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  • Change of domain provider

    newshornIn following days there will be a change in our domain provider, hopefully everything will come out smooth.

    If in any case would not, it's merely question of spreading new DNS, which is matter of 4-72 hours, depending on your location worldwide. Europe will come first, China and Australia last.

    Stay with us and don't panic!

  • Overview of a New Maps at CH


    I will be pushing this year  to finish our database and the

  • Shortly About H3

    this is a strictly informative article, to help you better understand Heroes III. and also to find some answers to our registration questions.

    Heroes III. is a tricky game, before it was first released, there were factors like negative luck or multiple casting of Blind Spell - these were later removed, as imbalanced. Though and idea to Blind and entire enemy army was excellent. This perk had come from Eagle Eye skill, when you were

  • Inside the Manual


    A screenshot of the new manual's Spells section. Ain't it nice?

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    We always enjoy hearing from our readers. Do you have questions, comments or suggestions? Or do you wish do submit a map?

    There are three ways to get in touch with us:


  • About Us

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    Celestial Heavens...

    was established in early 1999 after the merge of two humble HoMM fan sites, Celestial Heavens and HoMM III Unleashed. Owners Daemon, Lady Darkness and Belenus put together a decent collection of maps and strategies, and later claimed to have found the Armageddon's Blade cheat codes first. After his two