VCMI is NOT another mod, instead it's rewrite of HoMMII. engine giving it new possibilities. Years of intensive work resulted in creating application with impressive amount of features. Among current features are:
Homestie is

  • Weekly News Summary - 2016-11-06

    New version of VCMI mod was released. They are coming closer and closer to "final release", now just a tiny step before, with version 0.99. See full annoucenment on ...

  • VCMI: Mod Design Team

    Mod Design Team - is creating new towns, creatures mechanics and objects for VCMI, which is new engine for Heroes III. They are one of most popular authors here.
  • VCMI

    Future of Heroes, independent engine for H3 or wogalike things. The project is almost done, you can get even android builds. Created for maximum control over any aspect of the game.