Hi Folks,
the time is here Heroes 3: The Board Game Kickstarter is Live! If you wanna be a backer and get your copy of the game, take a look here.gong

BTW The Goal 51.606$ is already surpassed 18x, few minutes after start!

Update! 2022 Nov 19

With help of over 12 000 backers we have unlocked Tower Expansion! Introducing a new faction, an add-on comes with every Stretch Goals package!

Update 2022 Nov 29

  • Lord Haart is back (& alive)
  • Bron is back
  • Deemer is back
  • Vidomina is back
  • Tazar is back
  • Mephala is back
  • Jeddite is back
  • Adelaide is back
  • Fortress Town miniature
  • Unfriendly units (set of faction units as neutral cards)
  • Tower story solo campaign with Dracon
  • Dungeon story solo campaign with Mutare
  • Troll miniature
  • Gold Golem miniature
  • Genie miniature
  • Gremlin & Mummy minies
  • Titan miniature
  • Spanish language is unlocked*
  • Czech language is unlocked*
  • Sweden language is unlocked*
  • Inferno Faction (see update from 2022 Nov 30)
  • FAQ

*They unlock any langauges if there's at least 750 backers speaking it. The localised versions will be distributed later, in 2024.

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Update 2022 Nov 30

And it's over with beautiful 26,993 backers, who helped to pledge €3,834,885 and bring this project to life. And not at least but at last they added also Inferno Faction as expansion.

Update 2022 Dec 9

What's next for Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Board Game? | AMA | #13 | 09.12.2022. Video added to the top.