David Mullich

David Mullich e3 2016Famous Project Manager not only on such projects like Heroes III and Heroes IV. For whom you can play the speediest hero ever, Sir Mullich, who made his first appearance in Heroes 3 Armageddon Blade and up. And is banned in MP or HotA.

Generally stoic, Sir Mullich is prone to spasmodic fits of uncoordinated excitement believed to intimidate his troops into working faster.

He also contributed to CelestialHeavens, see his reportage from E3 in 2005. As his historical background is too large to squeeze it in this page, I recommend to start reading from here.

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  • David Mullich's Eggplant Adventure

    And for something a bit unusual, a cooking show with Dave Mullich where he talks about Heroes III and his other game..

    The Geek Recipe is back for an

  • David Mullich Interview

    It sure took some time, but we can finally present you with our interview with the one and only David Mullich, director of Heroes of Might and Magic III.

    The interview actually turned out nicely in the end, even though we had to overcome some audio syncing issues as well as straight out audio cuts (thank you

  • David's Mullich Interviews over YouTube

    We created a small collection of David's Mullich YouTube interviews, over past two years. If you settle your mind back, to wonderful times of  Heroes III., you can enjoy these sweet times again.

    Let sip some cofee, it might be a longer while. Thanks cuc, for pointing the video to us. 


    Channel: YRS TRULY

    What's the deal with Heroes of Might and Magic III?

  • Upcoming Interview with David Mullich

    Upcoming interview with David Mullich

    It's been quite some time since I last scheduled an interview for the Celestial Heavens YouTube, so it was about time to make it happen again! 

    Sir Mullich

    David's Mullich Interview at Nelly's Channel

    Nelly posted on his channel "Bored With Nelly", exhaustive and over a hour long interview with David Mullich. And profesionally divided it into sections, so you can jump to point of (your) interest.

    Who is David Mullich? Check our ...

  • Sir Mullich Interview

    As Heroes III: HD was launched, Ubisoft also released an interview with David Mullich, director of HoMM III back in the days of NWC. Now teaching game production at the Los Angeles Film School, you can still follow him on his blog.

    I half expected the thing to appear on the official...
  • Mullich & Vanover Interview on H3

    To celebrate the 15th anniversary of Heroes III (Friday the 28th), Ubisoft have released an interview with two of the guys behind it: David Mullich and Chris Vanover. Sir Mullich speaks about how he was drafted into the production and his thoughts around how the team was put together, while Sir Christian gives us a short talk about the creativity process.

    "I had few concerns when I left the project for a few days when my wife gave birth to our second son. When I returned to the office, my team surprised me by...
  • Sir Mullich is Quite Fast

    David Mullich, formerly a director at New World Computing, sends word that his line-up of mobile sports games has launched just in time for the Turino Winter Olympics.

    "The past four months have been quite a wild ride! In that time, we’ve formed a new company, learned from scratch how to develop and publish for the mobile space, created three games from concept to...
  • Sir Mullich Interview

    peterb sends words of his interview with former New World Computing designer David Mullich. They talk about old Apple II games, Vampire: The Masquerade (the first game to reuse the Source engine, which will power Dark Messiah) and what went wrong with Heroes of Might and Magic IV:
    "I took the unusual step of giving Heroes III AI programmer, Gus Smedstad, the dual role of lead programmer and lead designer, since he understood the strategic elements
  • David Mullich Preview

    The first part of our E3 wrap-up report is actually a surprise. Former New World Computing director David Mullich sent us a four-page long article with the following note: "I thought you and the other fans at Celestial Heavens might be interested in my impressions of Heroes V, which Fabrice Cambounet of Ubisoft demonstrated for me at E3 on Thursday." David's first impressions are generally positive, but includes a few concerns. Read it all...
  • Sir Mullich's Preview

    Heroes V E3 Preview

    David Mullich was the Director of Heroes III, Armageddon’s Blade,
    Shadow of Death, Heroes Chronicles and Heroes IV

    During my annual pilgrimage to E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), I could not resist finding out how Ubisoft was doing with the game that was my love and labor for nearly five years.

    Finding the Heroes V demo proved to be about as hard as locating Heroe’s grail object. The Ubisoft booth was tucked