Heroes III: The Board Game

h3 tBG logoHeroes III: The Board Game

  • Core Box Factions: Castle, Dungeon and Necropolis
  • The game is described as 1-3 players, 45-130 mins, recommended age 14+. So far they are not considering to release also version without miniatures (minis).
  • Kickstarter Campaigns is Live! Take a look here.

One of the most influential and beloved video games, Heroes of Might & Magic III, is finally coming to tabletop gaming.

The game will come with over 30 detailed miniatures, including famous heroes like, ‘Catherine Ironfist’ and ‘Xeron’, as well as iconic creatures like Archangels, infamous Devils, and all-time classic Dragons.

The gameplay will combine world-exploring that uses hexagonal map tiles and the chess-like battle system representing the classic battlefields the series is known for.

The Kickstarter campaign is scheduled for November 2022, with the basic pledge level allowing backers to play the core game and get all the stretch goals priced below 99 USD. For higher-tiered pledge levels, backers can expect additional expansions with the core game.

“Going the Kickstarter route is the best way to deliver exactly the game everybody wants with direct involvement from the community,” says Michal Hartlinski, Archon’s Project Manager.

“Going a step further is to deliver at least 2 more Towns in the expansions and a third Town as part of the stretch goals. Which Town is it going to be? It’ll be up to the fans to decide,” adds Michal.

“Although 33 years old, Heroes of Might & Magic III is still the most played game in the Might & Magic series, with a very passionate and dedicated community. We are confident that the Heroes III legacy is in very good hands with Archon Studio, not only are they one of the top specialists of miniature board games in the world, but more importantly they are authentic fans of the original game.I can’t wait to see the world of Erathia, its iconic heroes, fantastic creatures and strategic battles come to life with superbly detailed 3D miniatures!” says Eric Damian-Vernet, Brand Director and Might & Magic IP team lead at Ubisoft .

Archon’s Game designers are looking forward to working with the community to bring the most faithful board game possible, starting by collaborating with Iana Vengerova, a community fan-favorite artist.

The best way to get involved and get previews of development is to subscribe to a newsletter on the homm3boardgame.com website.



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