Songs of Conquest Early Access

Songs of Conquest - Early Access starts tomorrow: 10th May 17:00 UTC. Wishlist now, try the next day and share the impressions with us! yummy

It's up! You can enter the Early Access for 29.99€, and also order soundtrack for 9.99€ and supporter pack for 19.99€. Price and currency vary on your location.



Why Early Access?
“Songs of Conquest is nearly finished. All the key features are in place and the core game loop has been evaluated by Alpha testers since the summer of 2021. But there are still a lot of things we want to improve and we want to cooperate with the community when doing so. We, as developers, see a huge benefit of involving the players in the development as we go forward. There are always tough decisions to make in game development. Having an active user base, who play the game on a regular basis, allows us to make better decisions. But, anyone buying the game during Early Access should be able to enjoy it as it is, even without committing to a community aspect or closely following development updates.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?
“We anticipate the game being in Early Access for about one year. But this might change depending on player feedback.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?
“First and foremost we want to figure out, together with the community, what features we should prioritize. We have lots of ideas for the finished game, but since we have already been in development for over five years, we need a reality check. It comes down to what you, the player asks us for and what you enjoy in the game. We see no point in painting a grand roadmap of features that might change as soon as people get access to the game. Instead we intend to be humble and open to the requests of the community. But of course, we anticipate a lot of general quality of life improvements.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?
“All major gameplay features are implemented. Two campaigns are finished and four factions are fully playable. Online and local multiplayer is working as intended. The level editor needs more polish, but is fully functional. There might be UI-elements, translations and overall user experience details that needs improvements.”

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Ubi logoWithout notice and any further ado, Ubisoft shut down online servers for around 90 older games, to date 27.4.2022. There check full list.

The list is long and includes Heroes of Might & Magic V, as well as Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes.

All online bonuses will remain permanently off:

For games that used Ubisoft Connect services, Units and Challenges will be disabled, meaning you will no longer be able to earn Units by completing Challenges for the game.

Unlockable content (ULC) such as maps and skins will also be disabled, meaning that you will no longer be able to unlock them.

On PC, ULC will no longer be available even if it has been redeemed previously. On console, the ULC will continue to be available unless you reset your saved game files.

Oh, geez, guess I shouldn't be surprised. After all, even if they ressurected M&M: Legacy X as offline, you need to buy it over Steam as Ubisoft e-shop has a black hole instead it.

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Repost from:

We’ve had a pleasantly surprising response to the beta announcement, and also just to us working on the remake. As such, we have seen a lot of new ‘faces’ on our community sites. With that in mind, I decided that this month’s dev diary will take a look at the team and try to give you an insight on how we’ve been doing thus far.

So, for those of you who are new here, our team is made up of six people:

A’vee – CEO’s Boss, UI master, creative director, sound designer.
Khash – ‘The Programmer’ aka grandmaster of all MuHa code!, CEO
SirPi – Lead Game Designer 
Yuuki – Writer/Quest designer/Community manager
Obi – Programmer
Shell – Lead QA and everything else we might need of him…

In addition to the fantastic six, we work with freelance artists and composers and the wonderful Andy, a programmer who worked with us on the UI code. 

Team Q&A

We will start with a few questions I actually asked the team myself:

What is so far, your favourite part of working on Master of Magic? 

KhashModability is by far the most interesting part for me, as this opens the possibility for players to make the game truly their own, something that a team of any size won’t be able to achieve.

A’vee: I had a lot of fun creating those tiny animations for the 2d town map – things like little characters debating in front of the university building or a tiny wizard atop the Wizards’ Guild. I feel these have really added life into that map, I wish I could spend some more time on this task.

SirPi: For me, the joy and tribulations come together in the complexity of the original game’s rules. There are just so many little exceptions and quirks. And then you try to capture them, and recreate them, but also keeping in mind we want new players to discover this magic too. If we had more than six people and our resources, I think there could easily be a whole team with me working on how to approach this. So yes, I love doing it, but it is also tough.

Obi: It’s probably been said before by someone, but the spells and working on them. The key role spells play in the game and their versatility are the true selling point and the thing that makes Master of Magic stand out. And so working on recreating and implementing those spells, so that they continue to give the player that sense of magic and power has been really interesting and inspiring.

Shell: Working on an existing and classic IP, or more specifically, attempting to recreate the old magic while bringing it into the current game market. I spent a lot of time playing and researching classic MoM in preparation for this, so seeing our version and how the two work together is what I enjoy.

Me (Yuuki): Delving into a wonderful, magical world that has meant so much for the history of gaming. Interacting with the awesome fanbase, even when they are critical, I just like the fact that we’re talking and resolving stuff. I also really liked adding some background story/lore to wizards and heroes and races, although I will say that also goes into the ‘stressful category’. I loved doing it, but I didn’t always get it right, and I hate it when my recreation causes disappointment for the core fans. Still, MoM is such a rich game, it is a blast to work with its many, magical possibilities. 

What has been the most challenging aspect of working on Master of Magic so far?

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According informations from Bloomberg and later the article from MMORPG, Ubisoft is being eyed for acquisition, possibly by a private equity firm.

Ubisoft is not playing any negotations, so it's unclear how it would be seen by Guillemot's family.

Guillemot: "The company, was neither confirming nor denying “if” potential buyers had approached it."

As is seen, there's price drop within end of April, let see the stocks history here.

According to another report from Kotaku, Ubisoft has been auditing and assessing various aspects of the company, which could be done in advance of a possible sale. With delays in the release schedule for  major IPs, like Assassin's Creed or Far Cry, the speculation is running rampant.  Ubisoft has also embraced blockchain technology and the play to earn philosophy. The company has also seen some major fallout from workplace sexual misconduct accusations, as well as senior talent leaving the company.

So, now we have a wild, wild speculations in the air. With Ubisoft itself seeking to sold out some of its franchise, we may got later confirmation, that there's aquisition in process.

Later, let me to add, that "blockchain games" are currently being forbidden on Steam.

And that JVC recently become executive director of Digital Insight company and it's promising M&M blockchain game, already backed that with pile of money.
We have a info about it here, from Marzhin.

Thanks to Marzhin and  LordGraa for the alerts!

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We created a small collection of David's Mullich YouTube interviews, over past two years. If you settle your mind back, to wonderful times of  Heroes III., you can enjoy these sweet times again.

Let sip some cofee, it might be a longer while. Thanks cuc, for pointing the video to us. 


Channel: YRS TRULY

What's the deal with Heroes of Might and Magic III?

David Mullich and Paul Anthony Romero

Channel: iLogos Game Studios

iLogos Podcast #1: David Mullich

iLogos Podcast with David Mullich

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There are some concepts, which were selected and some which weren't. One of these less lucky were Undead Trees.

For Michalivan it's best bet to check them over DeviantArt, albeit he's having profile at ArtStation too.

Inferno Juggernaut, Inferno Maniac, Inferno Breeder, Centaur, Sanctuary Hero, Haven Hero,

Undead Trees, Inferno Town, Demon :D
d4g5h68 68049ce1 3428 4477 9de2 fb964a433b6a


Sarah, Lamasu, Scorpicore, Watchernecropolis lamasu by rawwad d3bzs1k fullview

Just browse for more, there are here.

And there were move to tasting Heroes VII, famous Warden concept by m0zch0ps. That's for next time though.

Warden - Concept Art for Heroes VII.

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Sancturay Faction in Action, courtesy of Heroes 7.5 Team smile teeth

Now, that's something what may take me back. Once it will be ready and if they will succeed to fix that damn AI. At least a bit. More about Heroes 7.5 here, including Discord channel. (Heroes 7.5 = Hades Mod)

And when we are talking about AI, Quantomas continue in his "light" introduction of creating AI for masses. Which is always useful, to read, if you are AI programmer.  The latest article is about "Advanced C++ Skills"

This is meant for Heroes V and it's already part of Legends of the Ancients. So you can play it within a blink of  eye.


Enjoy! If Ubisoft would start with Heroes VII, where they are modded by now, it would be completely different story. Sanctuary, was my favourite faction in Heroes VI.

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Absolutely. And now you see here why. It's because of war in Ukraine, as Verok is ukranian.

You can read more about it, on his blog.

But, apart from this. There's nothing left from the original content, no game patches remained.

So where to get them? I don't know but you can get following mods/engines to play Heroes in FS

Heroes IV

Heroes III.

  • HD Mod + Mods which are incorporating it, like HotA or ERA

Heroes II.

~Thanks to USA_Bruce for noticing

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Welcome - Elven Centaur - Long Covid - Recollection: Cheatcodes - Interview Q1-4

fst elven centaurHey, All.

Welcome. Hope each of you is safe.

This month I have four topics, followed by a new interview conducted by Marko Vidučić of from Croatia.

As always, ‘thank you’ to everyone who wrote, especially those with positive sentiments. If you have any questions or comments, regarding Fanstratics (FST) or Heroes of Might and Magic 3 (HoMM3), feel free to send them along, and I’ll try to answer them in future newsletters (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Please keep in mind, it may take at least 1 month before I reply (it’s taking longer-and-longer as production continues).

Until next time.

Fanstratics Game Director & Designer



​Fanstratics Troop: Elven Centaur

While the Elven Centaur is the Thornwood’s only true ‘heavy’ Troop, it is relatively fast and agile when compared to other ‘heavies’ from other factions. Wielding a two-handed axe, this Troop has a Killer Instinct and a Slayer’s Instinct, and frequently chains together multiple Assaults before an Enemy can Retaliate. With high Luck and high Morale, the Elven Centaur’s ‘instincts’ can be surprisingly powerful.

I’ve said this before, but I really like seeing Justin tackle a common mythological stereotype.  He could have delivered an Eleven Centaur looking like so many others... but he didn’t.  This is why I’m so happy having him design these Troops.  His interpretations are simply refreshing, and it’s getting harder-and-harder to pick a favorite.

For those of you who want to see Justin actually create the drawing, you can always watch a VOD of his Twitch stream.

Fanstratics News: Art Mock-up and COVID update.

Some of you may remember, in December of 2021, I wrote an item discussing the attempted creation of an Art Mock-up, and subsequently contracting COVID for the second time in two years.  TLDR... the Art Mock-up is still on hold and my COVID has evolved into Long COVID (or Long Haul COVID).

Starting with the subject of Long COVID, I’ve taken different anti-biotics, different steroids, and used different inhalers.  Nothing has worked.  I’ve had blood tests, EKG’s, chest x-rays, and CT scans.  All tests have come back ‘clean’.  My doctors have only managed to rule out other causes, thus confirming the Long COVID hypothesis.  At this time, there’s no ‘cure’ for Long COVID, there’s nothing my doctors can do for me, and I’ve grown tired of the office visits, dead ends, and lost funds.  So, I’ve resigned myself to living with it.

April will mark the fifth month of symptoms, and I continue to have a persistent cough, shortness of breath, chest pains, heart palpitations, headaches, low grade fevers, and worst of all... fatigue and brain fog.  On good days, I have about two... three... maybe four hours... before I am overcome, and I’ve read accounts from people still dealing with symptoms after 6... 9... 14... and 18 months.  When will it end?  I honestly don’t know.

Does this mean Fanstratics is on hold or canceled?  Absolutely not.  While development has slowed significantly, we continue to work.  Will we crowd fund this year?  Highly unlikely, but I’m crossing my fingers for next year.

As for the Adventure Map Mock-up, I have had difficulty finding a qualified replacement for the artists who stepped aside last year.  I was talking to a strong candidate, from Russia, but he disappeared when the war in Ukraine broke out.

It wasn’t my intention to build a video game during a worldwide pandemic or potential world war... but this is the strange reality in which we find ourselves.

Fanstratics Question: What factions are planned in the event of the release of additions (or how they will look approximately)?

Assuming FST is successful, there are at two or three other factions I would like to add.  As to the factions themselves, I have a concept for each, but I haven’t done any deep work on them (i.e. rosters, heroes, etc.).

HoMM3 Recollection: Cheat Codes

If I recall correctly, it was on first day of E3, 1998, in Atlanta, Georgia.  I was sitting on a stool, at my kiosk, waiting for anyone seeking a demonstration of Heroes of Might and Magic 3 (HoMM3).  Jon Van Caneghem (JVC) was there for all three days, and at some point, he escorted over to me, Elliot Chin.  Elliot was the first real ‘game journalist’ I’d ever met.

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Repost from ravignir (from 23/3/2022):

I am happy to announce the Custom Puzzle Contest
Submit your puzzle to #puzzle-contest# channel!
The best puzzles will be added into the game!

  • Your puzzle entry should have a form of an image - you can use test mode and then edit your screenshot accordingly. 
  • Your puzzle must be 100% legal, i.e. the situation must be achievable in a regular game.
  • The solution can not be luck based, it has to work 100% of time.
  • Your puzzle should have just one solution, but it is fine if there are multiple solution solve it, given they are not completely different.
  • You can submit any number of puzzles.
  • Any solution to submitted puzzle must be hidden behind the spoiler. Don't post the solution until someone solves the puzzle.
  • You have one month to submit your puzzle entries (it may change depending on how many entries there will be)

Puzzles are card decks puzzles, let see some examples from YT:

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