Heroes 6 game by Ubisoft. Developed by Black Hole Enternainment and later finished by Limbic and Virtuos, after Black Hole bankruptcy. Wonderful graphic but low replay value, no need to mention AI.

  • Heroes 6 Servers Will Be Shut Down on 25th Jaunary 2024

    And there come new friendly batch of decomissioning online servers for Ubisoft games. If you played Heroes VI, it's in.

    Decommissioning of online services for older Ubisoft games (January 2024)

    Heroes of Might and Magic VI

    You will be unable to play

  • Utopian Thoughts


    As revealed in Torre de Marfil's Q&A on March 7th, the Dragon Utopia was one of those things that never made it off the drawing board.

    Quite a few fans have lamented the fact that no such structure or feature appears in the game, but who knows what might happen in the future...?

  • SoD - Q&A #1

    In our latest Q&A with the UbiDevs, we ask questions about the Heroes VI expansion "Shades of Darkness".

    In the set of replies we just received is info about its contents, a hint at another Limbic-made project and the confirmation of a much-wanted building: the Dragon Utopia.
  • CH MM:H6 Review

    Might & Magic: Heroes VI Review

    September 2nd, 2012

    Kalah, Celestial Heavens Admin



    Kalah offers the final review of the sixth instalment of the Heroes series, looking at the campaigns,

  • Fan Q&A Video

    Remember the Fan day Q&A made by Znork back in June? Well, here's a video of it. The answers are as you will see more or less the same, but it's always a good thing to see the faces and hear the voices of the people answering, as this usually tells you more about their states of mind.

    I have done my best to put together a transcript for you, which can be found here (PDF, 500K).

  • Fan Q&A by Znork

    Paris Q&A

    June, 2012


    Znork was one of the people who recently visited Paris for a fan day with the dev team. With him, he brought 10 questions asked frequently by the fans. Here are the answers - which will also be made into a video soon. I have translated the answers for your

  • H6 Add-on Announced, Patch 1.5 Coming

    Ubisoft have just announced Pirates of the Savage Sea, the first add-on for Might & Magic: Heroes VI, on their official page. Taking place one year after the events of the game, Pirates sees the much-wanted return of Crag Hack.

    According to the announcement,...
  • H6: Skill Summary

    Aurelain's Skill Summary has been updated to version 2.1. big smile

    It works for both vanilla H6 and Shades of Darkness, and contains the following updates:

    - Added the new Dungeon faction (20 specific abilities).
    - Added a few new specializations (Master of Air/Fire/etc.).
    - Added mana cost to descriptions (thanks to Valera, who scanned/corrected all the ability texts).
    - Replaced some icons with their...
  • Julien Pirou Q&A

    Julien "Marzhin" Pirou Q&A

    April 10th, 2011.

    Might & Magic: Heroes VI Lead Level Designer Julien Pirou
    Julien Pirou, lead lever designer on Might and Magic: Heroes VI, known to us fellow fans as "Marzhin", answers questions from ...
  • Preview

    Znork's Heroes VI Preview

    I was invited by Ubi to go to Budapest and test the press teaser version the last weekend of January.

    What I got to play I would say was a pre beta version of the game and it was just to get a feel for what they where trying to do. So we have to remember that this was for tired press people who are not

  • Xhane Confirms M&M Rebranding

    Ubisoft community manager Xhane has confirmed on the official forums that future Might and Magic titles will be prefixed rather than suffixed with the "Might and Magic" title. According to her, it doesn't mean there will be no future RPG in the franchise, only that it won't be called Might and Magic X.

    And while she did not confirm Heroes VI or any other new games, she drew attention to the...