A new HoMM engine has recently emerged, this time written for browsers and with features rivaling VCMI and fheroes2

  • Fully parallel multiplayer (one player's turn or combat don't lock out everyone)
  • Flexible combat (any number of heroes, dimensions and stacks per hero)
  • Maps with the unlimited number of levels
  • Tri-state fog of war (added "terrain explored" state)
  • Focus on modding and extensibility
  • Potential support of HoMM 2 as well as other classic TBS
  • Replays, spectator mode and many more

Project's web site is herowo.game (try playing the Tutorial).
Current version is very bogus and works slowly but the project is actively looking for beta-testers and skilled contributors!

GitHub | Forum | Discord

YouTube demos:

  • Custom combat with larger field, 4 heroes and 10 creature stacks per hero
  • Map with three levels
  • Adaptive UI for desktop/tablet/phone screens (teaser!)
  • Multiplayer with a spectator