Fat Thursday is over and we can focus back on the gaming world.

fheroes2 version 1.0.1

With various fixes of animations, shadows, AI and so forth there comes Android version, playable on phones (certainly like 6.5") or tablets. Check for the full annoucement here.

The game is mature now and goes toward new campaigns and new maps features, including new map format to escape possible license issues in the feature. So, as I see it, it will be closer to h3-wog designing but saved in some open map format?

Anyway, now when you will be bored you can pack it with yourself, same as with VCMI and play just the most best comforting maps. smile teeth

New Games are coming

  • Age of Wonders 4 is going to be released at May 2 2023, seems more and more like 4X strategical steampunk game
  • Songs of Silence, not much I see about it, this sentence resonated for me the most: "Our goal for you: complete a whole map in a single evening!"
  • Civilisation VII in development! Ed Beach will continue as creative director. A very short annoucement comes from the twitter

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