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  • Every new tile is shrouded in a Fog of War. This means that you have no idea what's waiting for you until you decide to explore it. Once you travel from your current tile to an undiscovered one, you draw a tile from a stack. It might come with new mines to flag, outposts to control, or secret locations to explore. Whatever it is, get there as soon as possible, as your opponent is not sitting and waiting.
  • Whenever you discover a new tile, you decide how it's going to be placed. The map is built of tiles that can be rotated, and you choose how they will fit to already revealed terrain. You can turn a tile to ensure that the most valuable locations are closest to you. Flagging an important mine or acquiring an artifact sooner than later can have dire consequences later in the game!
  • But tiles are not only a Gift Festival. They can be used as a weapon as well! The majority of tiles come with mountains and other regions that cannot be traveled through. If you are into master strategy, you might build a "Great Wall" with sneaky tile play.
  • But as I said before – be faster than your opponents, as only the explorer gets the right to adjust a tile. Once the tile is placed, you cannot modify it. taurus