Heroes 7 game by Ubisoft. Developed by Limbic Entertainment, so far, the latest installment of the serie and it's having just one Add-On, that is Trial By Fire.

  • Heroes75 - New Objects Now in Map Editor

    heroes75 building im map editor

    If you are drawing map for Heroes7.5, you are being lucky ;)

  • Summer Sales 2023

    A verbosely very nicely quiet reminder, that period of summer sale madness is back! cancerleovirgo

  • Glowing

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    Sanctuary - Heroes 7.5

    Screenshot 16Screenshot 17

    Heroes 7.5 Sanctuary Faction in Action

    Sancturay Faction in Action, courtesy of Heroes 7.5 Team smile teeth

    Now, that's something what may take me back. Once it will be ready and if they will succeed to fix that damn AI. At least a bit. More about Heroes 7.5 here,

  • Happy Christmas 2021

    Celestialheavens wish you Happy Christmas all Roundtablers and our faithful readers and contributors, being from the past, present or the future ones.

    Merry Christmas, steady health and ability to sustain your good mood in any times, twice in these enchanted period.

    And, ..a lots of presents! Shall not forget this. :)

    As a small Christmas gift, we prepared a mod overviews, to play the old

  • Overview of a New Maps at CH


    I will be pushing this year  to finish our database and the

  • Invisible Caravan

    Spot the Caravan Ubisoft Quality

    "This is the wonder invisible caravan created by Ubisoft. I've never seen any enemies take it out. Hell, I can't even see it myself if not for my color (yellow) showing that it is there."

  • The Shadows over Ashan - Community DLC Pack

    "Wryn Pendragon the Umbramancer" (WPU) was cancelled and on its shoulders was created a new one, "The Shadows over Ashan", Heroes VII Community DLC.

    Shadows Over Ashan (TSoA) is a so-called "global modification", meaning that it works like any official DLC. It will add new things to the original game, specifically a new nation/town and units which you can play in

  • MMH7 Trial by Fire Campaign Walkthrough

    09 TBF

    Hi there!

    It is 2018 and I am sharing my walkthrough of the Fortress expansion, on the of course final version of H7! This is based on the Hard difficulty.


    First, onto some basics:


  • Unofficial Community Mod (UCP) 1.1 Released

    Do you still play the latest Heroes game (at least from time to time)? Have you ever wanted to try Heroes 7 but you gave it up because of hundreds of annoying bugs? Would you like to see H7 improved?

    If you answer "yes" to any of the questions above, you might have already heard about the Unofficial Community Patch (UCP), the largest bugfixing patch for Might & Magic: Heroes 7, released in December 2017.

    This time, it returns

  • H7 - Dragon Utopia

    H7 Dragon Utopia

    See and compare fight in H7 Dragon Utopia against previous ones..

    Thanks Avonu!

  • Unofficial H7 Expansion: Wryn Pendragon Umbramancer First Open BETA Announced

    Almost two long years have passed since the official end of H7 development, which makes the situation around it clear: There is no chance we would get any more add-ons... in the official way at least.

    Since that critical moment, we've been working on our Wryn Pendragon: Umbramancer Project.Finally, here comes the first Open BETA version, launched on August 24th.

    What can you be eagerly anticipating every single moment during the upcoming three weeks before that Day D

  • H7: Conflux

    h7 conflux

    Kurek's Mod: H7 Conflux -This is a valiant attempt to get Conflux faction into Heroes VII. The mod is currently in state "Work In Progress", you can see its topic here, on AC forums.


  • Formally Biweekly News - 12 April 17'

    Wryn Pendragon"Wryn Pendragon: Umbramancer" - Heroes VII. Community project.For these who don't know, it aims to add mutated Xel's faction to the game, Atmos weather system and campaigns which decide about destiny of their world - Mondalar. All of that, what's been done, you can see on

  • Heroes VII. - Development cancelled

    Bye Bye IvanOld proverb says that "all good things come to an end". I would add that unfinished as well. Today Ubisoft offically announced, that hotfix 2.2.1 released yesterday was the last one and farewell.

    Long suffering is gone, this was, let to say,...
  • Lost Tales Scripts Available

    For those of you who are interested in reading the actual scripts of Heroes campaigns, here is a bit of a snack for you.

    Thanks to Karmakeld for the tip.

  • New Fan Mod for MM:H7 - Wryn Pendragon: Umbramancer (WIP)

    There's new fan project of H7 Add-On, it goes under name: Wryn Pendragon: Umbramancer

    Developers (and they are still looking for new modders) are Lord Graa, Antalyan, Arsheesh, ticor and Maksim Bugrimov, Evgeny Korchuganov (3D Modelers).

    Monsters and many faction details, including maps and scenarios are already in. As monsters there are done Scavenger, Mine Beetle, Searcher, Xenophage and Enslaver. Also

  • H7 Expansion Trial by Fire Launched

    Today saw the official launch of the stand-alone expansion to Heroes VII: "Trial by Fire". It introduces the Fortress faction with two new campaigns.

    There is also an update available for all players, taking the state of the game to version 2.0 and bringing in an in-game map generator and a skill wheel.

    As you know, the info streaming session was cancelled, so you will have to look

  • Twitch Stream Cancelled

    Ubisoft have been hyping a live Twitch stream for about a month now, in order to promote the upcoming release of the Heroes VII expansion, "Trial by Fire" in a few days. Now we're getting reports (in an almost April Fools manner) that the whole thing may ...