay-what-you-want right now. I've played about 5 hours the last 2 days. Still buggy (e.g.: the win-condition doesn't work; it just keeps going), and has a terrible AI (I let it run around an area for weeks....and it still never reclaimed a Sawmill I took). Still, I had fun, and I'll be giving him some of my money."