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There's new roadmap, check it, it's in pic format only but "sounds" very confidently daring.

SongsOfConquest Roadmapv1220627

Oh, and there's 25% discount going as well. :D

Unveil the full news here.

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From June 23 to July 7 Steam have a big summer sale in their shop, of both old classics and newly released games, giving gamers the opportunity to find gems to play at lowered prices.

Among the deals available are:

Happy browsing and shopping!

Steam Summer Sale 2022 Banner

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Dev-vlog #45 - Sim turns, game balancing and much more!

This is one of hell important updates.

Also I cannot resist idea, that we are looking at Heroes III future alternative. The map scenery is really well done. We will see if there will come anything like ERM, to script the impossible. :D

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GOG summer sale logo

Good Old Games, as practicaly anyone else at these times, is having summer grand sale action. Which won't bring you happines for free but some game may be close. :D

Watch our thread or gog pages for free giweavays

Heroes III on sale! Back to our evergreen, there's nice image on twitter, what do you think about it?

h3 forever

Still the same game? I dare say no. Firstly my parents, duh, were not playing it, as the game wasn't even existing in that times. And when I started, we have been playing RoE for years, after that Armageddon - for which everyone sought because of improved Dragon Flies (with Dispel!) and now, you have so many choices, like HD Mod, HotA or ERA(3) or even Sucession Mod. Check our tags, to see the links.

So it's the same game?
No! Because of modding, it grows with us!

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map tiles explores draw the map 750x422

Read the full blog by Jakub Olekszyk here.

  • Every new tile is shrouded in a Fog of War. This means that you have no idea what's waiting for you until you decide to explore it. Once you travel from your current tile to an undiscovered one, you draw a tile from a stack. It might come with new mines to flag, outposts to control, or secret locations to explore. Whatever it is, get there as soon as possible, as your opponent is not sitting and waiting.
  • Whenever you discover a new tile, you decide how it's going to be placed. The map is built of tiles that can be rotated, and you choose how they will fit to already revealed terrain. You can turn a tile to ensure that the most valuable locations are closest to you. Flagging an important mine or acquiring an artifact sooner than later can have dire consequences later in the game!
  • But tiles are not only a Gift Festival. They can be used as a weapon as well! The majority of tiles come with mountains and other regions that cannot be traveled through. If you are into master strategy, you might build a "Great Wall" with sneaky tile play.
  • But as I said before – be faster than your opponents, as only the explorer gets the right to adjust a tile. Once the tile is placed, you cannot modify it. taurus

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you can read both here.

Dev Diary #11
Beta Applications Form

Also let me to post first link to gameplay :)

There are some screenshots, to show you development progress and bugs fixing. This sentence is interesting:

And as part of a larger design progress of monster lairs, we now also show the more difficult lairs with the red light.

So, what difficulty they will be? Beasts only or any other nasty suprises? This leave us with questions only, for now :D

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Fanstratics Newsletters #21 & #22

To read them in full please check following links:

You can browse FST gallery here:

#21 Zombie Gravedigger

#22 Vulturian Scavenger
fst vulturian scavengerfst zombie gravedigger

H3 Questions:

Do you know (or could surmise) what is the deal with the Basilisk on the Dungeon's puzzle map?

From the beginning, the Basilisk was seated with the Fortress, and it was never part of the Dungeon line-up.  Puzzle Map graphics were rendered by our concept artist George Almond, and he simply screwed up the Basilisk’s affiliation.  He had already finished the work before we caught the error.  It would have taken time to correct, and we were running short on time, so we let it slide.

Whatever it is, it is not a minotaur.
Actually, it’s supposed to be a Minotaur, but I would agree... it’s not a well-drawn Minotaur.

Inferno's puzzle has either winged demon or what used to be Manticore.
I can’t decipher it either and I suspect George was simply ‘off the rails’ in this instance.  Again, it would have taken time to correct, so we let it slide.  It was good enough.

FST Questions:

I really want to contribute what little I have into making the Fanstratics project a reality.  Is there a way I could donate funds for the cause or should I wait for the Kickstarter to emerge?

Like a good number of gamers, I have been burned by overly optimistic Kickstarter projects, where the game never surfaces, and my cash disappears.  I don’t want Fanstratics to be one ‘those’ projects.  Only when I am confident the game... if funded... will deliver a finished product, will I ignite a crowd funding campaign.  Until then, I would suggest keeping your powder dry.

HoMM3 Recollection: Jon Van Caneghem Racer Car Driver.

Might and Magic 6 (MM6) was released in late April,1998.  In late 1997, because MM6 was in active development, Paul Rattner and Peter Ryu had priority when it came to Jon Van Caneghem’s (JVC) time.  As JVC was coming into work 2 or 3 days a week, typically Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, I would angle to meet with Jon, at least once, for a couple hours.

As it was important for us to maximize our time together, I would typically propose we get together for an early sit-down lunch.  While we ate, we’d socialize and catch up.  When we got back to the office, I’d collect any necessary documents (typically spreadsheets), and rendezvous with Jon at this office.  There, we’d close the door, and for the next 3 to 5 hours, we’d hash out what I’d been working on since our last meeting.

Regarding the design of HoMM3, Jon and I eventually got into a nice rhythm, but in late 1997, Jon and I were still laying the foundation of our working relationship.  On this specific occasion, I took a seat in one of the office chairs, on the other side of Jon’s desk.  I dropped several pages of HoMM3 design on Jon’s desk (his copy), and began thumbing through my own.

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h3 on vinil

Heroes 3 OST - 2nd edition vinyl arrived here for pre-order. If you badly wanted it for the first time but was way too late. Now the second chance ,to add it to your collection, is back. Check the 'first time' link to see list of songs.

The beautiful art is courtesy of Magdalena Katańska, additionally vinyl can be ordered at several color variations, representing individual factions. White - Tower, Tan - Stronghold, Teal - Fortress, Purple - Dungeon and Orange - Conflux.

And it may not end here, they have also Collector's Bundle, featuring Dragon Tote Bag and Dragon Enamel Pin.

Mmm, don't forget that for playing you need gramofone, at least something like this one. Take a look toff

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Songs of Conquest - Contest for Early Access Steam Keys

SoC - Contest

That's right folks. The good people over at Lavapotion, creators of the very anticipated Songs of Conquest has been kind enough to give us two extra Steam keys to give away. 

The rules to enter are simple. All you have to do is answer these two questions with a comment here:

"Why would you like to play Songs of Conquest?"
(No one liners, please expand a bit.) 

"Which Songs of Conquest faction looks like it will end up as your favorite?" 

The contest will go on until Sunday, May 22nd 2022, 23:59 (GMT +2, Stockholm time). One entry per person. 2 winners will be picked out and announced on Monday May 23rd

While you're waiting for the contest to end or if you're just interested to know more about Songs of Conquest developers Lavapotion, or want to check out any of our Might and Magic-related interviews, go visit our YouTube: Celestial Heavens YouTube
(PS. I am working on the editing of the David Mullich interview, which should be ready soon now, if I just manage to overcome a little hurdle I've hit) 

Songs of Conquest on YouTubeSongs of Conquest YouTube

Celestial Heavens interview with Carl Toftfelt from Lavapotion (Lead Designer of Songs of Conquest): 

Good Luck everyone!

Add your comments here.

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