Ubisoft bwUbisoft - Gaming company which in August 2003, acquired the rights to the Might and Magic franchise for US$1.3 million after 3DO filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. From that time they are responsible for a new Might & Magic (Heroes) games and Spin-offs.

For playing a newer games you need to use their platform Ubisoft Connect (previously Uplay).


  • Heroes 6 Servers Will Be Shut Down on 25th Jaunary 2024

    And there come new friendly batch of decomissioning online servers for Ubisoft games. If you played Heroes VI, it's in.

    Decommissioning of online services for older Ubisoft games (January 2024)

    Heroes of Might and Magic VI

    You will be unable to play

  • Ubisoft shut down servers for some older games..

    Ubi logoWithout notice and any further ado, Ubisoft shut down online servers for around 90 older games, to date 27.4.2022. There check full list.

    The list is long and includes Heroes of Might & Magic V, as well as Might & Magic: Clash of

  • Ubisoft is being eyed?

    According informations from Bloomberg and later the article from MMORPG, Ubisoft is being eyed for acquisition, possibly by a private equity firm.

    Ubisoft is not playing any negotations, so it's unclear how it would be

  • Ubisoft is looking for Senior Brand Manager [Might & Magic]

    Senior Brand Manager [Might & Magic]

    There's link. Position is located in Shanghai. In the text M&M franchise is described as AAA. And it might be a PC game as well. Nowhere is written that it would be Heroes game though. And that it will get assigned AAA

  • Short News 20' - August 16

    Mistrzostwa Polski - (Jaskinia Behemotha + HotA)

    Heroes III. Tournament: Mistrzostwa Polski - took place yesterday, the top of the day was final match of Szopa666 vs Venefiz, you can watch it here:
    (scroll almost to the end, it's very long):

    Tournament was arranged in H3:

  • EOC Fan Art Event

    EOC Fan Art Event

    Time: June 23 - July 7


    Contestants who draw SSR units, will have the opportunity to get their work selected as the official unit skin in Premium Card, which may be made into models by the development team and used in the game

  • Ubi's 404


    A strange picture which was shown, when searched game was not found in Uplay shop, here. I don't know what it is (and from which games), but it would be very nice